Sex With Telugu Aunty

Hi all this is Nandu from Andhra Pradesh. I just want to share my experince with you all. This is first time I am sharing the story please don’t mind if there are any mistakes and please write your comments so that improve my self coming to story it happened almost 3 years back when I was studying my graduation in my home town. I am good looking guy fair in color and good height and weight. This incident happened with one of neighbor aunty her name is Anjali.

She is of about 31 years good looking women with good shapes and figure and she use to stay opposite to our house. I used to visit their house now and then for small purposes the thing is her husband has habit of drinking and so she was not satisfied with her in any ways. I used to go their house for some or the other thing and I use to like here the war she wore a sarree. You don’t belive me even though she is of 31 she looks like 26 or 27.

I was seeing her from 3 years and I use to masturbate thinking of her one day while I was in my home she came inside and searching for my mother and I was in my room.that day one of my friend gave some pon cds which I kept in computer dram (deep inside) actually she came to borrow some movie cd from my house and she unfortunately saw them. When I suddenly enterd the room she kept them side and hided them. I got shocked and didn’t get anything in my mind.

I thought that she will tell to some one, but instead of that and she took one cd from that and she took some casual cds also and went to house. I was shocked by her behavior and didn’t said anything the next day my friend was asking those cd but I didn’t said that one was missing and I want to get that from Anjali aunty from that day onwards I was more intrested in doing dex with her one evening I went to get something from there house and she stopped me.

I asked where did you got those cd, I said that they are not mine and one friend gave me to keep with me and she smiled and said don’t watch more so that you will spoil from that day on wards I used to see her in romantic angel and she use to smile like that our friendship got strong with that. One day her husband was out of station.and she asked my mom to send me to her house to sleep. My mom said and that night I went to their house and she said that she will give dinner to me.

So I went there and she prepared some food for me and said to watch the tv once I finish the dinner by saying this she went to shower I finish my dinner and watching the tv. I know that she is bathing and not in a mood to control but i don’t want to dare myself that’s why I was waiting for her to start some thing. She came out and I was shocked to see her in a red saree like a sex goddess.the time was almost 11 pm and she said that she will sleep a bit late usually and asked me to sleep if I am getting sleep.

I said no and both are watching TV she was sitting in the same sofa and let me describe her saree it was red in color. She wore it below her navel so that I could see that sexy navel (boddu) her blouse was very tigth showing her big boobs. I go mad if I see any body wearing saree below their navel. I was watching TV and her also some time later she started asking about my girlfriend etc. I said I don’t have and she said that at this age now days everyone are maintaining girls.

Slowly our discussion started into that pon cd and she asked if I anymore cd. I said I have but not now and she asked if I have any experience with any girl. I replied no for talking to here I am seeing to boobs very eagerly and she notice that and said why you are looking them like that. I said they are same like in that cd and size is also a bit big. She asked me whether I want to see them totally. I had no words for that and then she said to come near and touch them.

I have done oh my god what a soft items they are and when I was doing that she is feeling them and she asked me to press them tightly and I am also doing like that. I played with them almost 15 min and she locked the door and came near me and asked to hug and said she is starving for sex for long time as her husband was drunker and not good at sex. I didn’t say anything and she took my hands and kept them on her boobs and asked me to press hard.

I also got horny and started to press them and suck them.slowly she started to undress my shirt and I also removed her blouse and the boobs are getting our of her black bra and I could see them and she removed her bra also very fast and asked me to suck them fastly and I started to suck one and press the another one. She was moaning very loudly like press press (gatttiga ra garriga pisukuu avi rendu neevery ra gatiiggaaaa) means those two are yours press them hard.

Slowly she started to remove my night pant and I came to her navel area and removed her saree part there with my teeth and started to suck the navel are hardly and she was moaning like suck it hard suck it nandu suck it Rey and I was licking the navel madly she was moaning like (nakuu ra boddu antha needey ee Anjali boddu antha needy naku boddu anthaaaaaa nakkkkku) slowly she undressed me and I was in underwear and she was on her petticoat

Very soon we become totally nude she asked me to sit on the bed and she came over me and she gave me here boobs to my mouth like giving grapes from top and she was teasing me. I was playing with her boobs and licking the nipples like anything and she took my hot cock in hand and she asked why this is so hot and she took soome saliva and applied and started to give blowjob. I was feelling like heaven at that time what a blow job

I was moaning like ahhhhhh Anjali suck me slowly she asked me lick her pussy slowly she sat on the table and asked me to kiss her pussy(pookuu) and I started slowly kissing her pussy it was very hot and hairly I parted her pink lips and put my tongue there and started eating her wet pussy. She was moaning like anything ahhhhhh nanduu ear my pussy lick it Anjali is all yours today (nandu naku ra pukuu baga nakkuu pooku motham naku anjalai antha needey) while doing

Her juices were coming and my face got wet she was giving upper push to my face when I am licking the pussy and moaning lik ahhhhhh nanduu I can’t fuck me hmmm ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh fuck me. Rey fuck me harddd nandu and we have that session for 25 min and she was not able to control and asked to fuck here with my cock. I already fucked her with my tongue and she came to bed again and slept there and said to keep my cock in her pussy.

I said I don’t know how to start and she said to come nearer and she parted her legs and she took my cock in her hand and kept at the starting of pussy I slowly rubbed her pussy lips with my cock and she was moaning like ahhhhhhhh nandu fuck Rey see fuck Rey and keep it inside and fuck me hard. I slowly entered and with in time my cock was totally into Anjali pussy at that time she moaned loudly and grabbed me into here and asked me to give jerks.

I started to move she was feeling extremely and stared to moan like Nandu fuck hard fuck hard tear my pussy with your cock tear it like anything Anjali is yours now enjoy your lovely Anjali today tear my pussy fuck it hard (dengu ra nanduu denguu naa pooku pagaladengu Anjali pukuu chelchu rrraaa nandu dengu ra fast ga denguuu) room was almost fulled by her moans and we had that session for almost 30 min

I am Anjali had cum at the sam time and laid like that on the bed for one hour it already crossed the mid night and we cleaned each other and had a bath closely while bathing also she asked me do bath her like a baby. I took soap and applied all her body rubbed and I cleaned her pussy and also licked at that time and kissed her navel and she had very good navel shape which makes me

Mad after that we both slept nicely and after that my family shifted to Hyderabad and she also moved to some other state. I still remember that night. Hi readers please give your comments on [email protected] I welcome all comments especially from females after reading. I have lot of stories too share and this is my first posting so if there are any mistakes please let me know

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