Sex With Saranya Aunty In Chennai

Dear ISS fans this is my first encounter in my life and first story am posting here after many struggle. if any mistakes are there please forgive me. am koushik, age 26, from Chennai, girls and aunts please post your comments to my second part may be shared over main if you interested

Am very much interested in sex and usually i used to masturbate by thinking of my girl friends, My dick size is hardly 8 inch length and 2 inch thick with athletic structure. Ok coming to the story before two years saranya who is my sex wore shifted her home from village to Chennai, saranya’s age is 29 and married and mother for two children but still she looks very hot and young, later I started to speak with her usual topics and while talking i just stare her boobs and it is around 36, ok now i come to the story which was happened with us recently

One fine day my father and mother went to my relatives home to attend a function that time I was alone in home, since it is my weekly off and I was not gone for the function, initially i don’t have any plan to seduce her but the unexpected things happened on that day.

After a day she started to talk with me slowly and am talking with her from the morning and I asked suddenly in evening that tell me how u enjoying sex with your husband, she get shocked and got anger and went from my home, later she came and asked how u will ask like this and all and finally I convenience her that this is normal to all human beings there is nothing wrong in sharing these things finally she also convenience with me and slowly reviled that nowadays am not enjoying well and he could not make me happy since he lost his power and all. He don’t have enough stiffness to insert his pennies and he ejaculated before inserting so I was very much worried about her.

Then she went to home for cooking and came after a hour and asked me whether you have any experience in sex? I said no, then she asked me then how u came to know about these things and all, I said that we people used to see movies and with that movies we all came to know, then she asked me what movie which movie and all finally she itself asked me that she wants to see that movie.

After some mutual understanding, I agreed to show her from my mobile. After seeing that she felt like anything, the moment she was very Horny and I can see that she is breathing heavily and went from my home since his husband reached home but she could not be normal again she knocked my door, I opened and asked what you want??

She was just standing there with silence I just made a warm hug, wow what a pleasant surprise she also responding eagerly and like a dry dog. She hugged me madly and I asked her do u want to do sex with me.

She nodded her head and I got the green signal from her then she convenience by me that your husband is in home we will do tomorrow and she went but she could not wait for next day and again she knocked my window and standing silently in late night.

My window door opened and slowly moved her tops and lifted bra, slowly she touched my pennies over my shorts. I also started to squeeze her boobs through the window in the mean time she opened my shorts zip and get shocked, since my dick is very hard at that time, also she told me that her husband dick is very small when compared with me.

I asked her to take my pennies in my mouth and asked her to give blow job. She said that she don’t have that habit before. I compelled her to do then she accepted and given me blow job, in mean time I squeezed her boobs hardly and finally cum in her mouth she spitted everything due to poor experience. Then her petticoat lifted and her cunt touched by me, then slowly my finger inserted in her wet pussy and she cum in that position after 5 min. Then assurance given to her that we will do tomorrow surely.

After that she went for sleep since anybody can see us. Next day morning her husband went to job immediately she came to my home and hugged me and I made her nude and she made me nude then again I inserted my tool in her mouth and I started to do mouth fuck, she requested me to fuck her pussy, then I went down and inserted my dick slowly and she was screaming little in paint since she is having sex after 2 or 3 years then the stroke started and increased my speed, she requested me to do slowly but I never minded and fucked her hardly and spitted all my sperms in her pussy.

She washed herself and came back again with smile and I understood that she enjoyed well and again I asked her to lick my balls, she also obeyed and did the same in the mean time am pressing her breast and sucking hardly in 69 position and again we both gained our strength and started to do sex in different position and enjoyed and she is very much interested in doggy position and I also enjoyed well. Finally I spitted all the sperm in her breast and gave her an oil massage with my sperms

After this we used to do sex secretly and regularly in morning times, now he is very good in blow job and well experienced in the same and dear friends please post your comments to later you let to know how her virgin ass fucked by me.

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