Story Of My Friend Cheating Wife

Hi friends, this is Anil again I hope
you must have enjoyed my earlier story about sex with my lady boss. All girls,
ladies can mail me comments on [email protected], boys, men, swingers please
excuse. Now coming to new real story which is narrated by my one friend. So the
story begin:

My best friend Vikram who lives
in Jaisalmair City in Rajasthan came to Delhi for study. He was doing his
studies in Fine arts (vocal) he is really a good singer. My family (my father
and mother) treats him as another son, they cares him a lot. And the same was
with me whenever I went to his native place, his father and mother treats me
like their elder son. Therefore there was more close relation between us.

After completing his study he went
to his city and appointed as lecturer in Jaisalmair collage and I also joined a
service in private concern. After 3-4 year he got married with a beautiful
girl, I attended his marriage. After 2 years of his marriage I also got married
with Rashmi, she is really most beautiful girl, having figure of 34-29-32 on
the time of our marriage. Days passed and after 2 years I got a beautiful

After 4 years of my marriage my
mother expired and after 5 years my best friend came to me, on that time I was
in office. He called me and informed that I am at your home, when I am coming
back, I told him stay there I will be there in hour. I took the leave from my
office and reached my home. There he hugged me tightly like real brother and
started crying with complaining why I didn’t informed him about sudden demise
if my mother.

I was speech less on that time.
Any way then I insisted him to stay at my home and he readily agreed. He
commented on my wife, that you have got really a beautiful wife, I took is in
casual way and thanked him. In night he took permission with my wife that my we
drink together, if she doesn’t mind. My wife does not objected (where as she
does not like that I drink with friends)

I don’t know why she agreed on
it. I bought a bottle of rum, My wife brought some snacks along with two
glasses. He again insisted to my wife “Bhabhi please bring one more glass, you
have to give us company, and otherwise I won’t drink”. My wife does not drink
in front of my friends or relatives, but this time she again agreed and bought
one more glass.

My wife took my daughter and with
giving her dinner she left her in the room of my parents. We sat in my bedroom,
he filled three glasses and we three started drinking freely as there were not
one in my room except My friend, my lovely wife and myself. I took two drink
one by one, he also took two pegs and my wife also took two pegs. Then my wife
left the room to prepare food with saying that you enjoy your drink, I am coming.

Then he filled another peg and
started a gazal in my new Audio Deck, and complimented that I have got a good
audio system, I again thanked him. My wife called me from kitchen I left the
room with saying excuse me.

Rashmi (My Wife): Anil what
should I prepare for your best friend.

I (Anil): Any thing darling,
anything you prepare always nice.

My Wife: Ok don’t take too much
pegs. I like you’re this friend. In all your friends, I felt he is a real
friend. This thing I took in a very normal and told her yes he is my best
friend. I again went to my bed room.

Now my friend asked where is washroom.
As he wants to fresh up I showed him bathroom which was outside of our room, as
it was common bathroom in our small flat, near lobby. Our kitchen door also
opened to lobby, and my bed room door also opened in lobby. I came back to my
bed room and shut the door of my bed room so that my daughter does not disturb
us and does not see us taking drink.


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