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Hallow ISS readers, I am reading the stories and watching porn movies in this site for a long time and enjoying it. Now days the fans from Tamilnadu also sharing their experience in this site, Being Tamilian I am happy to read the Tamil stories. Now I am sharing my experience with you which happened one month back. I am 36 yrs 5.8” slim and handsome man living in Chennai with family working as senior executive in an engineering manufacturing company. Monthly once or twice I make tour to other parts of Tamilnadu to collect the statistics of sales. My father and mother are living in Thanjore town and looking after the lands in our village which is 10 K.M away. When ever I go to Thanjore and near places I go to my home and visit my parents. Last month my parents came to Chennai to meet us and stay with us for one week. On third day I have been asked by my senior sales manager to go to Trichy on duty to organize a sales meet as the progress was very low. As my parents were at Chennai they ask me to make a trip to Thanjore and inspect our home once since I am going to Trichy. After I finish my work at Trichy I went to my home by 6.30p.m on same day. I went to my neighbor’s house and rang the buzzer, Vignesh wife Saranya opened the door and greeted me; I collect the key and headed to my home. Saranya 21 yrs, milky white in color she is medium not thin or bulgy about 50 kg., living in father-in-laws house. One year back she married, her husband is working in Singapore, three months after their marriage he gone back leaving her with his parents and she also will go their in few months after getting visa.

After entering my house I opened the windows and sit under the fans for some time. I was too tired so took a long bath and drying my body in bed room; accidentally I saw the neighbor house window. Saranya was about to change her dress after shower, her body was covered with a towel from chest to buttocks..At first I thought not to concentrate on the scene and turned away but automatically my eyes turned to look at her as she took a bra and start to wear it. Her back was facing the window so I look their as she will not know about my watching. She lowers the towel to fetches the bra hooks and casually turned towards the window and caught my eyes, immediately she crossed her hands against her breast and stare at me. I was shocked and motionless. She stand their in the same position more than two minutes. I back to sense; about to turned and realized that she did not cover her half nakedness or closing the windows and staring at the tent made in my lungi. I was breathing heavily; watching her in confusion to make decision. She smiled and slowly starts wearing her bra. Now I confirmed she is doing it willfully and she is starving for sex as she is forced bachelor. Then she took a petticoat and put from her head and bring it down, when it reaches her belly she dropped the towel to floor. Few seconds I could saw her naked body from belly to knees as the cot is blocked the view blow the knees, she smiled, slowly cover her bottom with petticoat and tied it on hip. All the way she was smiling on me which indicates she wants me.

I also was not having sex for the past four days and tempted by her sexy expressions. Some how I got courage and asked her to lift her dress and show her private parts by hand signal. She also asked by hand signal what I am telling, I repeated my signal. She said she could not understand. I repeated two times but she said she could not follow and she will call over phone so that I can tell her clearly and dialed from her cell phone to my landline phone which is in our drawing room. I ran to their and picked up the phone and told her to hold for a while so that I can change the phone to bed room. I reached to My bed room and plucked the phone on socket, she asked me in low voice to tell now. Now I am in Panic and do not know how to ask her, a minute later I asked “please lift your petticoat and show your private parts.” She shook her head in disapproving manner with smile. Again I request her “please, I want to see yours.” She “Immm hummm.Not now’i “why”She “Later on”I “when”She “just now you have seen”I ‘But not clearly, I have seen only few seconds”She “that is enough, balance you can see later”I “later means when”She “You tell”I “To night”She “No, not possible, we are all going to big temple and whole night we will stay there, to day is pradosam”I “Then come now before going to temple”She ‘”No, it is not proper to go to temple after doing such things”I “then tell them you are not well and let them go, you stay at home, then will free to enjoy”She thought over for a moment and said “ok I will try”I “Then show me your breast”She shows a naught expression on her face and said “wait till night”I “we will see the other things on night but now show me your breast”She again she show a naught expression on her face and raise her chest up and lifted her breast on both hands and shown me her breast covered with brassier and teased “Can’t you wait till night. I will call and inform you about my program.” Then put off her cell, wear the nighty and went inside.

I got dressed and went to bazaar eat my dinner by some jasmine flower and came back home. Sat on the chair and watch the T.V program. By 9 p.m I saw saranyas father-in-law and mother-in-law were going to temple leaving Saranya at home. After confirming that Saranya is not going with them I went to the bed room and watching the window for Saranya.15 minutes later she called me over phone “My in-laws alone going to temple And the will be back by early morning”I told her “O.K I will lock my home and come to your house”She “No, doesn’t come now. Come after all the house goes to sleep”I “Why are you afraid. Don’t worry, no one knows”She “Then come from our back door, you jump over the compound wall between our houses in rear side and come with out knowing others. I will wait near the door” and ct the phone.

I locked my house and went to her house. She was waiting in nighty near the door and closed after me. Lead me to her bedroom, switch on the fan, I pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly and kept the flower which I brought for her, and kissed on her lips she too responded and opened her lips, I sucked her lips for about 5 minutes. She was aroused and moaning, I crushed her buttocks by now I was fully erect, pulled up and remove her nighty, she was in panty and petticoat. I pressed her breast mildly for a while and removed her bra and petticoat. She removes my T-shirt and lungi. We hugged naked and kissing, she was fully aroused and pull me to the bed, we lay on bed and I move towards her vegina but she pulled me over her and widened her legs which indicates she want immediate fuck with out any foreplay. I raised my hip, she hold my cock and insert the tip on her vegina , I pushed inside and it was so tight though her vegina hole was wet with her juice, she bent her knees up and widened her legs further, I continue to push inside her, after making few strokes half of my cock gone inside her hole. I start to thrust slowly and steadily,

I increased the speed after my cock entered in her hole fully. I feel pain on my cock like fucking a small girl. She started to moan heavily and twisting her hip like arch said “don’t stop fuck me fast. I am dying for this, I am in heaven haaa haaaa immmm hit fast ayyoo tear it” .we were sweat badly, I ramming her fast, she moan loudly and shacking her waist and hold my wrist very tight. I guess she is nearing her Climax and hammering her vegina violently and asked her “ are you reaching your peak” She murmured “haan”, “I also reaching climax can I release my semen inside you” she whispered “ please do”, after hammering 5 minutes I released my semen on her vegina and lay on her. She holds me tightly and lay speechless. 5 minutes later I rolled down she got up, took a towel and wiped my sweat and hers, she went to the bath room and washed her vegina and came back, sat near me. I saw her breast; it was shining, stiff and no sag. I put my hand on it and massaged, pulled her to my lips and kissed. I said “I thought to play your vegina and breast, wish to drink your honey and milk. But you didn’t give a chance to me.” She didn’t answer; I said further “usually I like foreplay and sexy conversation before having sex. To day I saw you are in hurry to have fucked and understand your feelings, do you like sexy chat before sex.”

She “What to do, after marriage hardly 3 months I had sex with my husband then had he left to abroad. Last ten months I am aching for sex that’s why I could not wait and rushed to quick one. After tasting the pleasure of sex for a short time I can’t control my self. Do you experience the difficulties? Now you can freely do as you like” I “How you know I will co-operate with you”She “When you came home I saw bulge on you pant and got aroused highly. Then I thought to seduce you and find out your willingness.”I “so you stand on your bed room half naked to seduce me”She “Immm. But you are very fast than what I expect”I “ You know, while coming on the way I saw two dogs were fucking on our street and a girl was watching seriously from her window, which induced my feeling and causing the bulge on my pant”She “You are lucky, to day you have so many window scenes. I too saw when you enjoy the scene which gave me courage to seduce you. In our street daily you can see the scene which also seduce and trouble me daily.” I put her breast in my mouth and sucked. She said “do it mildly it is paining”I “your vegina is too tight like a virgin and my cock is paining”She “Your cock is so thick and lengthy. My husband cock is thin if compared with yours. I also feel pain and she lifted my pimped cock in her hand and slides the foreskin and examined”I “Just now your husband starts fucking, after some time his cock also grow big. Have you sucked your husbands cock?”

She “Some times when he do second or third time he ask me to suck and make it grow” and clean the cock with her nighty, put in her mouth and licked the tip. I adjusted my self to 69 positions and look at her vegina it was cleanly shaved. I parted the lips; the clitoris was tiny and reddish, I rubbed and play with it, she moans and giggled. I lick her clitoris and played with my tongue she aroused very much and push her vegina on my mouth. I pulled her over me on 69 positions, widen her thighs and suck her clitoris, she was shaking her hip in rhythm and sucking my cock. I then enter my tongue in her vegina hole and rotate she pressed her vegina on my mouth and moan AAAAHHHH AAAHHHH and shaking it like fucking motion for about a minute and scream “I am leaking my honey” I clenched her buttock and signaled to leak, she yelled and rub her vegina on my mouth very fast and discharge her honey and lay on me motionless for a while, It was smell nicely and flow from my mouth. I asked her to lay on me and enter my cock in her vegina. She came down and changed her position, sit over my hip, pointed her hole on my cock. I guided the tip on her vegina and she sat down and slides it into her hole make up and down movements to take it fully inside her. She lay on me when my cock entered fully in her vegina and kissed on my lips .I hugged her and kissed on her lips she was doing light up and down strokes. I said “lay as it is for some time” and continue my kiss. In few minutes she again starts stroking as she is aroused Much. I asker her to sit over me and stroke vertically, and now I massaged her breast. She was turned up and stroking fast and taking heavy breathe and continue the fuck, her wet juice was leaking over my waist. After three minutes she rolled down and pulled me up and I start fuck her fast as already I was in high pitch, she was roaring “Hit fast, don’t stop I am dying, fuck deeply” and raised her hip. I ramming with full force for about 10 minutes and reached my climax and sprayed my semen in her vegina and lay on her, rested for some time…I asked her “It seems you are burning with out sex for a long time”She “I don’t know much about sex before marriage. After tasting sex it is very difficult to manage with out sex.When ever my husband telephoned to me I use to tell him the truth and he also in need of me”I “Why don’t you ask your husband to take you there”She “He is trying for visa. I thing in two or three months he will get visa for me. You seems tired, what you drinks coffee or tea” I “any thing” then she got to her feet and lift the nighty to wear but I stopped and told “we will not were any dress. We will do every thing naked” She accepted, we went to bath room and washed and then she prepare coffee and served me naked.

We were chatting for some time in dirty sexual language as I like it and ask her to talk (which is difficult to translate here) and do foreplay then we ready to our third round. I rubbed her buttocks and squeezed which raise her sexual feelings. I asked her “Now can I fuck on your ass” She “No, Don’t do it .it will pain and it wont take such a thick cock and will tear. You satisfy my vegina first w, it aches badly for fuck”I “Then turn on your back, we will fuck on doggy style” She immediately refused thinking that I am going to fuck her on ass and I assured “ Don’t worry I will fuck only on your vegina. I just teased you .Actually I don’t like ass fuck” Then she satisfied, came to doggy position. I took my cock and rubbed on her clitoris from back; she enjoyed and pushes her buttock back, after rubbing for few seconds I insert my cock on her vegina hole and start fucking her from behind. She yelled “do it slowly, your cock entered fully and hitting inside and paining. I thing something will tear inside if you hit like that” I said nothing will happen, don’t worry and enjoy it” and continue to fuck her by holding her breast by both bands for ten minutes and discharged my semen. As soon as finished she fell down and relaxed for a while and I slept in tired on her.

I felt some one is moving on me and woke up and saw Saranya was on top of me and fucking madly with out knowing that I am awaked. I just enjoyed from below, she rested a little and continued her fuck until she got her climax and came down. Morning she waked me at 4A.M and said this is the time to leave and we fucked one more time and left to my home. Next day morning by 9 a.m she telephoned me to wake up. I got up and finished my daily routine, while pissing I felt my cock was paining, I examined, it become reddish and some scratches inside the foreskin of my cock due to the friction and wild fuck of Saranya. I got ready and moved to Trichy to attend my office work. By noon she telephoned me to come to Thanjore with out fail as she is waiting for me. Evening as usual I came back Thanjore. She took me in her bedroom in late night like yester day, She said “my vegina become reddish and burning due to swelling, I could not walk straight as usual so I told my mother-in-law that I am not well and slept the hole day in my room to escape from them” I ask “If you fuck to day you may face more problems. I also got pain and wounds in my cock tip as you fuck violently yesterday”

She said “No problem, I will manage to day we will fuck which should keep me satisfied till then you fuck me next time” and in night we fucked four times. But to day we were not having freedom as her in-laws Were at home so we fuck silently in dark. Next day I left to Chennai with swelling and pain in my cock but Saranya is a remarkable girl in my life. After that day once we had sex when I went to Thanjore. Kindly mail your feed back to my mail id: [email protected]

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