Story About How I Become A Gigolo

Hi friends this is Surya Kumar for you this my first story which am posting on the indian sex stories dot net site to share about my sexual experience which can make you all to feel the pleasure of sex while reading my story.First I like to say about me am aged 22 who had joined an MNC in Bangalore near Krishna Raja Puram (KR Puram) last 5 months back.My height is 6 ft and my weight is 65 kgs with an average penis size of 9 inches.interested females ([email protected])mail me

My story starts here as you all know in an mnc company how much pressure will be there for an employee in a day to day life we have to face.So to get rid of all those pressure we need something special that is none other sexual pleasure. So I decided in which way to get sexual pleasure first one to go to a prostitute and to pay money or otherwise to join an escort agency and earn money.

I felt second one as the good way to earn money and also to get pleasure too. So somehow I joined an escort agency after completing all the formalities I paid the money said by the agency.Then I got my first client address by the escort agency on one side I was very much happy that I am going to fuck someone who is a stranger to me but on the other side I felt nervous it was the first time as a escort.

So I started surfing through internet how to deal a client and how to make them happy in bed and what type of sex positions that commonly girls like to get fucked by a guy.The agency told me to meet the client at evening 6 pm.

So I took a perfect bath and dressed casually, perfumed myself with my favorite body deodorant and made myself smarter and reached my clients place at 5.45 pm because I will be always earlier and perfect in time keeping.

I rang the door bell after a couple of minutes a gorgeous girl opened the door and welcomed me with a kind smile.I asked her how do you know me.She told already the agency had sent my photo.Then she took me to the hall there was an another girl sitting in the sofa.The girl on the sofa told me to sit on the sofa I sat on the sofa facing opposite to her.

Another girl went to the kitchen to bring some cool drinks.She served the drink to me and for her friend we both accepted the drink. First I like to say the name of the two girls the girl who welcomed me near the door is Ashwini (name changed) aged 25 her body stats are 34-36-34.

She looks fair in colour little plumpy with a round shaped boobs, swinging ass while walking her hips shows her body with a perfect curve. The girl who sat on the sofa is Srishti (name changed) aged 25 her body stats are 32-28-34.She is a Malayali girl with a long silky hair and cute eyes. When she laughs we can see the dimple on her cheek which will make us to go crazy on her.Srishti had cone-shaped boobs with pointed nipples.She had a tiny waist which looks beautiful for her.But her ass is the biggest part of her body which was looking awesome. Ashwini introduced her friend Srishti to me by saying that we both are room mates.We had never tried any gigolo before this is the first time for both of us so deal us little smoothly.

But I didn’t say them that this is the first time for me.So I behaved as a well experienced gigolo but I was more impressed on Srishti who was my gorgeous beauty. While staring at her boobs my brother started standing erect. Shristi noticed the bulge on my pants and started laughing I accepted as a green signal.I slowly went and sat next to Srishti.I asked her do you like to touch my penis nu.

She said I was waiting only for that she unzipped my pant and inserted her hand into my pant and started shaking my cock. When she touched my penis I felt something was burning inside my body.I started pressing srishti’s boobs above her t-shirt.

Then she told me to stand up I too obeyed her order and she undressed me completely Ashwini had opened her mouth by seeing me nude with a huge cock and moreover she was enjoying the actions done by me and Srishti.I sat on the sofa Srishti kneeled down and started sucking my cock like anything.I was pushing my cock deeper into her throat.

I called Ashwini and we both started having a french kiss for completely five minutes.I was on cloud nine one was sucking my cock and another one is giving a delighted kiss I thanked God who had gave those two beauties to enjoy a pleasurable sex.

Slowly I removed the tops and bra of Ashwini now she was half naked and I started pressing her bare breasts and took her boobs in my mouth. Her left boob was in my mouth I started circling around her nipples she closed her eyes and giving soft moans and enjoying the pleasure given my me.

Then I started sucking her right boobs wildly Srishti doesn’t care about what me and Ashwini were doing nu.She was continuously sucking my cock and shaking still I released the load of hot sperm on her mouth face and body.I removed the srishtis undergarments and inserted my middle finger.I can feel the hot juices coming out of her pussy.Slowly I inserted another finger Srishti started moaning ahhhh hmm hmm I inserted three fingers inside her pussy after that we both cant able to wait so I undressed her completely and slowly took my cock and kept before her vaginal opening.Srishti herself took my cock and inserted in to her pussy I can feel the warmth of her pussy.

I slowly took to and fro motions inside her pussy and after that, I started stroking her pussy vigorously she started shouting in pain so Ashwini came and started kissing Srishti to reduce the sound I think they both were lesbians.

I and Srishti were fucking hardly in the missionary position for completely 10 mins then I felt like sperm coming out she told me to cum inside her pussy so I obeyed my princess order and loaded the hot sperm in her pussy Srishti got exhausted in the sofa.

At the time Ashwini took me to their bedroom and removed her clothes.We both lied on the bed I stretched her legs and started tasting her pink pussy she pushed my head more closer to her pussy. I was enjoying a lot with the taste of her pussy. Then I took my penis to insert in her pussy but Ashwini requested me to fuck her ass in doggy style.

So I inserted my finger into her ass but it was so tight so I spat saliva on her ass for lubrication and then I inserted my cock in to the ass it was a great pain for Ashwini she started shouting like a hell at the same time she was moving her ass in the rhythmic motion while ass fucking

While me and Ashwini were fucking in the bed Shristi again joined us in the fucking session we all three were having threesome in the bed we were enjoying the fucking session to the core.At last we all went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves and took a hot bath in shower then had our dinner and again started exploring our sexual things and the whole night was completely of sexual pleasure between us

At morning they paid me a huge sum of 20k but I didn’t expect that much money from them but I felt happy with the money and also the company gave by them for whole night.You can send your feedback in the comments below.

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