My Sexy Caring Bhabhi

Hello Everyone. I am Raj. I am a businessman from Ahmedabad. I love reading sex stories. It’s been nearly 15 years since I have been reading and now I ‘ve found time to write regarding a true incident which happened to me when I was 20 years old.

I was brought up in a society in the suburbs of Ahmedabad and was the only child of my parents. My neighbours “The Shahs” we’re very friendly people and the family included the parents and a daughter my age and a son 3 years older to us. As our bungalows were twins type we had a connecting roof so their terrace door was just a jump away over a common wall, say 5 meters. I remember the year was 2000 when the son got married and brought a wonderful bhabhi. Her name was Payal. She had enormous boobs, her complexion was very fair and had a beautiful figure. Since the day I saw her in her marriage, I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her husband On the other had was average looking and it was a “langhoor me moh me angoor” match.

Anyway, after their marriage, I used to visit their house frequently just for chatting and developed a good rapo with Bhabhi. In the mean time Saumil, the husband started his business and naturally got very busy leaving bhabhi home, however, bhabhi managed herself very well reading and had a good relationship with the inlaws. However, even after 2 years, they did not have a child.  Samir used to come late in the evening and smoked heavily even in the bathroom especially during the morning hours.

One night around 8 pm I went to the terrace and was strolling in the wind as it was cool outside the house as in those days we did not keep Airconditioner in the sitting room. Suddenly a light switched on and I just gazed towards it and this is what I saw. The light was coming from bhabhi’s  private their bathroom and all the ventilation glass were removed. Although the window was pretty small say 1 ft by 3 ft., from where I was standing, I had a perfect view of the bathroom. I immediately hid below my parapet wall thinking someone won’t see me and started to peep into the bathroom.  Suddenly bhabhi came inside the bathroom,

She kept her bedroom door open and was watching TV and started removing all her clothes.  My head started going round and round. I just could not believe what I was looking at. Bhabhi was absolutely fantastic.  She had big boobs and big nipples, absolutely fair skin without any blemishes and smooth complexion. She applied soap and rinsed her hair and dried herself and went to the bedroom. When she was drying her hair her boobs were hanging and going ding dong, it was an awesome sight. I sat down and masturbated on the terrace floor and went downstairs. Since that day I did the same every day for the next six months. At the end of the six months, once I saw bhabhi masturbating using a cucumber with water while watching TV. I knew Saumil was not satisfying Payal bhabhi or there were other problems. Anyway, I never had the courage to approach her directly and things moved on for the next 1 year as they were.

One day after I came back from work, (i had my own business and I was doing really well) I was standing outside in the garden and I saw that someone next door was peeping through the curtain and looking and me.  I didn’t look in that direction because I wanted to know who it was. When I gazed towards the window, the curtain would move and when I gazed away it would open I could see it from the corner of my eye.  I smartly in inquired from my mom what our neighbours were doing I found that everybody was out and the only bhabhiji was home. So now I knew that bhabhi had the hots for me.  That night I made up my mind to seduce bhabhi.

Next day I called Payal bhabhi at around 2 pm when her mother in law was sleeping and told her to come to the terrace at 7 pm as I wanted to tell her something private which was very important and she agreed.

At 7 pm I was waiting on the terrace and bhabhi came wearing a white salwar.  She saw me and smiled and I jumped over the parapet wall and went to her and started to talk casually. Then after 5 min, she asked why I called her as her mother in law might call her. I told her that I liked her and she was very beautiful. She blushed down and before she could say anything, I told her that I knew she also liked me. She looked puzzled and asked me how I was so certain. I told her about the garden incident and she didn’t have an answer. I asked again and she answered that this was the wrong relation. I explained to her that no one will ever know and both of us have a right to enjoy. She still was not convinced. I held her hand pulled her towards me and kissed her cheek softly. She looked towards me with confusion. I pulled her again and planted a kiss on her lips. She did not resist at all so I started to smooch her. She started to respond and after 2 mins I put my hand on her left boob and started to play with her nipple and squeezed her left boob. We continued to play for the next 10 min and I squeezed her arse boob, lips and it was a wonderful feeling.  Suddenly we heard the sound of a scooter horn and we parted as it might be her husband.

Next afternoon at around 2 pm I called her, she said that I should not call blah blah blah… I asked her to come again to the terrace tonight also. She refused so I said I’ll tell her a secret if she came. She was convinced. In the evening at 7 pm, she came to the terrace. She was wearing a T-shirt with pajamas. She asked me what the secret was? I told her that I have seen her naked. She said how. I showed her the window and she was convinced. She asked how I felt and I told her about everything.  When I told her that I saw her masturbating, tears started to come out of her eyes.  I put my arm around her and pulled her body towards me and we sat down to gather on the terrace floor.  With another hand, I cleared her tears and said that such beautiful girls should not cry. She started to tell me all about her marriage. How everything was ok in the beginning but after her husband started his business he faced losses and was always under stress and not able to have a proper erection. How they are trying to get a baby but due to some complication in her they were unable to conceive and as she came from another state she didn’t have any friend in Ahmedabad.  Finally, I told her not worry and things would be normal again I would be her good friend with whom she could share anything. Saying that I started to kiss her and we smooched like earlier night.

This relation continues for the next 10 days after which time I knew she would do anything for me. So 2 weeks later I told her that we should meet in her bedroom. She told me that when her mother in law goes out in the afternoon she would call me at that time I have to come from office which was very difficult without being noticed by my mom. So we decided that when my mom and her mother in law were not there I could come from office and enter her house from the terrace.  Bhabhi told her mil that there was a discount sale in the city and she would talk to my mother about it and it worked. Both decided to go together for the sale and it would take at least 5 hrs. for them.

On that day I left my office at 1 pm and reached home. Mom had already gone so after freshening up I went to the terrace and bhabhi had kept the door open. I went inside and first went downstairs. Bhabhi was preparing lunch for me. I said I am very hungry but not for food. She said patience is a virtue. She first served me food and fed me with her own hands. I was very tasty.  Then she put away the plates and held my hand and took me to her bedroom .  The  curtains were drawn down. She said that she’ll have a small bath and be back in 5 min. She went into the bathroom and after 5 min came out wearing a very very very sexy nightgown. In the meantime, I had put some MTV channel song and the atmospheres was mesmeric. She came to me and said I love you darling. I said I Love you too. Saying that we smoothed each other. I put my hand on her lovely boobs and squeezed them. Then I finally removed her nightgown by pulling the thread and I saw her wonderfully pussy and boobs. I put my face between her boobs and played for 10 min. Then I started to finger her pussy. She pull my hand away and started to open my clothes. Suddenly after she pulled down my underwear she stopped. My eyes were closed but suddenly I opened and saw her mouth open looking at my erect penis.

I asked here what happens , she said that she had not seen such a big penis in her life. I asked her to put it in her mouth and she gave me a great blowjob.I came in her mouth and she looked very pleased. Then I mounted her in a traditional style and after a few pushes I was inside her. We were feeling in  haven. She told me to move slowly and I complied. Then she asked me to move fast and then faster and finally I came inside her. With both her arms and legs around me she just wouldn’t let me go . We fucked 3 more times that day. I was completely dried. Finally at around 5 pm we went to take a bath to gather and we played in her bathroom with my penis between her boobs. She told me that this was her best sex experience till date. At 6 pm I left for my house and went to sleep. Our relation continued for 5 more years even after my marriage but finally came to an end when her husband lost this home due to debt. They no longer stay in Ahmedabad and we haven’t been in
touch since.

Do let me know how you liked my story and encourage me for more as I have many more tales of sex adventures in my life and how I had Saumils sister etc. My mail id is [email protected]

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