Sex With Sleeping Beauty

Hi and this is Ravi here working as a software engineer and it is the first time and I am narrating a real story of mine. I am a big fan of ISS and I stay in Hyderabad in a good locality and staying alone in a single bedroom house. I am 5ft 4inch fair with average body.

Here comes the real story 2 years ago I met a girl in Orkuther name is Priya name changed for privacy from my home town vizag and we started chatting and later exchanged phone numbers, we used to talk daily on phone and I found her reserved from her talks, she has completed her B tech when I went to Vizag for vacation and I met her in Dabagardens and went to coffee day and sat for some time. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall chubby and average looking.

She told me that she is going to come to Hyderabad for writing an exam, I asked her to give me a call to have a casual meet and I remember it is the day when Raavan movie released, I got a call from her saying that she has come to Hyderabad and she is going to stay in a hostel in Ameerpet for 3 days. I said ok, and asked her to call me after the exam in Mehdipatnam which is near to me since I stay near Gachibowli area.

Priya called me again after her exam in afternoon and I said I will pick her from Mehdipatnam. I picked her on my bike and came to my place, offered her a drink and had some chit chat till now I don’t have any wrong intentions towards her since she looks reserved. I asked her if she can join me for a movie followed by dinner she readily accepted out of excitement casually asked her and if it is okay if she goes late to her hostel or offered her if she can stay back at my place if she doesn’t mind.

Priya seems to be prepared for everything and she brought a night gown which I noticed later and she said she can stay back at my place. We started on my bike, Priya sat double sided and I noticed her boobs rubbing my back most of the time not sure if she does that intentionally and I am literally waiting for my bed time to try my luck. We went to Hyderabad central for shopping, later went to cinemax for the show which started at around 7:15 pm.

We watched the Raavan movie and once finished we ate some food in KFC and started back home excited on what happens that night. It was around 11:15 PM and we reached my place and I asked her if she is comfortable in her dress for the night, she said that she got a nighty in her hand bag and this way and I understood she is prepared but still I am in dilemma. I arranged the mattresses on the floor in a way that there is 3 feet distance between both of us.

I switched on my office laptop and told her that and I have some quick office work to complete and it takes 15 minutes to complete, asked her to feel comfortable and told her to sleep on her mattress. She said ok and settled on her mattress. I usually notice every girl cover themselves with a blanket during sleep where Priya threw the blanket aside and fell asleep.

I am watching her pretending I am working on my laptop and I don’t see any sign that she is awake after 15 minutes of watching, closed my laptop and switched off the light in the bedroom, it is dark now and I moved my mattress in such a way that there is 1feet distance between both of us. I am acting like I m sleeping and waited for another 15 minutes and started the game.

I slept with my back facing the roof slowly moved my left leg and touched her foot and removed back due to fear again after 2 minutes and I did the same thing and I don’t see any movement in her. Oh my goodness, what am I doing? A girl believed me and came to my place to spend some time and I am doing all the rubbish? Lot of questions in my mind but none of them stopped me doing the mischievous things.

My heart is beating like anything after couple of minutes and I gained some courage and moved my leg and placed it on her right leg and she is sleeping on her left side, her face facing towards me. Just placed my leg on her and watching her if she has any movement not sure if she is still sleeping or pretending. Waited for couple of minutes and started rubbing her leg with mine on her nighty.

Did enough rubbing on her foot and started moving upwards over her nighty, felt her fleshy juicy thighs over her nighty with my foot, ah it is an awesome feeling, I am working on a girl who is sleeping? Still can’t believe it! I am finding difficult to move my leg upwards, so moved a bit closer and slowly I moved my left hand and placed it on her hand and started watching her face no movement in her and started playing again, ran my fingers over her shoulders.

Then slowly placed my hand on her curves and started caressing after some time I moved my hand slowly to her boobs and placed it for some time without making any movement. Looked at her and there is no movement, started playing with her milky globes over her nighty and bra. I don’t have enough access to her globes since she is sleeping on her side and I moved my hand to her face, played with her lips.

Chubby cheeks meanwhile moved my leg and placed it on her leg and started moving her nighty upwards and I am rubbing my foot over her legs and slowly moved her nighty to her knees and noticed her nighty is stuck in between her legs and finding bit hard to move it up to her thighs. I think she noticed it and she moved now and slept with her face facing the roof. Now I got enough access to her boobs my hand is working hard on her boobs.

I shifted to her mattress and slept next to her, slowly moved my hand downwards her belly is too soft and I caressed it for some time slowly moved my hand to her thighs and they are very soft, I caressed them over her nighty moved down a bit and started moving her nighty upwards to feel her fleshy thighs and I understood that she is acting like she is sleeping and there is no problem to move forward nighty was moved up and I got access to her thighs and panty.

I started pressing her things and moved my fingers to the inner thigh region to increase the excitement. I inserted my hand through her nighty and felt her belly, moved my hand to her boobs, they are very big and the nipples are erect and I felt the nipples over her bra, and pressed the boobs and now I want to free her boobs, they are struggling to come out and I tried to move my hand to her back to remove the bra hook and I was unable to release it.

Anyways Priya is also enjoying and I called her twice so that she can be an active participant, no response from her. This time I know there is no harm and pulled her towards me, she was on her side now and I got enough access to the hook on the back, I removed it and I pushed her away from me and inserted my fingers into her bra to touch the erected nipples, I pressed her boobs, she should be 36-30-36 in her figure.

I moved her bra upwards and released her boobs, they are huge and I m pressing them like hell. I am very good at sucking boobs, playing with butt, foreplay, massage and the love game; I got enough appreciations from the girls slept with me that I am very good with the above, also for my soft skin and skin tone.

Coming back to Priya, I lifted her nighty to her chest and kissed her on her face, cheeks, lips, licked her ears, neck, boobs and belly for the next 30 minutes. I moved down completely to her toe, kissed her legs and moved up. Came to her juicy thighs, kissed them and licked the inner thighs and I can hear her sweet moans now, she is saying aaaahhhhh and she is still pretending asleep lol!

I moved her hard and made her sleep on her front, her back is facing the roof now, started kissing and licking her back, moved a bit downwards and started pressing her buttocks over her panty. Moved a bit down and licked her upper thigh region, her inner thighs for some time, she is very excited and moaning.

Now, I want to remove her panty, I pulled it downwards, I got enough access to her buttocks but unable to remove it, she understood that and lifted her back a bit and I removed her panty and threw it next to her. It is dark and I don’t have complete visibility, but she is great. I kissed her back and playing with the huge bags. I want her to feel my dick now; I took her hand and kept her hand on my dick over the shorts.

I asked her to rub but still no movement good actress on the bed is not it? I moved her palm and rubbed my dick to her fingers over the shorts. My dick is rock hard and is trying to come out. I removed my shorts and threw it away and I removed my t-shirt to feel her flesh body to body. I moved on her top now, her back is facing the roof and I made my dick feel her butt and I rubbed my dick on her crack for some time ahhhhh it is a great feeling!

I moved her hard and made her face facing the roof now. We may feel that it is boring if our partner doesn’t respond, but I enjoyed each and every moment. I rubbed the love triangle and she is moaning like hell and I can feel her pussy is wet with pre-cum. I felt a small bush on her love triangle and I licked her for some time. I separated her thighs to start the love game and I always keep a condom pack in stock to handle any unknown situations.

I went to my cupboard and took the pack and I wore the condom and inserted my dick into her and she moaned loud and I increased my speed, she is making some sweet sounds Hayo. I fucked her for 10 minutes and released the load. I played with her for some time, still there is no response from her and inserted her again and fucked for some time.

I am tired after the 2 hour nonstop action and want to sleep now, I moved my mattress apart arranged her nighty and slept on my bed. Later realized that her panty is out of her again got up made her wear the panty and arranged the nighty and I forgot to arrange and hook the bra and slept. I think it is 8 AM the next day she is trying to wake me up and I woke up and saw her face, she is smiling.

I smiled at her and I asked her if she is able to sleep the last night, she said she fell in deep sleep and had somebody pains. I told her and I worked late on my office work and I was also having somebody pains for which she smiled. I fucked her many times later and I will narrate the next part after hearing the responses. Email me if anyone wants to enjoy the best moments of the life. [email protected]

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