Sindhi sex

This happened when I was hunting for a house for a cousin of mine. He was in the US and wanted to buy a house in Pune. He had a good budget and wanted to buy a luxurious flat in Koregaon park area. He wanted me to look at a couple of places and shortlist them for him. He was planning to come down within a month’s time to finalize the place. I started calling up a couple of adds and saw a couple of nice apartments. Then one day my broker took me to the house of this Sindhi lady who was fair, nice looking and not fat nor very thin. She had a horny look and she had a pair of huge boobs. I could not stop staring at her breasts all the while she was showing around the house. She was very a tight thin t-shirt with a deep cleavage. She was wearing a skirt .she was showing a lot of white smooth Sindhi skin. I think she caught me staring at her boobs a couple of times. Once I accidentally passed by her and she moved behind and I felt her ass .She must have surely felt my exited dick. She gave me searching glance and apologized and I could see her checking out my bulge. I felt like grabbing those juicy boobs and sucking them. I had a tough time controlling .

She told me that her husband was in Hong Kong and she wanted to sell the house and had come down only for this purpose. I told her that I would like to see the house in the morning and night to see it at all times of the day to be sure of buying .She looked at me for moment and said sure take my no. And call me before you come. She told the broker to let me come early or late and not to bother to come and if the deal went through he would be paid his commission. I went home and immediately went to my bathroom and took out my dick and masturbated while fantasizing her naked body. I called her that evening and told her that I would like to come next morning at 8am if it was ok with her .she told me no problem and to come over. I could not sleep all night .I went in the morning and rang the bell. She took time opening the door and she was surprised to see me and she apologized saying she had forgotten about the appointment. She was wearing some light pajama material and her boobs looked tantalizing .she quickly shut the door and said that I think you want to see more than the house. Saying that she unbuttoned her top. I wasted no time and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to me and gave her a deep smooch. Our tongues kept searching each other. I grabbed those big water melon breasts of hers and broke away to suck them. I kept sucking both those delicious mounds and I could feel her hands on my ass grinding my hard dick against her pussy.

She then pushed me away and took hold of my hand and led me to the large bed in her bedroom as soon as I neared the bed I picked her up. She was quite heavy and laid her on the bed and I then jumped on top of her. She then started to unzip my trousers and I was busy fondling and sucking those boobs. Most surprising thing was that we had not uttered a word from the time I grabbed her. She then wriggled below me and took my dick into her mouth .I was crazy with lust and I immediately turned around into the 69 position and tore her pajamas and panties in one go. Her panties were totally wet and I smelled them and it made me more horny. I started licking her clit and fingering her pussy .she had in the meanwhile taken my dick in her mouth and continued to give me an amazing blow job. She started moaning loudly and I guessed she would climax soon .I quickly turned around and shoved my dick in her beautiful warm and wet pussy. I started hammering like a maniac and she started to scratch my back and bite my neck. She then came suddenly and shook and clenched my cock tightly. I could not control any longer and I started spurting inside her.

After I was spent and I rolled over and looked at her. She gave me a broad smile and said that was wonderful. I told her this was just the beginning. I again caught hold of each of her beautiful big breasts and started to squeeze and suck them. She was moaning away and entwined her legs against me all my cum and her juices spread all over my stomach. She then grabbed hold of my dick and pushed me down on the bed. She then proceeded to deep throat my limp dick and started to get me hard .she started to suck my balls and her hands were busy pulling at my dick. She kept up with her sucking till I was hard and my dick was pointing to the ceiling .she then quickly sat and guided my pole into her wet pussy and started pumping me .I grabbed her bouncing breasts and squeezed them .it was amazing to see those huge melons jumping up and down .after a couple of minutes she screamed and came and I quickly moved her on the bed and pounded her pussy till I burst with an mind blowing climax. I quickly removed my dick and sprayed what was left all over her. I could not believe all my fantasies coming true. We both then lay down hugging each other and kissing .It then became a regular feature and we had amazing sex till the time she left for Hong Kong. Any comments ,mails and views mail me at [email protected]

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