Shyla’s encounter -1

Hi, i am shyla from dhaka, bangladesh.i am 27 .we live in gulshan ,the poshest area in and riya are good friends from our college life.she got married 8 months ago. She is a very pretty gal.her husband is also a very nice person and also good looking with a muscular body. I also want a husband like him. In the last some months i masturbated thinking about riya’s hubby. We met many times in the parties. And riya also used to come in our home with her hubby.riya and i – both are sexy. And both of us are used to wear little bit revealing dresses. By the way for last some days i was trying to seduce Sohel, riya’s hubby. Riya told me that sohel is really great in bed. I used to touch my boobs on his back, bending down before him to show my cleavage whenever i met him. But he was a pure gentleman. His ignorance made me more determined of getting fucked by him. I started to make plans of how to get him in the bed. Once riya told me that she was leaving for …. … And her hubby is staying at home due to his job. I wanted to take that opportunity. After the day riya left, i phoned sohel that i need 1/2 of riya’s saree for a marriage party. That was a complete lie. The next day was holiday , so sohel told me to come to their home next day. I wore a pink t-shirt with short sleeve and a gavadin trouser with black bra n panty set and a gold necklace . I reached their home at 11 in the morning. Sohel opened the door and greeted me with warm smile. He was wearing white pajama and white t-shirt, looking irresistable. We had some very normal conversation and then i went to riya’s bedroom where the wardrobe was. Then i began to search , search for what i did not know.i told sohel to sit on bed as he was standing and roaming around the home. I took out 3 sarees – 1 was pink, 1 yellow and the other was blue with some gorgeous handworks. To start the fun with sohel i asked him which one should i wear for the party. He was confused what to say as he didnt expect this type of question from me. I told him ”come on. Plz tell”. Sohel said ”take the one you prefer, i have no idea”. I further insisted ”these are your wife’s saree , so you have to say”. So after lots of insisting sohel told me to take the blue one.

The saree was tranparent, not that much, with some colorful handworks. Ok. The saree is chosen and i got blouse for that saree. Wow the blouse was backless, have to tie it with the strings in the back. What to do next, i was planning. Suddenly i got a great idea. I told sohel that i was getting late for the party and so want to change my dress there, cause it will take time to go home and then to tha party. Sohel said ok. I was looking in his eyes seductively. But he looks like a shy boy. He told me to change my dress and went out closing the door thogu the door was not totally closed.i started to change my dress. I pulled off my t-shirt and the bra as i cant wear bra with a backless blouse and pulled my trouser down. First i wore the peticoat and put on the saree loosely around the peticoat. Then came the blouse. One can not tie the strings of a backless blouse by herself. My plan reached on its climax. I called sohel . He opened the door and was shocked to see me and hurriedly said ”sorry” as the blouse was just hanging over my boobs and lot of cleavage was in view. As he was pretending to leave i told him ”plz stop. I need your help”. He asked me ”what”. ”Can you pleasetie the strings of the blouse”. His face became red .he said ”ok”.he has already seen almost half of my boobs.he came behind me and started to tie the strings.i was feeling his hands on my smooth fair I was getting hot. ”Have you done this before” i asked. He said ”of course.i hac=ve to do this for riya often”. ”Do you like backless blouse”. He was smiling shyly as i can see from the mirror. He also could see my cleavage on the mirror as the blouse was low cut. ”Tell me , do you like this type of blouses.plz” . ”Uumm. Backless blouses are fine. It makes

Women sexier, but only if she got a smooth sexy back.” we both laughed. I sensed that his shyness was lessening. So the wearing the blouse was complete. O my god. I was looking like a sex goddess in the blouse. The pallu/anchal of the saree was on the floor. ”Can you help me a little bit more.” ”how can i help you madam”. Now he was enjoying being with me. ”Plz help me wearing the saree.i am not an expert in this”. Then he began to wear me the saree. He was putting the edges of the saree under my peticaot. His hands were touching my belly.i was wearing the saree far below my belly button. So his hands were touching almost my pubic area. When he was doing the same thing backside his hands were touching the upper part of my fleshy ass.ohhhh . I was getting hot.he came in front again. He was very close to my body. U know, he had to be to wear me the saree.i began to breath heavily. It was becoming impossible for me to resist anymore. My cleavage was in full view for him. My 36” tight soft breasts were just before him to get licked. ”Has the blouse fitted well sohel”. ”Yes, is perfect”.he was a bit uneasy and a bit horny. As he was putting my saree in my petticoat i was moving my body thus my boobs jump and get his attraction more n more.”do you like me in this blouse”. ”Oh, you look great. ” ”why”. ”Cause you have great body and you are beautiful” i went closer to him and my boobies were touching his rock hard chest. I was shivering. I knew his penis was getting hard.suddenly i managed enough courage two get closer to him and put my face on his shoulder. My boobs was pressing his chest harder now. I began to kiss his shoulder softly. He also got rid of his uneasiness and pulled me closer and hugged me, rubbing his hands on my alsot open back. I also hugged him. ”Wow, you got a great strong body,sohel”. Hearing this he pulled my hair and pressed his lips into mine. We were kissing each other sofltly and later deeply.

Sohel pulled down tyhe pallu/achal of my saree and turned me 180 degree, thus my back was facing him. He was playing his fingers on my soft belly, belly-button. I kept on shivering. I felt hornier that i was going to get laid by my best friend’s newly wed husband. He was kissing my neck, my shoulders, and my back. I began to moan. Then he again turned me to him and we began to kiss like we were on fire. He was 5’11” and i am 5’4” .so i had to be tip-toed. Sohel began to go lower and kissed my cleavage while holding my waist tighly with one hand and his other hand was gently pressing my boobs. I pulled his t-shirt off . ”Oh, my god. What a marvelous body he got. Any woman would like to take him to bed” . My hands were rubbing his body and kissing his nipples. By the sohel started to loosen my the strings of my blouse. He completely taken off my blouse and threw it on the bed. ”What a pair of boobs you got , shyla. I like them a lot”. ”Why, are nt your wife’s boobs as good as mine”- i teased him. ”My wife’s are good too but yours are bigger”. Then sohel kissed on my left nipple. He was sucking my nipple as if he was my child and was squeezing the other one. He began to devour my boobs and squeezed them harder and harder. I was pressing his face on my boobies. I could feel that my cum will began to flow very soon from my pussy. Sohel was still playing with his wife’s friend’s boobs. He was pinching my pink nipples, kissing them hard, biting my nipples and squeezed them like dough. I was rubbing my hand on his muscular strong back. Keeping my one boob in his mouth sohel took me on his arms and carried me to the bed. ” how easily this strong man carried me” i was surprised by his strength. He came top of me and again began to caress my big boobies, this time being a bit rougher. He hold my one breast and

Pulled it toward my mouth thus i also can kiss my boobs. By this was it was possible for both of us to play with my boob. He did the same thing to my other breast. I was liking him a lot. He knows how to play with a real woman. Then sohel went to my lower side and pulled off my saree and petticoat completely. I was only in my light blue panty. Sohel kissed my belly, put his tongue in my deep belly button. I was moaning louder now. Then he began to kiss my soft white thighs. Baby. Your legs are fine. Sofy and fleshy” he said. He was lickin gmy legs with his tongue. Then he concentrated on my pussy. Sohel kept my panty aside and my pussy was in full view before him . He gave a kiss on my pussy. ”Oohh” i was shivering. He began to lick his tongue on my clit nicely and softly. He parted my pussy lips with his fingers and slid his tongue inside . I was pushing his head on my pussy. He was rubbing his tongue inside and massaging my clit with fingers. I felt so horny and i knew i was going to cum very soon. This guy really knows how play with a lady and make her hornier. He was still licking my pussy with his tongue, now a bit faster.” are you liking it honey” he asked. ”Oh, yes dear. You are such an expert. Carry on. Eat my pussy.”then he pushed his middle finger inside my pussy and it was untolerable for me as i started to cum. Sohel draw his finger out and started to lick his pussy juice.”uumm . You are so tasty, shyla”. Then he again inserted his finger in my pussy and began to finger fuck me same time his tongue was rubbing my clit. Oh my god. I never felt this much horny before.then he told me ”now it is your time to make me prepared”. I knew what he meant.i sat on the bed and pulled sohel closer. I was kissing his lips and then his neck shoulder and then moved to his strong mascular chest. I was pinching his one nipple and kissing other one. By this time i loosened the string of his trouser and then pulled it off. I sighed. ”What a big cock”.

His cock was more than 6” and was not totally erect. I was touching his cock with my hand and was kissing his hard strong belly. His cock was getting bigger. I decided to kiss the cock head and moved my lips towards his red hot rod. I kissed the head several times and took the head in my mouth. I hold the base of his cock and took it further in my mouth. I started to suck his cock. I spat on the cock and made it wet with my saliva. His cock was at full hard-on by this time and it would be 7.5”. The cock was shining and ready to kill my pussy just like a sword in a war. His cock tasted so good that i kept on sucking while playing with his balls. It was impossible for me to take the whole cock in my mouth . I managed to get just 5 inches inside my tight mouth. Then i began to kiss his balls. Took them in my mouth one by one , pulled them as far as they can go while my one hand was stroking his cock and other hand was massaging his ass.” now it is the time to fuck” he decided. ” yea. I think the same” i agreed.”which style will you like baby” he asked. ” you be my master today. So you chose” i answered. ” i would prefer cowgirl. You have to jump on my dick”. ” anything you wish dear” i said.then sohel laid on his back. His 7.5” dick was standing like the tower of pisa. I got on top of him and placed my pussy over his huge cock.i was rubbing his cock on my clit. I was so much excited. My plan was going to succed. I am going to fuck my friend’s hubby. Now i started to sit on his pole. He was holding me by my waist. His cock was slowly disappearing in my pussy. I started going up and down. More than half of the cock was in me. It was feeling great. Then gave a real hard thurst from below and almost the whole cock was in me. I was shocked. I moaned loudly.i began to grind my pussy on his cock. It was giving me a lot of comfort as i

Was accomodating his huge cock. Then i started to fuck him steadily. My boobs were hanging like big melons. ” dont you like my boobs baby” i asked. ”Yea doubt” ” then why dont you play with them”. He started to play with my big boobies. He was holding my breasts with both hands and squeezed them . I kept him fucking. His huge cock was filling my pussy to the fullest. It was going through my pussy like a knife in the butter.keeping bouncing on the pole i bent down towards him thus my boobies get nearer to his face. Now he began to hide his face in my boobies. He was kissing them , kneading them , sucking the nipples and his hands were squeezing my 37” butter butt. Now he also was thursting upward. My downward and his upward thursts made was making my pussy full of cum again. He increased his upward thurst and i was going to cum again. It was getting incredible. He was such a great fucker. Then i bent down more and my boobs were crushing against his chest. We were lip-locked. He was squeezing my ass like anything and his other hand was holding me tight by my back. He was thursting with full vigour now. His incresed the speed and and i kept moaning louder and louder. We were kissing each other hard and kept on voilent fucking. He was sweating a bit because of the arrogant fucking. With my one hand i was hugging him by his neck and i hold the bed sheet tight as the pleasure was getting unbearable for me. ”You wanted to get fucked by me, huh. Now take it bitch. Take it. Say you love it” .”yes. I love it a lot. Dont stop pls..”

He kept on ramming my tight pussy without any pause and was slapping my butt. He made my butt reddish by slapping harder and harder as i came on his cock. ” now i want to fuck you like a bitch you are”. Sohel pulled me off from his chest and we kissed each other. He again began to knead and suck my boobs. He he made me on all four just like a bitch. He was going to dog-fuck me.after i took the position he he began to kiss my butt and suck my pussy.squeezing my butt- cheeks and holding them apart he licked my asshole with his tongue. Wow . It felt great. A complete new sensation. Then he was putting his hard dick in my pussy tom behind. He started slowly. After pushing half of the dick he stopped and told me to move my ass backward and forward this i myself can take charge a little bit. I was doing as he ordered. I was pushing my ass backward until the my ass-cheeks touched his stomach.that means the whole dick was in me. Then i moved my ass forward and again backward. I did this several times. Then he took control.sohel held me by my waist and began to thurst harder and harder. His cock was fulfilling all the burning desires of my lovehole. It is so big . I was envying rita as she gets this wonderful cock everynight. Sohel was slapping my ass as he was fucking me hard. He picked up the speed to the maximum. He was really fucking me like a horny bitch i was.thap thap… Sound was being made while his waist was hitting my fleshy ass.he was on fire now. He was fucking me so hard and fast that i had to clinch the bed sheet tight. Sohel pulled my hair from behind with one hand and was squeezing and slapping my ass with the other while his his cock was destroying my little tight cunt. After doing this for a while he began to knead my hanging boobs. It felt so good. He pulled me closer from behind and thursting me harder n harder and his hands were ravaging by big melons while he was kissing my lips from behind. .. I felt like i was in heaven.then sohel threw me on the bed thus i was laid on my back. He took his big shiny cock towards my mouth. He pulled my face closer to his cock and told me not to use my hands on the cock. I took more than half of the cock at once and tasted my pussy juice on his cock. I

Felt delicious. I sucked his cock for some time and then he moved to my pussy. Now we were in missionary position. He took my legs on his shoulders and placed his cock on the gate of my pussy. He gave a real hard thurst and almost whole of his cock entered my cunt. I gave a loud scream. He began to move his ass faster and was kissing my legs. He was banging me so hard that my boobs were swaying on my chest like waves of a stormy river. I had to hold my boobs with my hands. His cock was going in and out of my pussy like a piston in a car. His banging was making me cum again. I told him to slow down while i was coming and he did. He put off my legs from his shoulder and hugged me. He started to kiss me . At same time he was pumping me slowly as i was coming my boobs got crushed under his hard chest. After i stopped coming he started to bang me hard again while hugging me. Oh i was loving that. I also was hugging him and was rubbing my hands on his back on his muscular ass. I was massaging his ass while he kept moving his ass faster to demolish my little pussy. Then he began to play with my melons. He was pinching my nipples while fucking; pulling them as far as possible. It was hurting me a bit but he did not care at all. He was banging me like a cheap street whore and i was enjoying it more than anything. He increased his speed more n more. The whole bed was moving on his thurst.he was breathing heavily. I sensed that he was going to cum. He was humping on me like a mad horse with all of his force. He was squeezing my boobs roughly with his strong hands. My boobs got reddish. Suddenly sohel took his cock out and began to cum on my belly. My belly- button got full of his cum. I took his cum in my finger and licked it. It tasted great. Ummmm. Sohel gave me tissue to clean the cum. After cleaning we hugged each other and slept for 1 hour and then i left. Next …[email protected]

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