Stranger Fucked Me In Bus

By : Resh92

My name is Reshma and I work for a mnc. Once a male staff from the office was to be going to Hyderabad but due to certain reasons he was unable to go. So, the office sent me instead, I had to go by a bus. Since the ticket was booked for my male colleague, it was a berth seat next to a 40 yr old man. I did not talk much to him. He kept staring at me all the time. I wore a tight red t.sirt with a blue jeans.

I looked very sexy in that. My size is 34c, and a lot of men are attracted to it. This man kept staring at my breasts all the time.  It was night time, and the lights were switched off. I closed my eyes, and after some time I felt someone’s legs on mine. I dint want to open my eyes. I thought lets see wht he is doing. Seeing that there was no response from me, this person thought I was sleeping. He came closer and kissed my cheek.

I gave no reaction and acted sleeping. He then put his hand in my t.shirt and he lifted my t.shirt. He put his finger in my navel and fucked my navel for some time he then slowly went up and, put his hands over my bra. He held my breasts over the bra and massaged them for some time. Then slowly, he pulled out my left breast. He pinched it slowly. I was in seventh heaven.

He then squeezed it. Slowly first, then harshly. He crushed them very much I felt pain. I still acted like sleeping. Now, he became very bold and released both my breasts from my bra. He held both my breasts with his hands and crushed them so badly. He increased his speed and I was feeling very much pain. I opened my eyes and told ‘uncle pls it is paining too much’ pls stop.

He put his mouth in mine and forced me to smooch him. All this while his hands were squeezing and crushing my breasts. He crushed and pinched them so much, my nipples were burning. He came close to me and said you are very hot. I want to fuck yu full night. I am 40 years and I have lots of experience. If you be quiet I will give you full pleasure.if you shout you will only lose your dignity. ‘

I could not do anything. He then pulled out a bedsheet and put it on me. I did not understand why. Then he went down and started removing my jean. I told him not to but, he refused to listen. He made me sit, and lied on my lap. He put his head under my t shirt, removed my bra and started sucking my breasts,. It was burning in pain, as the breasts had been crushed and the nipples were pinched for such a long time.

But, still I was having so much pleasure. He first drank like a child. Slowly he circled my nipples, and gently bit them. He increased speed and started sucking fast. I was so horny then. He teased me nipples and I pushed his head to my breasts I was wearing only panties down he put his finger inside my panty, and fingered me as he sucked me he first used one finger, then two and finally when he used three I was scare, I would cum.

He sucked one breast wildly, and squeezed the other, while his three fingers were going in and out of my tight vagina. He was sucking and biting them so much that a white liquid started flowing out. I think it was milk. I heard that if the breast is sucked continuously then milk will start flowing.

And since my boy friend wanted me to lactate without being pregnant, he would suck my breast for a long time everyday. I also use breast pump to initiate the milk production soon. Now, since milk was also flowing this man was having a wonderful time. He kept sucking as every drop came and wanted more. So, he sucked wildly.

As I was a virgin, even three fingers were a little too much for my pussy to take. He kept sucking me for such a long time. Then he came out of my t.shirt and smooch me then he went to my navel and was using his toungue. It was such a day. I was enjoying all that he was doing. Then he removed his penis out of his pants. He had become so horny that they were so thick. He asked me to suck it.

I said no. he then came closer and said ‘you sexy bitch. I don’t want to rape you. Don’t make me do that. I agreed and he forced his tool inside my mouth. It was so thick I was chocking. He held my head and guided me with it. Then he pushed me to the bed. He went down, inside the bedsheet and removed my panty. He first felt my pussy. Then the moment his toungue touched it I was not able to control.

His toungue was in full swing. He sucked and ate my pussy, and I was enjoying it. He then got up, and positioned himself above me. I was scared if anybody would see. He said there is still time for us to reach, and everyone is sleeping. His penis was so thick I was scared. He said, since you are virgin when I enter it will pain. Then you will feel pleasure. He put his mouth with mine, so that I don’t scream and he entered he could not enter as my vagina was tight.

He put his kerchief below my ass, and gave a big strock. The pain was unbearable. I could not take it. I told him pls leave me but he did not. He enjoyed my full body for almost six hours.  First he fucked slowly, and made me enjoy it. Then he increased speed and entered. He was such a good fucker. Then he made me sleep side ways and fucked me hard. He kept sucking my brests and drinking the milk.

He then made me sit on top of his penis, and he pumped in and out. I was in deep pain but still enjoyed so much. After some time he again sucked my breasts and vagina. I was almost fainting with pain. The kerchief had blood in it. He said he wants it for remembering this day. With so much strength I got up, and I dressed myself back. I thought I will sleep atleast for some time. But, he was a sex maniac. He came close to my ears and said ‘baby you are so hot.

Can I enjoy you one more time I said please my full body is paining. He said okay. He pulled the curtain and went down. I think he went to pee. After some time he came back to the seat. It was still dark. It had become early morning, but still it was so dark. He came close to me and whispered ‘everyone is sleeping. Allow me to be your baby and suck you. This time I promise not to hurt you.

I did not reply. I was so angry with him for being so harsh with my body. I found a pair of hands, reaching my t.shirt. I pushed it away. He pulled me towards him, and he kissed my lips he said I will only play with your breasts,. I had no energy to stop him, I knew he was not going to leave me even if I said no. He again started squeezing them this time, he used both his hands to squeeze the left breast first, then after some time he used both the hands to squeeze the right breast,.drops of milk was leaking.

He pulled my t.shirt up., and without removing my bra he just pulled out my breasts, He put his lips in them and sucked like a child. This time he was not harsh. I told him it was burned, he said I will reduce it. He kept sucking and drinking my milk. He was such an animal. I was so tired I slept off. After some time, the person in the bus woke me saying we had reached. I was feeling so tired that I went to the room and slept the full day. If anyone who wants to have sex chat with me mails me at My size is 34c so, we can have a lot of fun in sex chat.

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