Sexy Girlfriend Getting Fucked Hard

Hi Friends, This is Gary from Delhi again. Thanks a lot for your appreciation of my earlier story Tarika Bhabhi getting a fuck of her life published on 26th April 2012. Today I will narrate my experience with a married sort of girl, who gave me amazing pleasures and that I have not thought of earlier and you might be thinking what do and I mean by is sort of married girl.

Actually she belonged to Rajasthan and had run away with a guy and they were staying together at the same paying guest accommodation at Pune, where I was staying, while preparing for my MBA studies and her name was Ambika name changed and she was a typical sexy village girl with voluptuous boobs and amazing eyes .

She was around 5 feet 4 inches tall and used to wear below knee length skirts with front buttoned blouse or tops as far as I remember, her figure was 34-30-32, slightly on the plump but she was one erotic female with lots of hunger in her eyes. We all myself another 2 guys and this couple used to stay in 4 different rooms as paying guests along with the landlord who used to stay in the same premises.

Since the landlord and the other two guys were also working, hence during daytime, it was just me Ambika and the wife of landlord who were left in the house. The landlady let’s call her Aunty and Ambika used to watch TV or play cards in afternoon. Some days, when I was tired of studies, I also joined them along. One day I was sitting next to Ambika while playing cards and suddenly I realized that her boobs were visible through the space between the buttons of her top.

She was not wearing anything inside as you can guess and I was stealing glances again and again and after sometime aunty realized what I was up to. She laughed and pulled the top of Ambika so that they were no more visible to me. I gave a sheepish smile and went to my room making some excuse while going and I could listen both of them giggling. I got so aroused being caught by them staring at Ambika’s boobs that I went and jerked off my dick thinking about sucking the wonderful boobs of Ambika.

Next day again I went to play cards with them and I could sense, Ambika was looking at me naughtily. I thought and I decided to push my luck again. Aunty knowingly came and sat between me and Ambika and I shamelessly got up and went and sat next to her again telling that this was my lucky position and winked. All understood that I was not talking about being lucky at playing cards and laughed that day I sat really close to Ambika and was touching her at regular intervals.

Luckily that day aunty got a phone call from her friend and went to speak to her for around half and hour and I utilized it fully and was flirting around with Ambika. I told her Ambika you look really hot in the skirt and blouse. Ambika replied Ï know why you say that and I asked why? To this she replied and I know what you were trying to look yesterday.

I smiled and told her and I could not control, as you are so hot and any man would get aroused looking at what I got to see yesterday. She naughtily slapped me and ran away. I knew, this is it and all I need to do is just take a bold step since then whenever her guy was out for work and I used to go to her room often, that too without knocking the door and once such day when I went to her room.

She was sitting at her bed with her skirt above her knees and her thighs were open and those were some smooth milky thighs. I got stunned and so was she. I kept looking at her suddenly she pulled down her skirt and asked Sharam nahi aati kya aise ghuse chale aate ho bina darwaaza khaktkhataye?


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