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Hi, my name is shanthi and i am 36,i look fairly attractive. I am 5 ft 7″ tall and fair complexioned with an attractive face. I still get those lusty looks from passersby as i walk the street which i take pride of secretly. I am 36c 30 38, quite curvy at the right places .i thought that would get your attention. One summer weekend it was hot and humid. Naveen, my sisters son, who just turned 21 and one of his friends came over for staying at my place. His name is vishal, vishal is a hot little thing. He is 19 with brown hair and these wonderful cat eyes. I have rubbed my little pussy a few times over him before this happened.anyway it was hot and i was dressed a little lousy, a blue saree which was kinda semi-transperent. I wanted to stay cool and i wanted to excite vishal. I didn’t want to cook because it was so hot so i ordered pizza for the boys and me and rented a cd. I sat on the couch with vishal to my left andnaveen lay on the floor.when the obligatory love scene started i was feeling pretty loose. Iput my foot on the table to get a bit more comfortable. As the love scene heated up so did i. I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy started to juice up. I glanced at naveen and vishal quickly to see how they were reacting. Naveen was staring wide-eyed and open mouthed at the little hottie on screen. Vishal was staring at me out of the corner of his eyes. He quickly avoided my gaze when i looked to him. He also had a nice bulge in his pants. Was it for the movie starlet or me? I decided that i would put on my own little show. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom and stripped off my panties. I returned and sat down leaning against the arm of the couch so i was partially facing vishal. When i put my right foot back on the coffee table i could almost feel his eyes bore into my crotch.i hadn’t shaved my pussy in a few days so i knew there was a little extra growth down there. After i was sure that he was looking at me i pinched one of my nipples. I acted as though it was an unconscious thing. I loved the way he would squirm in his seat trying to hide his hardon. Once i even rubbed my pussy through my shorts. Just a quick rub, but i knew that it was too much and didn’t do itagain. By the time that the movie was over i was hot for it. I needed that boys cock up my wet pussy, after the movie ended the boys headed off to use the bathroom. I had left my panties right on the edge of the hamper so that vishal would be sure to see them. While they used the bathroom i quickly pulled down my shorts and stroked my fire in my cunt. With the boys in the other room i slipped my middle finger up my pussy and plunged it in and out. I was amazed how wet i was. Well maybe not. I always get extra wet before i bag a boy for the first time. I pulled my shorts up and walked to the kitchen. I called out to them, “would you boys like some ice cream?” “sure,” vishal announced from the door. “oh! You scared me.” “sorry.” “it’s ok sweetheart. What kind of ice cream do you like?” “well what do you have?” “i have vanilla, pista, and chocolate chips.” “i’ve never had the pista one is it good?” “here let me give you a little and if you like it you can have a bowl.” i scooped a little out in the container with the finger that was only moments ago deep inside my hot pussy and offered it to him.”have a little taste.” i could see the uncertainty in his eyes, “go on,” i said with a little smile.he slowly opened his mouth and took my finger in his mouth and sucked slowly. “there you go. Know isn’t that good?” “yea… It-it’s pretty good. I’ll have that.” there was a little that had dribbled down my finger.

“o you missed a little,” i said as i looked him in the eye and slowly licked it off. I had noticed that my son still wasn’t out of the bathroom and called to him . “naveen are you going to have ice cream?” “yes aunty i’ll be there in a second,” he called from the bathroom. I got vishal and myself a bowl of ice cream and made small talk. Naveen arrived and we all ate and talked for a while. When we had finished i said that i was going to watch some tv and the boys went off to the room ustairs. I sat down and flipped through the channels. My husband was supposed to call from delhi.when i started to dose i got up and went to my room to take a shower.i didn’t want to miss his call so i figured the shower would wash off the sweat and would keep me awake. As i walked passed naveens room i heard the boys talking and decided to listen. “dude did you see her panties in the hamper?” naveen asked.”yea, when we were watching the movie she spread her legs and i could almost see her cunt. I thought that i was going to bust anut right there.” “here man look at these photos i found in one of her drawers.” “holy shit man you can see everything.” “yea my uncle and aunty must be into some wild shit. I bet it is my uncle who wanted to take these pictures.” ‘no little boys, it was my idea,’ i thought to myself. So they were checking me out and had been snooping in my stuff. When i got to my room i checked my drawers and noticed that the few “regular” photos that i leave in my drawer were moved. My husband had taken them but they were tame compared to the ones that i had locked in the safe in my closet. I had started my own collection when i was young and it had grown considerably. These had not been disturbed. Maybe it was time for me to leave the key to be found? I quickly showered and my husband finally called. I wondered through the house in my bathrobe and sat down on the couch. We talked for a bit and when he finally hung up i flipped through the channels for a while before drifting off.i don’t know how long i was asleep for but i began to have a very dirty dream. My pussy was running. My lover in the dream ran his fingers over my breast. Oooh my nipples hardened. Then my loverboy bent to suck on them. Yes! I love my nipples sucked. As my boy lover sucked my right nipple he went to his knees between my legs. He kissed his way down my stomach and i spread my legs urging him to go between my legs. Mmmm play with my pussy. I need it so bad!!” i begged my dream lover to pay attention to my over heated pussy. He then slipped a finger into my hot pussy. “yes that’s it baby finger me real good.” he began to stroke his finger in and out on my pussy. I was so hot i began to hump against his hand.”ooooh eat it. Eat my pussy you naughty little boy.” as i said this i grabbed his head and ran my fingers through his hair. He bent forward and gave a little lick at my inflamed clit. I pulled him against my pussy mound and he began to eat in earnest. “oh that’s it, eat my pussy you beautiful boy.””you like that?” i bolted awake. This was really happening! Looking down between my spread thighs was vishal, whose face was shiny with my wetness. I didn’t ask how or why, i just wanted to cum. “yes i love it you naughty boy.” i propped my feet on the ends of the couch and pushed my new lovers face back between my legs. “ahhhh yes, now eat me.”and that’s just what that nice young man did. “ohhhhh. Hhmmmmm ahhhh, i’m cumming.” oh god did i cum for that boy. I bucked against his hairless face hard and came. God i love fucking boys.after i’d had a chance to catch my breath i said, “that was wonderful. Why don’t you stand up and let me see that cock of yours?” my young lover stood up and his boxers stood out in the front almost comically. I say almost because if i didn’t want it in me so bad i might have laughed. Sliding his boxers down his cock sprang up and slapped his stomach. “oh is this for me?” i giggled as i grasped his was beautiful as all boys’ cocks are and my mouth was watering to try it. I stroked it a few times up and down. His cock was about 5 inches long and he had only a little hair above his dick. “have you ever fucked a girl before?” i asked.”no.””that’s ok i’m sure you’ll be a natural at it.”with that i bent forward and took his cock into my mouth. “mmmmm, so good,” i moaned. “are you sure you’ve never fucked a girl?” for me there is a special thrill to fuck a virgin boy. “you ate my pussy so well i thought that you had to had done it before.””i’ve never fucked a girl,” he told me as i jerked his stiff dick up and own, “but my sisters friend makes me eat her pussy sometimes.””does she?” “yea.” “and do you like to eat it for her?” “oh yea! Naveen loves to do it too.” “naveen goes down on your sisters friend ?” “yea, when her mom and dad are gone she makes us do it all night.” “but she doesn’t give you any relief i’ll bet.””no, sometimes she tells us to jerk off while she watches us.” “well tonight my sweet boy your going to get plenty of relief.” i urged him closer to my pussy. I smeared my juices all over his hard cock. Up and down along my hole i ran his cock head. “is this what you were thinking about when we were watching the movie?””yes, god oh yes!” he groaned and gave a little shove trying to bury himself in my wetness. I guided him to my opening and let him sink into his first pussy. He let out a satisfied moan, “ahhh….” “does that feel good honey?””yes! But shouldn’t i wear a condom? I don’t want to get you pregnant.” “oh what a sweet boy. Don’t you worry about that,” then grasped his little ass and pulled him hard against me. “kiss me vishal …….

” vishal leaned in and i sucked his tongue. Then nature took over. He withdrew and then plunged back into me. Then again and again. Soon he developed a rhythm and i could hear his young hairless balls slapping against me. “oh yes, that’s it honey, fuck me. Uhhmmmm fuck me good.””ahh ahhh ahhhh.” within moments he started to spew his teen cum deep into my womb. “ahh i’m cumming in you!” he yelled.i was a little afraid that he wouldwake my son butwasn’t overly concerned, especially after the conversation that i had over heard earlier. “that’s it baby dump it all in me, uuhgh. Empty your ball in my pussy honey.” he pumped a few more times into me and then stopped. His cock stayed hard in me as we kissed passionately after our first fuck. We soon fucked again longer this time. Then i lead him to my room. It was 3:30 in the morning. “vishal i know that you have seen the photos of me that i keep in my drawer. I heard you and naveen talking earlier.”he hung his head.”oh honey i’m not mad.” i reassure him.”you’re not?””no sweetheart. In fact i want to take some of you and me together, but you can’t tell anyone. Not even my son. Would you like that? You can even have one of me so that when you’re alone and all hard you can jerk off to my picture.””oh yes! I want to do that.”i got my camera out and snapped some of him nude and waiving his hard boy cock seductively at me. I used two rolls of film some of the photos he took because my mouth was full of his boy cock. And blew him for a while as he snapped away and made him cum in my mouth. He loved that. We fucked on my bed until 6 oclock. Shanti krishnan ([email protected]) bangalore.

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