Sex With Red Chudidar Girlfriend

Hello friends this is Sanjay I am a regular reader of this site going through a lot of stories I also thought of sharing an experience I had with my girlfriend recently and well to introduce myself I’m a doctor and completed my internship recently and this story which I am trying to share with you happened 6 months back when I was in my internship while working in my college hospital.

I used to work in a private hospital for a night shift in order to earn money as a duty doctor and that was a small hospital having a few patients and a very few icu cases my sole job is to look after them once I enter into the hospital and then sleep in my room and to attend the case whenever an emergency is required one day as usual after completing my general rounds I went into my room and slept at around 2 in the night I was disturbed from sleep and informed to attend a new case in the emergency block.

I went there and came to know that it was a case of epilepsy shifted from a village nearby and she was a 26 year old woman after an initial treatment for about 15 minutes that case was stabilised I prescribed the drugs that were to be given to the patient throughout the night and about to move away from there and just at that moment I noticed that the patient was being accompanied a girl wearing a red chudidar and she looked damn good and sexy making a glance at her.

I just walked away from there to my room in my room just about to sleep that patient attendant just came into my memory as I was already tired slept quietly in the morning at about 7 and I woke up and started to walk away from the hospital. I was told by the staff nurse that the case which was admitted last night was stabilised. I signed at the register and I noticed that red chudidar girl talking on phone with someone explaining the condition of the patient and with her conversation.

I understood that she was her sister and making a glance at her I left the hospital and the day was as usual the same going to my college hospital etc. I went to a movie that afternoon and when I was watching I got a call from an unknown number. I attended the call and to my surprise it was she the red chudidar girl surprised with that call I just told her that I will talk to her after the movie is completed and disconnected it going back to my room.

I made a call to her and she said that her name was Ratnasri and called me to say thanks for attending her sister at that odd time with the conversation progressing I came to know that she is a B tech final year student came home for her preparation holidays and late in the night as her sisters condition was getting bad with epilepsy she along with her father brought her to the hospital and she said that her sister was well now as it was getting late for me.

I told her that I will talk to her after coming to the night duty don’t know what happened to me when having bath my cock was fully erected after talking to her and unable to disappoint it and I masturbated and satisfied its hunger thinking of Ratna reaching the hospital as usual completing my rounds I searched for Ratna and her sister but could not find her and I was disappointed and started walking reluctantly thinking that maybe they were discharged.

She did not tell me and going back to my room and watching a cricket match staff nurse knocked the door and informed me that the patient admitted last night was shifted to the general ward from icu and I forgot to check her and my heart pumped in happiness at that moment with wheels fixed to my feet I ran towards her room and to my surprise Ratna was standing outside the room and after looking at me she smiled and said that she was waiting for me and what more a man want dudes!

Having a look at the patient I felt that everything was ok with her. I was told by Ratna that the chief doctor in the morning asked them to stay for 3 to 4 days have that Mri scan done before they get discharged after hearing that I was a bit happy and started walking away from there and after about reaching the staircase suddenly I was made to stop by her sweet voice calling my name and she came to me and wanted to thank her personally and we chatted there for a few minutes in that conversation.

I came to know that she searched for me the entire day to thank me but could not find me went to the staff nurse and inquired and who then told that I will be back for the night shift and she found my mobile number written on the doctors list outside the ward door and dialed me and I left that place after chatting for a few minutes to my room and it was a tired day so slept there without even closing the door after about an hour I got a call from Ratna.

She asked me to talk for sometime so our talk continued the entire night early in the morning leaving away the hospital she was waiting near my bike with a beautiful while coloured dress and a sexy smile without anyone’s notice she said bye to me and I went away and the entire day our phone talks did not stop and the day was beautiful to me and the same continued for 2 days for us both on the third day morning and I heard a news which disappointed me a lot is that Ratna should go away to the college as her exams.

Were approaching and her sister will be taken care by her mother who will be coming that day till she will be discharged. I was very disturbed listening to that and the entire night also there were very fewer words in our phone talks the 4th day was the day she is supposed to leave in the morning at about 5:30 and I got a call from her and to my surprise she asked will it be possible for me to ride her to the village on my bike without any thought I said ok and she said.

She will be ready by 10 in the morning and asked me to come to a nearby place to the hospital and I adjusted my duties that day and went to the spot which she asked me to come by 9 30 itself and she came out of the hospital with a beautiful black and white combination chudidar and sat on my bike before I could talk she herself asked me will it be ok for me to drive for sometime on the bike in the city. I jumped in happiness and started to wander here and there in the city.

We went to the beach restaurant and spent a lot of time in the city it was a lovely feeling to have a girlfriend at the moment and we decided to go to a movie for the afternoon show and after the movie started after about half an hour unable to control my temptations I asked her for a kiss and she said no as usual but my mood was on the peek so without asking for her permission I started kissing her on her neck and cheeks she did not stop me taking this an advantage.

I started kissing her lips she did not stop me neither did and we kissed for about 2 to 3 minutes in the theatre itself and after that there was a silence of few minutes between us taking all my courage into my voice I asked her shall we go to my room and she did not speak for a minute but after that she said is there nobody there? I assured that I stay alone and come let’s go and do something I am unable to control and she took a pause for few minutes and accepted to my invitation with heart rate at the peak level

I walked off the theatre holding her hand and rode straight away to my room opening the door I started to kiss her madly on her neck, lips and face while my hands were pressing those round butts pressing her body against my body and she simply stopped me and said what’s the hurry? Let me have a shower v both are smelling bad sweaty odour saying this she walked in the flat took a towel and walked into the bathroom meanwhile.

I switched on the ac adjusted the bed and my belongings and tried to keep the room as neat as I can sprayed the jasmine flavoured room freshener and made my best to develop a romantic environment and she came out of the bathroom with a white coloured towel tied to her body with a wet hair and her boobs and her body was covered in that towel but exposing her thunder thighs to me. I could not stop myself and started to go near her.

She simply escaped me and said you can touch me only when you smell fresh reluctantly but rather curiously I ran into the bathroom and she told me don’t do anything yourself I’m waiting outside for you and let us both do it and I understood that she was mentioning about masturbation of course and I came out of the bathroom and she was lying on the bed in a prone position with the same towel attached to her.

I started to dry my body just when she told I like wet bodies! I threw away the towel and jumped onto her naked and she was damn right the smell and the mood was terrific at that time and she turned to my side and took off her towel and our nude bodies were hugging each other’s now. I started kissing her neck and lips while my hands were busy pressing her boobs and her back and she has a perfect figured body and she trimmed her pelvic hair.

It was neat and clean and her ass was such an asset to her body and the smell that came out of her when I kissed her neck was really tempting. I started madly kissing her entire body and licking with my tongue and when I went near her boobs and licked her nipples she gave a deep moan hhhhhmmmm that was amazing holding one boob with a hand and kissing her nipples gave her immense pleasure while kissing her boobs she took my right hand and guided towards her pussy.

She made my middle finger to enter into her pussy at that very moment she moaned in desire and hugged me hard towards her body and she got hold of my cock and started to move it with her hand. I slowly left the boobs and came down near to the umbilicus. I licked her body around the umbilicus and she was jumping in pleasure. I guided my tongue towards her womanhood and started to lick her pussy she was moaning with great pleasure.

I put my finger into her pussy and started to masturbate her while stimulating her clitoris and she was closing her eyes and feeling the moment and she was holding my hair and pressing my head towards her pussy keeping one finger into her pussy I put that finger into my mouth to taste the pussy juices looking that she said shameless fellow. Who listens to all this and I put that finger inside her pussy.

I started to lick her thighs and they were thunder thighs really and the second best part of her body next to ass doing all this I came near to her pussy and tried to insert my penis inside her pussy at that very moment she stopped me and she said let’s not do it Sanju it’s dangerous I may get pregnant! I pleaded her for a few minutes but she did not listen to me and so unable to do anything I just slept besides her hugging her body tight.

After a few minutes she whispered in my ears are you disappointed? I did not reply and she said let me make you feel good saying this she woke up and sat on me near to my cock on my thighs and caught hold of my cock and she said shall I taste your cock if you don’t mind? I just smiled and she first moved her hand on my cock for a while and then first licked it with her tongue and she then put the entire cock into her mouth and she started to give blowjob for me which almost made me ejaculate.

The real pleasure of blowjob was experienced by me at that moment she did not allow her teeth to touch my cock just made sure that her palate and tongue to touch it and she was madly sucking it and I was enjoying every touch of her mouth on my cock after a few moments I stopped her and asked her face your pussy near my face let’s do 69 and she readily accepted it and turned her pussy towards my face. I could clearly see her pussy hole and the asshole in front of me.

I started to lick her pussy while on the other hand she was continuing to eat my cock with her tongue and lips 69 position was rocking after a few moments of 69 she turned her pussy against and sat on my thighs as usual and she fell on me kissed my lips and then whispered in my ears and I could not stop myself from getting fucked but will I get pregnant? I took her face into my hands and said believe me I will not allow that to happen.

She did not speak for a few seconds. I just closed my eyes thinking how to explain her to my surprise she caught hold of my cock and put it into her pussy and that was woman on top keeping it in she whispered let’s do it no matter what happens listening to it and I could not control myself as well and she started fucking me instead me fucking her and she was fucking me hard getting on top at that position I could clearly see her boobs dancing and she was closing her eyes and enjoying the moment.

After a few strokes she turned to the back and sat on my cock again this time her ass was clearly visible and that thumping sound that comes when anyone fuck was clearly audible throughout the room and she bent over me and kissing my chest and neck making this is a chance I turned her down and reached the top of her to go for a missionary position fuck she did not resist that. I made her legs wide open and when her pussy lips were clearly visible I with one push entered into her pussy.

The sounds got increased with the fuck going on at one end at the other end I was madly kissing her as well and she was enjoying every stroke of it trying to change the position I put her legs on my shoulder I started to fuck her again and this was yet another good position for a fuck and I enjoyed it as did she with the ac on still sweat started to pour off from our bodies and she asked me at this point keep it cock inside itself for some time.

I did it and we did not move just having a strong lip lock with the penis inside her pussy unmoved after a long kiss of 5 minutes I started to move again and if said let us change the position saying this I made her to turn to her back so that I can fuck in doggy style and this is my favourite position in fact of the all and we can have a clear view of both the hole can catch hold of those beautiful butts at the same time we can fuck.

I fucked her behind and put my finger into her asshole. I licked her ass with tongue and saliva while the fuck was going on I tried to make the ass hole loose for a fuck and when it reached a good shape to fuck I asked her and shall I fuck your back? She said ok but stops when I say it’s painful and I said ok and started to fuck and she was not saying anything neither was making any moans. I understood that she was not saying me that it’s paining so I stopped and said sorry to her.

She smiled and kissed on my forehead and we turned again to the missionary position and this time in a rather faster way I started to fuck her and just at the point she started reaching orgasm and started shaking and she caught hold of me tight and moaning hard and loud and she fell away in intense pleasure and woke up after a minute to keep my cock in her mouth and at the climax I asked her to stop but she did not move nor did she stop and I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed the entire cum and was smiling in happiness.

I fell on her and we hugged each other and slept there itself for about 2 hours talking about all what happened today etc and when the clock ticked 6 in the evening she told that it will be getting late so asked me drop away home and we both had a shower and fucked there once later on I drove off to her village nearby which was just 20 kms away from my place and we both meet each other now whenever she comes to the city and anyway that was a wonderful experience for a lifetime to me. I hope the readers also liked it please do mail your opinion on my story to [email protected]

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