Sizzling Sex With Minisha – Part I

Hi, I am Rohan from Delhi. I am a constant reader of ISS and since a very long time I was thinking a lot to share my experiences of sex life with the readers of ISS but was not sure enough that whether I should do it or not. But at last I decided to do so & here I am with one of mine most exotic & unexpected experience.

Let me tell you that I am 32 & married, working with an IT MNC company on a senior level. People do say that I am handsome & can give complex to anyone. My wife also says the same & is very happy to have me as her husband & often asks me for sex nearly every day even after our 8 years of marriage. Let me also confess that in my hey days I had a habit of watching porn movies a lot and

I learnt a lot from that in terms of Love Making and as how to satisfy a woman by using different techniques & believe me I got a verbal certification from all the ladies I had sex with till now. Now, let’s come to the point It happened last year in December 2009 in Bangalore. I had to visit for my company AGM and there I was introduced to the newly appointed personnel.

There was this lady named Minisha who had joined just 15 days back in admin section. Believe me or not, but she was a stunning 27 year old lady with lean yet filled body who I came to knew was married and had just given birth to a baby girl 2 months back. She had a blunt shoulder cut hair with fair complexion, beautiful eyes with pointed nose & rosy beautiful lips on her face with two round breasts which were hiding behind her blouse. She was in Pink saree & blouse with 5 inches heels in her feet.

At lunch, while eating I kept on looking at her as my eyes were not allowing me to look anywhere else. After the day was over, we had a party at a hotel at night. I reached there at 8.30PM and what I see was Minisha in a tight fitted jean with purple top on it. She was looking stunning & gorgeous. After a few drinks, I opened a bit & started talking to Minisha about her life & family & soon we realized that we get along very well as she was a smart & open minded lady.

I came to know in the party from one of my colleagues that Minisha was enquiring a bit about me from others in the office and I also noticed that she was quite impressed by my personality & the physique which was clearly visible in my jean & T shirt as I am a totally fitness freak & go to gym regularly.

She became very friendly with me & was decent enough to discuss a lot of personal things. We spent a good time together that night & enjoyed throughout the party dancing & laughing a lot. While dancing, I held her hand & she was so close to me having one of her hand on my shoulder. I can easy realize the dusky look in her eyes which wanted to say something. I asked her,” What?” She replied the same very innocently,” What?’

“ You want to say something?” She smiled shyly & replied,” Nothing.”

“Tell me.” – I insisted.

“ You have a nice strong physique. You exercise a lot I suppose.”

“ Yah, a lot, isn’t it good ?”

“ What?”

“To exercise” – I said with a naughty smile on my face.

“ Yah, brings out a real man out of a man”

“ Really” – I asked.

“ Yah, really”

“ Thanks, I will take it as a complement”

“ You are welcome” – she said & giggled mysteriously.

The party was over & we wished “ Good Night” to each other by shaking hands & giving a light hug. She said,” see you tomorrow in the office & sweet dreams”

“ I will” – I said

The next day in the office was gr8 and I & Minisha had to be together the whole day the kind of work we had in the office. That day we opened up completely & even joked at some point & had a gr8 time. She invited me on dinner that day which I accepted gleefully.

At dinner I came to know that her husband was out of town for some training purpose & she was staying with her 2 months old baby & the maid who looked after the baby. After the dinner I invited her for a late night movie and she was confused whether to accept it or not.

After a while, she thought about it for a minute & smiled very suspiciously by herself. She called her maid & asked her to take the baby to her Mother’s place who resided in the same city and told her that due to some very urgent office work she will be a bit late. While watching movie, suddenly my arm touched her breasts & I felt something wet & on asking she very shyly told me that she hardly gets any time to feed her breast milk to the baby due to work and as a result her breasts overflows sometimes.

Seeking this problem, I decided to leave the movie & came out of the cinema hall & went with her to drop her at home. She was so impressed that she thanked me for taking so much care & the kind of look she gave me, my heart started pounding very fast & there was a sudden urge of loving this beautiful angel creped in my mind & my cock went hard like a rock under my jean.

I noticed that her blouse was all wet by her milk & she was trying her best to hide it by her saree pallu. On reaching her place she invited me inside for coffee. It was a beautiful house with superb interiors.

She asked me to make myself comfortable & rushed inside to her bedroom to change her clothes as they were dripping wet by her breast milk. After 2-3 minutes she came out wearing a black track & pink bathing half gown. I can clearly make out that she was not wearing any bra inside.

She rushed to the kitchen. I thought she was preparing coffee. But after a while she called from the kitchen & said,” Rohan, please feel at home & if u want water or anything else to drink, u can take it from the refrigerator. I will join u in a minute”. I was surprised to hear that but felt nice from inside as she was not a stranger to me anymore and I moved towards the refrigerator to look for something cool to drink.

On my way to the refrigerator, I had to pass through the kitchen door. As I was passing through the kitchen, my eyes saw an unbelievable scene. Minisha was squeezing milk from her breasts in a glass bowl. She was squeezing her breasts really hard & the milk was flowing from her stark red nipples at a very rapid pace. Let me tell you that she had round shaped, extremely beautiful well toned breasts with nearly half inches nipples which were erect.

After seeing this, I could not take it any longer as I was boiling inside since the time I met her & spent a good time with her. I had not fucked my wife since last 4 days as she was on periods and my cock was loaded full with the sperms & was like a rocket which was ready to take off any time.

After gathering a bit of courage, I entered the kitchen and asked her,” You need some help Minisha”. She was in a shock to see me there & in that state of confusion she even forgot to cover her breasts and said, “Rohan, what are you doing here”. I replied, “Nothing, but came to see if I can help you a bit with your work”. She was really amused & speechless & could not understand what to say.

I reached near her & whispered in her ears,” You really got beautiful breasts.” All of a sudden she realized & tried to cover her breasts under her gown. But before she could do it, I held both of her arms & pushed her to the wall very cautiously to make sure that I do not frighten her.

Now, my body was pressing quite hard against hers to the wall & her breasts were nearly squeezed by my chest pouring milk on my T shirt. I found that she had started breathing fast & said,” Rohan please, what are you doing! Don’t do this please” I replied,” I think I am your guest & you were supposed to offer me coffee. But instead, I would like to help you and have milk instead of coffee.” She hesitated & shyly replied,” I don’t know what to say.”

I said,” don’t say anything, just relax. I think we are good friends now.” She replied with her dreamy eyes,” Yah, we are.” I went forward & kissed on her cheek. She was all red with shyness & I untied the gown she was wearing exposing her upper front body. I asked her,” May I.” she said,” I don’t Know. Your T shirt is getting all wet”

I removed my T shirt & she was so excited to see my muscled body with all the cuts on it & I can easily see the lust in her eyes which began to creep. She started to move her hands on my bare chest. I pulled up a chair & sat on it & pulled her towards me. Now the whole action began…..

I removed her gown from her body completely. I kissed her breasts which were really very tight by the fully loaded milk in them. I kissed her between her breasts & then on the side of the right breast. I began to move my tongue from the base of her right breast to the top in the circular motion without touching her nipples.

After the full circle I repeated the same but this time 2 inches above the base & yet without touching the nipples. I can see that she became absolutely crazy & began to make sexy noises very slowly. By now, her nipples were already erect by half inches. Now it was the time to repeat the same action on the colored part around the nipples & while doing so, she could not take it any longer & nearly gasped,” Rohiiiiiit, are you trying to tease me or punish me,” I replied,” Why, what happened”.

“You know better, I think you said that you wanted to help me.” Hearing this, I didn’t waste any time & hid my face between her breasts and started kissing & licking her cleavage. She was holding my head with both of her arms & was so excited that she began to massage my neck & shoulder muscles.

I held her right breast with my right hand and took her nipple in my mouth & began to suck like a little baby. My mouth was full of her thick breast milk which I swallowed. I became mad by the sweet taste of her milk and started to squeeze her breast very hard with both of my hands & kept on sucking her milk for the next 2- 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the condition of my cock was not so pleasant as it was trying to burst out of my jean and was willing to be released.

But I kept my cool and kept on sucking her. She was in a state of wildness by now and kept on making wild sexy moaning sounds which indicated that she was in immense pleasure & enjoying every bit of it. I sucked the milk from her breast & spitted the same on her breasts. This surprised her a lot but she smiled in return & put her nipple back in my mouth. I sucked it for a while & the next moment I took it out of my mouth & started to flick her nipple by my tongue.

I squeezed her breast keeping my mouth at a distance & saw a big strong flow of milk coming towards me which I took in my mouth. Having seeing this, she started giggling as she was enjoying every bit of it. I did it for a while & my whole face was soaked in her milk. I held her a little closer & moved towards her left breast.

I was so excited by now that I kissed the sides of her breast & took the left nipple in my mouth & started sucking it very hard & squeezing it by both hands. By this time Minisha nearly started to shout out of passion. Though she was in little pain but she began to demand more,” Ohhhh!!!! Rooooohan, pleaaaaase, yaaaaaah…..yaaaaaaah…….pleassssssse” I kept on sucking her nipple & spitting it on her breast until her front body from neck to the belly was totally soaked in it.

Then I switched on to my next trick. I twisted her breast very carefully from the base & pointed her nipple towards her face. She laughingly asked,” Whaaaaaaat, what are you up to.” I replied,” just let me do what I want to do & open your mouth and enjoy .”

“OK” she replied. I squeezed her breast hard & asked her to taste her own brand of milk. She did the same as I kept on squeezing & she kept on gulping the thick flow of her milk into her mouth. By doing so, her face also got soaked wet in her milk like mine. All the time doing this she was laughing & enjoying. After sometime, I released her breasts from my strong grip.

She took from and started pressing her breasts & flowing milk on my face and I really cannot describe the way I was enjoying. After a while, I took her left breast in my mouth and this time, it was half of her breast which was in my mouth & I began to move my face to & fro without sucking the nipple. Oh My! My! She started to scream in pleasure, “Ooooooh! Rooooohan, it’s hurting, pleaaaaaase have some mercy.” But I didn’t care & continued doing so. And man, was she enjoying it.

While I was sucking her so hard, she was squeezing her right breast & was throwing her milk on my face while I had half of her left breast in my mouth. I released the left breast & and started enjoying to drink the flow of her milk which she was throwing by squeezing both of her breasts very hard. In between, I flicked her nipples by my tongue. Let me tell you that by now, she had open up completely & the frankness which she was showing, encouraged me a lot.

She was exhausted by now, but was not letting it go. I hid my face between her breasts and I was thoroughly surprised & excited when she began to massage both my cheeks with both of her breasts. I enjoyed that for couple of minutes & then again started to suck the milk from both her nipples one by one. She was totally in lust and holding my head said in her dusky sexy voice,” You are sucking like a sweet baby, dear!” I gave her a mischievous smile & while taking her nipple out of my mouth, I held it between my teethes & pulled the nipple towards me.

She cried immediately,” Ahhhhhh…..Ooooohhhhhh, my goodness me, you are killing me, Rohan, please stop.” I did it for several more times & began to suck both of her nipples by squeezing her breasts very hard. Her breasts were so pressed & pampered by me till now, that I could see the blue veins on both of her breasts.

I asked her politely,” Are you OK dear?” She didn’t reply but took my face near her nipples & began to rub them on my lips. She pleaded,” Please suck them Rohan” I again started sucking and fondling her breasts like a baby. She was in a state of ecstasy by now. I again fondled her left breast & pointed her nipple towards her face & pressed it very hard & she wide opened her mouth & took her tongue outside her mouth to take the flow of the milk.

This time I noticed that she was not swallowing the milk but instead she gathered it inside her mouth & spitted the same in my mouth which I accepted thankfully. This happened several times. By now, she was seeking like a drunken lady & her eyes were shinning like pearls. I kept on sucking & pressing on to her breasts and she also kept on splitting her milk on my face by fondling them again & again for the next 4-5 minutes.

After a while, I left sucking her breasts and pulled her up towards me and made her sit on my thighs. She sat on my bulging cock with her legs spreading till at the back of the chair. I held her face with both of my hands and asked her very lovingly,” Is it enough or you need some more help?” She hugged me tightly and put her head on my strong shoulder & replied,” I think it’s enough, we must keep some stock for emergency.” She laughed politely & bit me on my shoulder and kissed my left cheek.

I pulled her head backwards by holding her hair and began to lick all the spitted milk from her belly to her breasts to her neck and her face. After I finished, she did the same to me. Let me remind all you readers, having done so much, we didn’t kiss till now. After she finished licking me, I asked her,” Mini, can I have a kiss please.” Like she was waiting for this. She brought her face near mine with her lips parted a bit & I took her lower lip and started kissing & sucking it. She was doing the same with my upper lip. I do confess that she was a great kisser.

Soon we were kissing very passionately and our saliva mixed with each other. She tried to wipe it with her hands but I stopped her & licked it from her face planting lots of kisses. She was in no mood to leave me and grabbed my head putting her arms round my neck & kissing me & making sweet sexy moaning sounds,” Ummmmmmh, Uhhhhhhhh, Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.”

I took her tongue in my mouth & started sucking it. What a tasty tongue she had & let me tell all you readers that her mouth & her saliva tasted & smelled so good & sexy that it can turn on anyone. I was not prepared to leave her tongue & kept on sucking it & then we both started to move our tongues in a circular motion around each other for the next few minutes. Doing this, both of us shed lots of saliva which we didn’t waste & we sucked & swallowed it.

While she was busy kissing me, my hands were moving on her back giving her immense pleasure. I moved forward & slipped my hands under her track & grabbed her firm & well toned ass and started to fondle & press them. This worked as being giving her a massage and she liked it a lot.

After a while, I again grabbed her breasts & started squeezing them gently by pressing her nipples with my thumb & forefinger. She gave me that sexy look with lust in her eyes & I kept on looking at this admiring & panting angel & slipped my hands under her track, this time to reach her pussy. She didn’t confronted and slightly moved herself back. She was still holding herself with her arms around my neck.

My hands reached her pussy & goodness me, her pussy was really soaked wet with the excitement and sexual urge she had been through in last half an hour. I started massaging her pussy & can feel her pussy lips which were wet. I led my fingers to the upper part of her pussy & started rubbing it gently. Minisha went mad & totally uncontrollable & grabbed my hand & took it out of her track. She was panting & gasping very hard & whispered,” Please Rohan,” & hugged me & started kissing me passionately.

Before proceeding further, I asked her,” Mini, shall we?” She replied,” I don’t know.” The tears fell out of her eyes & she pressed her lips against mine. I didn’t wait & slide her track down getting it off her completely. Now, she was standing stark naked in front of me & my…. my….I was speechless. Dear readers, what happened next is a really an unforgettable experience for me. I will share it with you in my next posting. But I want all of you to comment on my very experience in order to encourage me to complete this & lots of other experiences. Thanks a lot!My email is: [email protected]

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