Sexy Navel of my friends wife Divya

Hi everybody. This is banger from Bangalore ( presently staying in Singapore for studies ).I am 24 years old with a average body .My height is 5’9” .Now i want to share my sex experience with all the readers of ISS.i am a sex lover. Specially i am fond a women in sarees, because i like watching women when they walk and expose their sexy navel.I am fond of deep sexy perfect round navels. Whenever women in saree walk or lift their hands my eyes automatically get stuck at their sexy navel.And it feel to squeeze the juice out of their navel. Ho i am just explaining about the sexy navel.Now i will share a real story with u .I am a student and during my last sem for the project i had t go to the Hyderabad. As a part of course i have to visit many places. So one time i had to visit Hyderabad. It is a very beautiful city..My friend Chris who was my school Senior and my best friend during school days he used to help me a lot in studies and while playing cricket he was 5 years elder to me, is working in a software company .So i felt very happy to go to and meet him as i didn’t meet him since many years. So i called him that i was visiting Hyderabad for work and would stay there for a month But he said that he too was going on a company trip to USA and would return after a month. So i was disappointed to hear it. But later in story you will come to know that this thing happened for my own luck.When i reached my friend’s home i was welcomed by his wife. Her name was Divya.I was just shocked at her beauty She was just looking very beautiful.Her figure was very sexy with 34-29-36.She asked me”who r u “.Firstly i didn’t reply her because i was not in this world. Then i said that i her hubby’s close friend. Then she said “Oh please come in .I am sorry. I didn’t know you isn’t it”. Then i said “it’s alright”. She was in a blue saree. It was so transparent that her navel was clearly visible thru her saree. As problem with hobby of looking at beautiful navel I was just starring at her navel. That thing she didn’t notice and saved me. She asked me to get fresh and showed me the way to the bathroom.From that time i was starring at her sexy navel. As she was walking her buttocks were moving up and down.

As she showed the bathroom i said thanked her. That bathroom was attached to their bed room. I scanned their house but their house had only one bedroom. When i enquired it from Divya she said “myself, Sumit (their son’s name) and Chris would sleep in the same bedroom”. After that she happened to lift her both hands and at that time i was made unmoved. I saw her beautiful navel which was very deep and very much round which we usually see in cinemas. I was shocked at that scene. After taking bath I said Divya i that i was going to company and would return in the evening. But all the way through the day i wasn’t able to concentrate on my work because i was only getting reminded of Divya’s sexy navel.I wished to suck her navel and eat honey in her navel. And decided to have her before going to Bangalore.After finishing my work i came back to home. This time i was welcome by Sumit. He asked me who i was. Then i lifted him and said that i was his father’s friend. Then i asked him where his mom was. He said that she was taking bath. That made me very lusty. I gave him five star chocolate and told that his friends were playing outside and that they were calling him to play. As he went out for play i rushed to bedroom. I peeped through the key hole and i saw what Divya was on blouse and petticoat and was about to wear the saree. As she was rolling saree around her waist it was a very beautiful scene. Her navel was very deep and very much round. I wished i would open the door and caress her navel and boobs which were even sexier.She was looking very beautiful in sareeless condition.As she was coming

Out i quickly went to drawing room and sat on the sofa and pretending that nothing has happened. She asked when i came and enquired about my first day work. She asked me where Sumit had gone and i said that he has gone to play with his friends. As she was little bit wet she was drying her hairs. While she was drying her hairs she lifted her hands. And again i was tempted at the look of her navel. But i kept myself quite and decided to taste her navel one day.At 7:45 in the evening Sumit came back after playing with his friends. Till then i was watching T.V.As he came inside Divya told him to take bath and have his dinner. After sumit came back i took him close and talked to him .Very soon he became close to me. As i was talking to him i came to know that there was a problem between Divya and Chris. Chris used to insult and beat her after coming home late night in drunken condition. This made me sad. But lustness made me very happy and thought that i had a chance to get closer with divya .After having dinner sumit played with me for a while and soon he got asleeped. By then she was preparing the bed. She told me to give sumit to her. As I was passing sumit to her i touched her boobs and her waist. That thing caused current to pass thru me. But she didn’t gave any indication of that. But she was very silky.Throught out day i was observing Divya.She seemed a little bit inactive and she didn’t talk to me very frankly. As she was placing sumit on the bed her palloo got sliped and her cleavages were seen. But she didn’t take notice of it. As she was setting sumit on the bed her boobs were shaking and that even shaked me. My cock got erected to work on .But i had to control it. As Divya noticed her pallo she got set it right. That bedroom contained two single coat beds attached to each other. She asked me to sleep on the bed and was making a move to sleep in the drawing hall. I stopped her and told that i would sleep in the drawing hall. She said no to it .But i warned her what if sumit wakes up in the night. I was planning to make her convince to sleep along with sumit on the bed. And she said ok to it.I felt very happy that my first plan got success. She slept on the other side of the bed and i slept on the second side of the bed. Sumit was between us. Soon i got asleep. I got wake up some time by 2:00am.I was feeling little bit thirsty.

There was water in jug aside. I had water and as there was night lamp glowing i looked toward Divya.My god her pallo got off from her body and she was facing towards me. I became very lustful atleast to touch her boobs lightly and insert my little fingure in her navel.I was very curious to know its depth. I slowly pushed sumit to my side and i came in to middle. Meanwhile Divya moved and now she was sleeping on her back. I was very close to her, i was so close that i could hear her breathing.i slowly touched her boobs and moved my hands over her body. Slowly i brought my face near her belly to see her sexy navel very close. I slowly inserted my little finger in navel. My hands were shivering. Wow it was almost an inch deep i wanted to taste her navel.slowly i inserted my tongue in navel. Suddenly Divya made moment and i got back to my position back.Next day i went to office and came back my evening.It was raining out so Sumit didn’t go out for playing. Divya gave me towel and i came back after getting freshed. Sumit was getting bored of staying at home. So i told that we shall play carroms. He became ready for that. But he told that he was just a boy and how can he win with me. This brought me an idea to get closer with Divya.I asked Sumit to convince her mom to play with him. Soon Divya also got ready for that. Divya and sumit were on one side and i alone was on one side. As Divya was sitting beside me i

Could smell her perfume. As game was going on when ever Divya/sumit put the coin in hole they were shouting loudly in happiness. For the first time i could see joy and real happiness on her face. Meanwhile she too became close to me. Whenever i cracked a joke she tapped me on my thigh. That would make me still. Soon we were very close. This gave me an opportunity to move around and close to her.Next day i came back home a bit early .By then she was cooking something in the kitchen .I went into kitchen and asked her what she was preparing. She told she was preparing kheer. I said wow and i told i love kheer. I asked her to tell me how to prepare it. I know to prepare it. But even then just to get closer with her. I sat beside the stove, There was space there. She wrapped her pallo around her waist and her navel was exposed. I was making her laugh with some jokes and she too added a few in that jokes. Meanwhile suddenly i put my hand on her waist saying her that there was something on belly with an intention to touch her navel. She said “Ahh” and suddenly removed my hand from over her belly. She gave me small smile. And this gave me a confidence. I said her that she was very beautiful,and gave a smile.I told that her that her figure was very sexy ,for that comment i was really afraid but instead she told me that i too was very handsome and strong too. That increased confidence in me. From that moment i was moving still closer to her. And sometime i would even press her buttocks with my cock by standing behind her, in the kitchen room.She didn’t object for that action. Meanwhile Sumit came back from school and we both played till dinner time.

As we were on table sumit wanted me to make paper flights .And we were playing with till divya brought the dishes. While she was bringing the dishes her navel was exposed. I tried to hit her navel with paper flight and suddenly by luck it hit her navel. She moaned slowly in sexy way “A-aaye”. I told her sorry for that and with a smile she said “its ok”. By this time she was looking at me and knewe what i wanted, for which she too was ready. After having dinner we went for bed but sumit was in no mood to sleep. As he was kid he didn’t know what was going on between her mom and me I told him that i brought a toy for him and he was very happy to have it. I told how to play with it .As Divya came i told sumit to play a game with her mother too .I said it would be very fascinating if you make toy revolve in hole.Then toy said there was no hole on the floor in bedroom. I said we have got a lively hole. Then he said where. I said her moms navel was a beautiful hole. After hearing this words divya was shocked and said no no first. But i went to her and said that all these days i was fascinated about her navel.She agreed for that.I made her lay on her back and slowly removed the saree from over navel.After all the day came for which i was curiously waiting for.But i couldn’t kiss her navel due to presence of sumit. I rotated the top and placed it in divya’s navel. She was moaning sexily “Ahhhhhhhh….Ooooohhh”. She was pleading to remove the top from her navel” pls remove it ” That night we slept late .Next day i came late from the office around 10:30pm.As divya opened the door all my tiredness was gone .She was wearing a black saree and a black blouse which was little bit transparent. I could see her navel and boobs through it.She took the bag from me and asked me to get fresh. She was acting differently that day. She was also having white fragrance flowers in hair. I could easily understand her intention. After taking bath i was sitting on the dining table. As she was bringing the dishes her waist was swinging with her navel at the centre. It was sexy scene.i got aroused. My cock got hardened.I started eating. I asked

What Sumit was doing. She said he has gone to his mama’s house for holidays. And said he would be back after a month. That still aroused me.I couldn’t stop me now. I quickly finished my dinner.Then divya came closer to me. I was sitting on dinning chair. That day she was looking like an angel. She too was in a mood a have sex. Suddenly i caught hold of her waist and started kissing her navel.she was moaning”Ahha.. ….oooohhhh”.i was sucking it like a ripe mango.she caught my head with her two hands and pressed me into her belly.I was pressing her buttocks and pressing her towards myself.I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom.and made her lay on her back.I removed her saree and again started sucking her navel with my tongue.While moaning she said that she was awaken on the night when he firstly inserted his tongue in her navel.This aroused me still greater.I took away my tongue from her navel and i poured some honey in the navel and started licking.While i was tasting honey from her navel,i was pressing her boobs.i removed the hooks of her black blouse and her she was only on bra and panty.i was caressing her navel and pressing her breasts.she was shouting to press her boobs tightly.”ooooohhh rrraaaj squeez my breast the way u squeez the ripe mango .Then i removed her bra too Now she was only panty .Her boobs were very big ornated with brownish nipples which were centimeter long.I made her to sit with her thighs folded .I was eating the honey by pouring it on her nipples While eating honey with tongue i sometimes bit her nipples lightly with my teeth for with she moaned “”.She said” come on eat away my breasts and press them as you like it and She then removed my shirt and pant.I too was on pant now. This sucking of her navel and breasts went for almost an half an hour.I removed her panty.I was excited at the look of her pussy.I started sucking the juice of pussy. Divya removed my pant and was playing with my cock.She was shocked at its look. She said it was larger than her husband.And started sucking it like an ice-cream. This 69 position continued for a while. And Divya told that she can’t wait anymore as she didn’t had sex for a long time.Now my dick was ready to drill a hole.i just put my cock in navel and just moved it up and down .Divya moaned “emmm come on i can’t wait anymore”.So i put my cock on her pussy and gave a jerk.She shouted “Aaaaaaaaaahhha”.It was tight as she didn’t had sex for long time.I moved my cock back and forth. Divya was moaning sexyily .Again i slept on my back and divya started sucking my cock. I inserted my cock in pussy and started banging her ,She said” come on bang it, drill it come on “.I drilled he r for a long time and i cummed the white juice in her navel and slept on her. That night we participated in sex for five times. There after for a month i daily had sex with rachana.Now i am in Singapore, .But still waiting to go Hyderabad. Reply me with ur feedbacks at [email protected], any ladies, girls widow want to have some fun please contact me on above said e mail id but it should be kept atmost secret coz it may distrub our normal life and i dont want any women to face aa problem. Womens and girls aroung singapore can also contact me as i am in singapore for another month.

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