Steamy Sex With Two Beauties

Hi my sweet lovers of ISS. I am Hemanth, living in Bangalore and a great fan of ISS. I am 5.10 ft tall with a good personality and joyful playboy person. Basically, I am a graduate and working in Bangalore. I had lots of experience with different girls and aunties and they are very happy with my satisfaction.

I had enjoyed my life to and have given the same sexy fullness to people who are in need of me.

Till now I had satisfied many women close to me and causal encountered. But now I taught of helping those women and ladies who wanted to explore and open the door to their sexual happiness cause there is no other satisfaction in this world other than satisfying a women needs. Also, I have a great hand in giving women their orgasm with ecstasy. So decided to be a part time call boy.

So, I posted Ads in net and apps. In two days I received a mail from women named anshitha (name changed for privacy). I replied to her promptly and we had a few chats. She asked me that she was in need of a guy for satisfying her needs and asked about cost, privacy etc etc., I replied her saying sex is first and the price is her wish and said all. She said me she was very badly in need of sex and expressed her feelings of satisfying her hunger for sex.

Also, she said me that, she has her friend samhitha who is a divorcee and they both want a guy who is fun with sex and they wanted to explore a man by themselves.

Also, she said they wanted to dominate me in sex. We accepted and exchanged pics. She said I looked decent, strong and hot and she too looked hot and sexy. But said I wanted to have sex chat with her first and at the end of sex chat she wants to look at my dick with precum. I accepted and we had a hot sex chat and I aroused her so much that she started undressing one by one and started sending pic by pic of removing her clothes and she said that her nipples were already hard and her panty was wet. As asked earlier I sent my dick PIC to her and my dick too had precum dripping seeing her hot pics.

I said thanks and she gave me time the next day at 11.00 Am and her house address.

I got ready and went to her home sharp 11.00 Am. I knocked the door. She opened the door. She was looking sexy in her shorts and tight top. She should’ve been 30 years old, 5’5″ ht and 60 kg, with 36-30-32 structure. She welcomed me inside and offered me a drink. Meanwhile, her friend came from the room and she too was looking gorgeous and her body was sexy curvy.

Both sat next to my side by side and I started to talk naughtily with them first. The sex was flowing in the air and within no time both the girls led me to the bedroom.

Anshitha pushed me to bed and her friend ordered me to remove my shirt and jeans leaving behind underpants. They too removed their top slowly and shirts and jumped on me naked leaving behind their bra and panty.

They started kissing intensely to me and her friend was playing with my dick and removed my underpants.I was kissing with anshitha and her friend started to suck my hard dick. I removed anshitha’s bra and started to fondle with her boobs and sucked her hard nipples.

Now anshitha gave me her pussy in 69 and I was giving her tongue tornado and was eating her wet pussy and both of them were kissing each other and turn by turn started sucking my hard dick.

Now samhitha came in 69 positions and I started smooching her pussy and later samhitha pressed her hard nippled boobs against my chest and smooched me passionately. Anshitha was stroking my dick and was licking all the precum juices and I could feel samhitha precum flowing on my thighs…

Now both girls fondling my dick pressed their body against me and started smooching each other and exchange.of our love gel in mouth flowed from mouth to mouth…

Now samhitha came on my wet dick and positioned and locked her mouth with anshitha and started riding my dick…

Anshitha came over me and pushed her pussy into my mouth and was giving love bites in my nipples and chest….

After a while of riding, I put anshitha sleep over and banged her Cumming pussy hard and she started moaning ahhh hahhh….harder. Hummmm mmmmhh…

And I was deep kissing anshitha and samhitha was licking my neck….kissed her lips and chin

anshitha and samhitha were ummmmmm ahhhhmmmmm… I took Anshitha up and said that I am going to fuck her now. She came in 69 positions with Samhitha & anshitha spat on my dick and lubricated it well and inserted it inside the pussy of her.

the air was with the sounds of uuuuuhhh aaah aahhh….uuummmm…aaaahhh aahhhhh aaahhhh aaahhhhhh. Ammmmmmm tasty……fuck me …..ummmmm aaahhhhh..

The Love Juices were exchanged & the hot precums were flowing down our Legs & We fucked like this till the ladies were completely sexified & pleasures were satisfied…

Then we got dressed up and she paid me. After the session, she felt that it was the best compliment from a client for me. She also referred some of her friends & we had a good sex life.

Believe me, it was very horny fucking the sex bitches..

Hope you guys and girls loved the sex story. Please send me your feedback [email protected] Girls interested for sex chats can also contact me. Unsatisfied ladies and girls aunties, and bhabhis mail me if you want my service. I will satisfy you. It is totally safe. Let’s have strings not attached :-)

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