Those Shady Pink Couple Part – 1

Hello, people, it’s Akhil again bringing you another tragedy of my life experience. Hope you like it. Any feedback can be pinged to my email ID [email protected]

So the story starts this way, me on my bed trying to wake up one fine morning. Nobody at home, everyone went to visit native to attend some important family function. Me being left alone guy didn’t prefer spending my weekend over there. Instead preferred a day or two alone at home. Which I then realized was one of my life-changing decisions of life. Now you guys might be wondering what had actually happened that made him say life-changing decision. So we all know out of the entire population of young boys less than 5% of them are into a relationship and among that less than 2% actually get to sleep with a girl in our country. Unlike in western countries, they get more exposed to these in their early teenage. So these facts makes my decision of not going to the native that weekend as one of my life-changing decisions.

Coming to the point, how many would have expected a young girl walking into your room when no ones at home? Hardly anyone I believe. That’s what exactly happened when I was laying in my bed that early morning someone was at my door. Me in my boxers(underpants) went to answer the door. To my surprise, it was the girl from my tenant’s place. She came to ask about my mom, and to add spice to that she saw in my boxers and she stood without words for a minute, looking down at me. And finally, she gave me a smile and asked about my mom. I replied she is not at home, she is out of the station, will be back after a day or two. Still, she didn’t resist, she asked me a permission if she could come in. So guys here is the tricky part, usually we boys say yes right away for this stuff. I, in turn, thought about something else. A plot to confirm whether I can lead that meet into a KISS.

So I replied “No I’m not fully dressed, I don’t think so it’s a good idea you coming in. She did something in return which stunned me to the core. Any guesses what she would have done? Let me save that for the next paragraph. Don’t judge me guys, it’s so spicy that if I put it across now, it wouldn’t serve the purpose. After she did that I let her in, she came in. Wait let me describe her dress code. She was wearing a shirt with first three buttons off, and a tight skirt which made it so obvious that her ass was so touchy to keep staring at it. Imagine guys me in my boxer she with the dress code so exotic. I sat on the sofa inviting her to do so, she instead sat on my lap. She knew what would happen next, which actually happened. My buddy downstairs started getting warmer and started poking her ass from beneath. I’m like going through my first panic attack, a young girl on my lap so close that her breast are almost touching my nose. Goosebumps all over, higher heartbeat etc. Adding spice to that she removes another button and sits right next to me. Right after that puts her hand into my boxer. O my motherboard! and gets it out and sees it standing stiff and straight and shakes it twice. Juicy head of my buddy seems so innocent and soft to her hands.

Before I could go any further the act she did during the initial part of the previous paragraph was she grabbed my balls all at ones when I replied NO to her request of coming into my house. I know right girls are so smart. Coming back to the story, she started shaking it up and down very fast. Within few minutes I threw up on her my juice all over her body. She says “why did you do this? how will I go down and face my mom? So I told her to use the washroom and use the drier in the room to fix this issue. She says fine takes me with her to my room.

She removes her shirt, one button at a time. It felt as if she was poking me with a knife with every button. Finally, she took off her shirt. Then I could see her bra, shady pink containing her juicy balls tight. It seemed in such was that my buddy stood up again.
She smiled and asked me to unhook the bra from behind. I agreed and did the same but with one additional help. While removing the bra I also gave a sip to her both breasts hoping I could get hold of a liquid, which was so premature of me. Thinking to get hold of a milk out of teen who is not married yet.

Which led to another and I sided her skirt down and put my face right on top of her hot pussy. To my surprise had a bush too. That made it more exotic for me to drag it down sooner and taste that liquid off her vagina as quickly as possible. She meanwhile went to her high state and hold my hairs so tight and started chanting, Please lick it faster!

For your kind information guys, I never fucked in my life before. Only survived through videos and my hand all these while. So tried to convince her in all ways I could to lay her in my soft bed equally mellow pillows. She didn’t resist, instead widened her legs making room for more. This went on for exactly 23 minutes. You guys would be wondering how dumb I’m to concentrate on time instead of the situation right at your face. Which I will save it for you people, interested people can mail me to know how it happened. So licking led to another part of it, where she dragged me down and started giving a blow job to my buddy. Trust me guys its heaven.

Then she whispered into my ears use my hole, I replied never did this before. She helped me out with that. Within no time my cock was inside her hole going to and fro. My man can’t express the feeling. She was staring right at me, meanwhile, I’m banging her big ass back to back. She dragged me and kissed my lips and got hold of my tongue and started tasting every taste bud present in my tongue. Finally, both of us attained our climax, me banging her even harder and she tasting my tongue equally deeper. At the end had a great morning treat guys.

For further info about what happened after our sex, please stay tuned. Based on your responses to this story will write up the part 2 of this tragedy. Until then peace out guys email ID [email protected] .

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