Sister in law

This story is Real it happens in Hyderabad. One evening while my wife (Sharon) and I were preparing for bed, the phone rang. My wife answered and after a short conversation she informed me that one of us had to pick up her sister Mona Chopra from the night club near her work. I told my wife that I would do it and got dressed. I kissed my wife good-night (as I knew she would soon be asleep). About an half-hour later I arrived at the night club and went in to look for Mona Chopra. It took me a few minutes to recognize her, as she was wearing a revealing top and a short skirt. Being a little on the heavy side she usually doesn’t wear anything too sexy. At 5’5″‘, Mona Chopra has an ample chest (D cups) of which I was now treated to a great view of her cleavage. She has short wavy chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. The short skirt showed off her other asset, firm and shapely legs. When she saw me she stumbled over to me, and slurred” dance with me” I tried to beg off, telling her, “Mona Chopra, I’m tired, let’s just go home.”

She gave me a pout and I caved. “OK, just one dance”. Of course the next song was a waltz. She dragged me onto the dance floor and wrapped her arms around my neck. Mona Chopra smelled delicious, and as we danced she snuggled into my chest. Her perfume and her closeness were causing me to become hard. To my relief the song soon ended. “Ok, Mona Chopra, let’s go.” I said. I put my arm around her shoulder and guided her out to the car. As, I helped her into the car, I got a glimpse of a black thong. Again, my cock stirred. “I’ll need a cold shower when I get home”, I thought to myself. On the drive home Mona Chopra shifted in her seat, causing her skirt to ride up, exposing her great thighs, as well as, her thong. My cock twitched. I was so hard that it ached. I was going to have to relieve that pressure myself as my wife would be sound asleep by now. As Mona Chopra’s were not home, I had to help her into the house. Mona Chopra was out cold so I carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. I couldn’t help noticing how smooth her thighs were, and my penis strained at the front of my jeans. I put Mona Chopra on the bed and she rolled onto her side, which exposed her thong covered cunt to me. That was the last straw. I couldn’t help myself, as I gently rubbed her mound. I slid my thumb down and probed her slit. Her body responded and soon she was dripping cunt juice onto her thong. I stopped rubbing and smelled my fingers…delicious.

I gently rolled her onto her back, edging one leg over the side of the bed. This gave me a better view of her cunt. I slowly pulled her thong to the side and slid my middle finger into her wet box. I continued to do this until her juices were soaking her thong. I pulled my finger out and sucked her juices off. I gently found and rubbed her clit until she shuddered, let out a small moan and came. I pulled her thong down to her ankles and kneeled between her creamy thighs for a taste. I stuck my tongue into her and lapped her juices until my jaws ached. I’m sure she came again. I slipped out from her thighs, unzipped, and dropped my pants and shorts in one motion. I intended only to rub my cock head at her slit, but, it felt so good that I slowly and gently slipped my sheath into to her hot and wet box. She was tight, but I was able to give her all seven inches. Once all the way in, I stayed like that for several minutes, so that I could regain control. I then slowly pumped in and out of her. Mona Chopra began to moan, and wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull me in deeper. I needed release and stroked faster and faster until I came in her. I kissed Mona Chopra and whispered “This is just a dream.” I pulled out of her, pulled her thong up and put a blanket over her. I left and went home satisfied. The next morning Mona Chopra called my wife to thank me for everything and to tell her about a weird dream she had.

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