Sumit And Riya Honeymoon Gone Wrong – Part II

This is the continuation of my first story, Sumit And Riya Honeymoon Gone Wrong which is published here –

He pulled her legs up on his shoulder and bent forward to thrust his cock in and out of her. He maintained the pace quite easily which made her squeal like a dog as she had orgasm many times. He would bent forward to rub her face following to her breasts pinching the nipples and rub back to the pussy through the belly to rub around where her cunt hard to feel the stimulation on his cock.

She was carried away with the flood of pleasure and had surrendered completely to the whims and wishes of his. He kept pounding her for longer periods and didn’t seem to reach the edge yet. He took his cock out and pulled her up, turning her back he pushed her back on the bed to lie on her stomach. Her hips were at the edge of the bed with her ass protruding high, he spread her legs wide enough to expose her cunt from behind. He rubbed them well with his fingers before sliding his cock in. Bent forward he started pounding her from behind.

Occasionally he would pull her up to play with her breasts and then push her back again to concentrate on the fuck. Tears ran down her eyes unable to bear the pleasure and secretly she prayed to make it stop. He would grab her breasts tightly and squeeze them to shuffle her between pain and pleasure. He would grab her hairs and pull them hard in vigor to fuck her harder. And when he found himself nearing the edge he turned her back and made her lie on the back in missionary position and entered her sloppy wet cunt once again from the front.

She dug her nails on his back unable to bear the pleasure of the multiple orgasms she has had and laid surrendered like a slave for him to fill her up completely from body to the soul. His muscles tightened and the strokes became deeper and slower as he grabbed her tightly and slowly after a few deeper strokes his cock paused and throbbed to squirt his cum out. He paused for more to squeeze the last of the drops before withdrawing himself to get dressed. Riya laid on the bed exhausted and destroyed from within as the guy got dressed, smiled, threw the money at her lump naked body before finding his way out.

Tears continued running down his cheeks as he witnessed her wife in the state she was and being completely destroyed by the young guy, in a CC TV in Xiao’s room along with Xiao and his men. All of them who made lewd comments adding to Sudhir’s torment and he couldn’t watch as Xiao turned the TV off finally and now able to make Sudhir soft he decided to make his offer.

She dragged herself back to Mao in a limping state. There was nothing left in her for the rest of the night and the next deal she could make was only for 200 Baht. Seeing her condition people now knew she wasn’t fresh and hence the money offered was less. She was sold one more time after that for 230 Baht and in both the cases she lead the clients to the 09 unwillingly, and they had to undress her and push her to the bed to kiss and play with her body and finally fuck her as they wished while she kept lying exhausted. And by the time she called it a day she had nothing left in her and fell asleep as soon as she reached her bed.


Riya was in a deep sleep still exhausted from the last night and Janice chose to wait until she woke up. The rest of the girls had started the day as per routine but for Riya it was a day to look for. It was her last day in Bangkok and her flight was scheduled at 6 pm. Riya woke up close to 12.30 and found Janice waiting for her, both of them smiled at each other and when Janice reminded her that it was her last day her happiness multiplied.

They laughed and chatted away the next hour, Riya confessed how much she liked being with the second guy she had last night and also told how much fun she had being so raunchy. She confessed that perhaps she liked being a whore and both laughed at that. And slowly the day wore on and both of them felt sad having to depart. On one hand Riya realized she will lose a good friend and on the other hand she was happy that she will be home with her loved ones.

Later in the afternoon Xiao’s men came for Riya and took her to Xiao’s room. He thanked her for cooperating and handed her all her documents etc and told that her husband was waiting for her in an adjacent room. They led her to the room and left them alone together. Riya relieved from seeing he was unhurt ran up to him to hug him but Sudhir coldly stopped her and moved away. Riya couldn’t believe what was going on and tears started flowing from her ears as Sudhir cursed her like anything and abused her for all he had witnessed. The more she listened the more she broke from inside and finally broke into tears when Sumit tore her tickets apart saying that he can’t take her back with him and that a whore like her belong to a shit like that. Unable to bear any more she ran out of the room and down the stairs blindly.

Janice was in the dorms when suddenly Riya ran in crying upto her and she hugged her and kept on crying. Janice hugged her tightly to comfort her as she mumbled away what Sumit did and told to her while Janice trying keeping her as warm as possible. She was completely destroyed and kept weeping the all day and didn’t realized when she had fell asleep and when the flight back home took off, she didn’t wanted to know about Sumit anymore all that mattered was she was not in that plane back home. But she was beyond all those as she still wept in her sleep too as the night slowly wore off with rest of the Bangkok in its normal raunchy self.



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