Sex With Priya

Hi to all ISS readers and this is Satish again and my introduction to the new readers. I’m Satish 47 years, with fair skin, 5’11” tall having a strong body other descriptions can be found out personally.

It was great feeling to get lovely remarks from ladies for my earlier submissions. All ladies, aunties, bhabhies and I love married women from 25 years to 45 years please feel free to send your remarks on my e-mail Id please meet me on [email protected]

This story will take a bit long as I have to give little details of my work place and the nature of my work, which led to fucking the wife of my colleague. I work as Chief Vigilance Officer, in a big organization in Goa, to minimize the corruptions in procurement, dealings with sub contractors, etc.

By our commercial officers, especially Project managers who directly procure either in local market or from our Mumbai branch office due to urgency of work. Recently we had many projects simultaneously and much major procurement were done by the Project Managers, which involved big money.

Our MD, who is also the owner of the company, told me to audit/investigate all the major procurements done from last three years. Within a month most of the cases were cleared and three cases were suspicious. These procurements were done by Mumbai office very recently. Rates were almost double the normal rate.

The reason was given that and these items were required in an urgent manner, which otherwise take 30 to 35 days. I went to Mumbai office and scrutinized the records. It was found that the laid down procurement procedure, for urgent procurement, was not followed in the name of urgency.

I noted down the records and started enquiring the officer in-charge, Ramesh, a 42 years old fatty Gujju bhai. He is known to be a corrupt man, but was smart enough to escape from the case, as if he is ignorant. Surprisingly, this time I found many flaws, which otherwise, he used to eliminate by creating documents.

Probably, he might not have expected such an early enquiry. I noticed that he was not in comfort during the enquiry. Most of the time he was asking time to searches the documents in the office. I had arranged everything in such a way that, all of his ways and means to create false documents were blocked in the evening he was totally restless.

He was not able to justify the procurements. Finally in the evening at about 5.00 pm and I locked and sealed the door after all had left and went to my hotel room. It was my daily routine on a tour like this, that to have bath, be naked, have drinks till 11.00 pm and read ISS stories while stroking my erect dick.

Sometimes also chat in the various rooms to flirt with ladies or cukold husbands, to find out any possibility of getting an erotic sessions even though it was very rare to get chance, I got two incidents both with couples from Mumbai, who had come to Goa for a fun filled trip. I will put it up separately.

At about 7.00 pm door bell rang and I thought maybe housekeeping of the hotel and opened the door after wrapping a towel. My cock was little hard, which was evident with a small bulge over the towel. I got a shock when I saw Ramesh and his wife Priya at the doors.

I well come them in and quickly went to bath room and changed to my bermuda and sleeveless T shirt. I did not were underwear as it was in my bag outside. By now my erection was also down and cock was limp. So it was not a problem, but cock movement was evident through the Bermuda due to size of my limp cock.

I tried to cover it up with towel hanging on my shoulder till my waist and came out. Both were standing as there was only one chair. I asked both of them to sit on the bed and I sat on the chair. I noticed Priya clearly now. She was about 34 years and was not having that hot looking face, but was certainly looking very young and juicy below her neck.

She was fair and charming with a juicy figure of 36 30 38 size. She was wearing a cream color saree and a matching short sleeve blouse. Her saree was of chiffon cloth with beautiful pink flowers on it.

She had worn it in such a way that the pallu was spread across her boobs and the fair boob bulge with the sexy cleavage was noticeable through the thin fabric of pallu even the boobs were partially visible from beneath the right side of the pallu. The shape of the boob was really full and juicy.

The flowers on the pallu were nicely placed on the two boobs exactly on the area of nipple. The deep naval on her fair and sexy stomach was playing hide and seek through her saree. In all she was a bomb to be exploded. But

I was helpless as a senior officer of her husband, who is investigating his jobs. I had to keep my dignity at least when she is with her husband as a person, I am very horny type. I do not leave any chance of satisfying my eyes with erotic sights and if possible satisfy my lund also.

But, here the situation was different and I had to control my lust and was totally concentrated to Ramesh, to avoid getting arousal in my bermuda and getting noted by the couple. Despite all my efforts not to look at Priya, my lusty sight was glancing over her boobs and finally.

I had to cross my legs with towel on top, to avoid noticing my rising bulge. I am sure that both Ramesh and Priya had noticed my glances as they were exchanging eye contacts after my glance. It was as if Ramesh is asking Priya some question and Priya was showing some shy smile every time they look at each other.

I was sure that something is cooking between them to trap me or may be to please me. Finally Ramesh requested me to visit his house for a dinner that day itself. I told him politely that as you can see I am not ready at all and I have just started my drinks.

I don’t get sleep if I do not have proper drink before the dinner and smiled to both but Ramesh had already decided to take me his home and told me that do not worry sir and we will wait at reception and I will take care of your need of drinks at home” and looked at Priya.

Immediately Priya told that yes sir and we have 3-4 varieties of drinks and before dinner you can enjoy them” and smiled to me. I asked her smilingly Madam, do you also take drinks. For which she said with a shy smile very rarely I take 1 or 2 glasses of wine. That is also only with my husband.

Now I thought of throwing a stone in the dark and see what their plan is and asked her and that means you would not give company if I come to your house and smiled to her. She immediately replied not like that sir and I mean that I don’t drink outside or even at a party at home sith guests like you.

I don’t have any problem to have the wine at home and gave a sweet smile to me. I immediately replied that means I am special guest, for whom you don’t mind giving company for drinks right? And smiled to her and both of them laughed.

That means they had come here all prepared to take me to their home at any cost. I again asked her to ensure my thoughts why don’t you take hard drinks? It would be good company when all partying members are at the same level and winked at Ramesh.

He immediately said yes it is a good idea. Sir, today she will take hard drink and give us a company till we get tipsy. What do you say Priya?’ and winked at her smilingly. Priya showed some anger in her eyes to him, but looked at me in a nervous smile and nodded her head in yes.

This made me to realise that Ramesh and Priya had decided to take me home for dinner at any cost to make me obligated to him and in turn and I do a favourable enquiry even though I wanted to go and try my luck with sexy Priya.

I put all my efforts to stick to my principles of honesty to my company. I would love to enjoy this sexy figure without any obligations. I told Ramesh that see Ramesh, I don’t want trouble you both now and also it is not good if I visit your place before the conclusion of the enquiry.

I am sorry both Priya and Ramesh were still trying their best to convince me to agree for the dinner and I was stuck to my principles at last he told that ok sir, as you wish at least after the enquiry, I request you to come for the dinner for that I agreed.

Finally he told that with a dull smile sir if you don’t mind, can I leave Priya here for some time? I have to visit someone at Dadar for an hour and actually, we had planned to take you to our home by taxi and I would get dropped at Kabooter Khana in Dadar, on the way.

But now I cannot do that as neither can I take Priya there with me nor it is safe to send Priya alone by taxi or train till Thana. I will come after an hour or so and take Priya from here. I hope you don’t mind and I was happy to hear those words in which.

I saw a faint chance of flirting with this sexy figured lady and then go ahead if she is in line without expressing my happiness on my face, in a normal expression I told him off course you can leave her here. I don’t have any problem.

She can stay here as much time as she wants and also if she doesn’t mind, she can give me a good company for the drinks. I don’t know from where I got all these words. May be the effect of the drinks I had before their arrival and the figure of Priya. And I turned to Priya and asked her.

I hope you have no issues to give me company for a drink. It will be great to have a company of a nice homely lady like you” and smiled to Priya. In fact I had hit a stone in dark to find the feelings of both of them and it hit the right spot. Ramesh told yes it is an excellent idea” and smiled at Priya.

At first she objected mildly to her husband for the idea. I think the reason for her resistance was that she has to stay here alone with me, who was glancing her boob with lustful eyes but on strong insistence by Ramesh, she agreed reluctantly.

He told her that you have to take care of our boss, if not at home at least here and see that he is not feeling lonely till I come back. I do not mind if you drink whatever Sir gives as long as Sir is enjoying. Don’t worry of getting high if you drink whisky.

I will take you home. Today I am happy that at least you are there to be with sir, otherwise he would have been bored in loneliness and smiled at me before he left the room. I was in thought for a while that ‘why he said like that? Is it means that he had prepared Priya to be with me alone at home?

That is why he has gone out for an hour or so? One thing was sure he was trying to make me obligated to him at any cost. Anyway what is there to try my luck, if she get flattered with my flirting, without any obligations.

After Ramesh left the hotel room and I asked Priya, I hope you don’t mind having a peg of whisky today, for a change? She refused saying that no sir and I never had hot drinks earlier. I have either wine or beer. Hot drinks give me dizziness and head ache next day.

I took advantage of her situation and tried to flirt with her by saying that hot ladies like you should have hot drinks so that they become more and more hot which make nearby person, like me, also hot and winked her looking at her boobs through the thin saree.

She lowered her eye sight with shyness and she was bit nervous also due to my boldness and straight stares to her assets. I had expected some type of anger in her expression but was surprised to see her feeling shy and nervousness.

May be she was instructed by Ramesh, before coming here, to keep me happy at any cost. I thought of making her little tipsy by making her to drink whisky and then flirt with her openly. I tried to convince her to take whisky by saying that if you eat properly and drink slowly, whisky is a wonderful drink. You don’t get dizzy but you will feel enlightened.

Try it today, for a change and got up to prepare a drink for her. Due to her shyness to my flirting, I thought that there is no harm in opening up with her little more. Actually I was thinking how come she would be sexually satisfied by a fatty man like Ramesh.

The pair was not matching at all with sexy figure one side and fatty figure the other side. She was looking much younger to Ramesh. I knew that my cock was little inflated to a noticeable bulge in my Bermuda, with all this flirting and the thought of the probable erotic session with Priya’s sexy figure in this air conditioned romantic atmosphere.

Since I knew that she knows my flirting intensions, I did not try to hide the bulge and the movement of my cock in Bermuda. I was very happy as there was no negative reactions from Priya for my flirting which gave me courage to think more probabilities with this lady.

I was in no mood to stop and kept my principles in a locker. I pacified myself thinking that it is my own achievement and not the gift by Ramesh, even if he had instructed her to give me a company. Hence I need not be obliged to him. I had decided to fuck Priya, if she is in for it, without the knowledge of Ramesh.

I was convincing myself that I need not oblige if get a chance to fuck Priya. I prepared a drink for her, which I purposely made a bit strong. By that time I had a dangling bulge in my bermuda, which otherwise would have been considered as vulgar and I would have hidden it by covering it.

I was feeling very brave, since Priya was not objecting my flirting and as well as I was in the effects of two pegs, which I had earlier. I stood in front of her with that dangling bulge and offered the glass of whisky to Priya.

After saying cheers and she gulped a big sip may be by nervousness due to my boldness towards her and made her face as if she drank a medicine. I immediately told her don’t drink in gulps. You have to drink it sip by sip, like this and showed her how to drink in sips.

She again had the drink but in a small sip. I had already ordered starters and we were munching them in between still there was no much conversation between us. She was feeling shy and was answering my questions only to point and I decided to wait till she get high.

We were watching TV and in between I was glancing at her assets, which was looking sexy when I saw them from top. She caught me once or twice for which both of us smiling to each other and the first success of my open flirting.

I was waiting for her to open up on her own and after about 10 minutes, she finished her first glass and was becoming bit tipsy while answering me. I knew that effect of whisky on her, was quiet enough to flirting directly. I made another glass and gave it to her which she readily accepted it and smiled even though.

I was expecting a good fucking session with Priya and I was not sure about it. She may be only enjoying the flirting and nothing else. I was in a dilemma whether to go ahead further or to keep a limit. I did not want to create a scene, if she is not in the game.

Due to these thoughts my cock was not getting proper hardening. Still the bulge in my Bermuda was quiet noticeable. She noticed the bulge while taking the glass and looked at me with a naughty smile and after giving her the glass.

I stood near to her left side acting as if I am watching TV. I loved to see the bulging boobs through her little loose pallu. She also now shed all inhibitions and started talking freely to me with her glances to my crotch. I started telling her light non veg jokes for which she was feeling shy as well as giggling.

I was getting bolder and bolder and now my cock was also feeling better and started to grow and a small dangling tent was formed at my crotch. She was having stares to it in between our jokes and giggling.

Her giggling was so heavy, may be the effect of hard drink and that her pallu was quiet loose and her left boob was almost open. It was feeling great to have a married sex bomb in my hotel room, who is quiet drunk and enjoying my vulgar jokes, which I am telling to her standing very near to her, with a vibrating tent in my loose Bermuda.

I was sure that she will not create scene now. I got the courage and within seconds my cock got the full erection. It was throbbing like hell in anticipation of forthcoming erotic events.

Now I wanted her to be more open in talks and I asked her Priya how is it? She said what? And looked at me and I stared her eyes and said that what else? The drink which I prepared for you. How is the taste? She felt as if I caught her red handed and said in a low voice that sir the whisky tastes bitter but it gives a nice kick.

You have done it nicely” and smiled at me with a glancing stare to my cock. My cock was trembling with the feel of her juicy pussy. We both were brave due to the effect of whisky. I told her in a double meaning that Priya, I always see that whatever I make.

I try to make it as good as possible especially for homely beauties like you, I take all the care so that they enjoy with me and winked at her with a lusty smile. I asked her again that Priya tell me the truth. What were you thinking about when I asked you question about the taste of whisky? And smiled to her.

She just smiled and said nothing sir and turned her face to TV and I understood that even though she is feeling horny due to my flirting and drinks, but still she is not opening up directly due to fear and shyness and there is no much time to wait for her to open up. Since she is enjoying my vulgar jokes and flirting.

I decided to make my move first instead of waiting for her to open up. I asked her and I cracked some total vulgar jokes to which she smiled and said she how vulgar you are Sir? She was now blabbering while talking due to effects of the drink.

I knew she was enjoying the jokes as she was getting high due to whisky. I asked her what is there? I enjoy such jokes with my wife on the bed in the night. Actually I am missing her” and winked at her biting my lower lip sexily.

She did not know what to reply and in a bid to continue to talk she said that Yes Sir, it may be very difficult for you to be alone here. Otherwise you would have been with your wife today at Goa giving a pause she continued”on the bed” and winked me back.

I realized that my flirting is successful and the fire in her started burning. Only I have to put more oil and give it a good breeze to flare the fire up.

I again told her with a smile keeping my right hand on her right shoulder across her back “Priya, thank you for making it possible to have such a nice company with a beauty like you. I had thought that I will be alone today and was drinking since 6.30 pm.

But today is my lucky day that I got a sexy lady like you as my partner. But only bad luck is that no company in the bed see the state of my small brother” and made a sad face. She shivered and looked at me with a stare mixed with lust and shy.

Only a homely married lady can give you such a sexy stare which make me to enjoy the seduction more and more. By now my cock was pointing straight in the Bermuda and I was so near to her that my cock was almost in front of her face near her mouth.

She understood what my intensions are and looked at me with a mixed expression of lust and fear. I knew she likes to enjoy with me without Ramesh knowing. She must be imagining the size of my cock and getting wet down under her panty.

These thoughts were proved right, because now her nipples were poking through the fabric of her blouse and saree. Now it was already half an hour passed after Ramesh left. Her stares, the free talks, enjoying my jokes, etc made me to step up the boldness.

I decided to stop beating around the bush and poke straight into the bush as soon as possible. I told her as if it is a decision, that Priya, I know that you are eager to see and enjoy my cock. I have seen you staring it lustily. To tell you fankly, from the time I saw you today with Ramesh.

I am restless to suck and lick your pussy juice. I know you are already wet in your pussy. I want to eat your pussy and if you want you can suck my lund saying that I removed my Bermuda and T shirt.

Priya looked at my vibrating, circumcised 7″ fat cock which was pointing to her with a pink fat bulb and prominent veins. I took her right hand and placed it on my cock involuntarily she stared me for a second and back again to the cock.

Now she was high and she did not know what is right and what is wrong. She was just enjoying the love rod in her hand. I told her Priya don’t worry about anything. Enjoy my cock as you want. No one will know about the happenings here between me and you. It will be a total secrete.

See how eager he is to get inside you and fuck you hard” and held her right hand and made it to and fro to caress my cock. She kept on staring alternately my cock and my face and gulped the remaining whisky and kept the glass on the nearby table.

I told her Priya, to tell you frankly I never had such strong erection. I was very happy when Ramesh told that he wants to leave you here but was sad when you were not willing. Were you frightened of me? That I will rape you? See now, you are only liking my cock and caressing it with love actually.

I had decided to fuck you at any cost today when you agreed to stay here. Now I am feeling great to have your soft hand on my cock and my hand on your this beauty and saying this I slid my right hand from her shoulder to her left boob beneath the pallu.

Her lips were shivering with the excitement and eyes were expressing the nervousness. I caressed her right cheek and touched the shivering lips with my thumb and tried to put it in her mouth. She looked at my lustful eyes and slowly took my thumb in her mouth.

Automatically she placed her right hand on my throbbing hard cock. Then she closed her eyes and started sucking my thumb lustily. I was pumping her boob directly on the blouse.

Wow!!! It was great feeling a sexy married lady is sucking my thumb with her hand pumping my naked hard dick and I am pumping her firm and big boob. As there was no free time, I slowly laid her on the bed. I slept along with her on her left side.

I started kissing left side of her neck, ear lobe, cheek while my right hand was caressing her solid thighs. She was now moaning and saying that aahhh sir what are you doing? I’m married woman please sir he may come now.

Even though she was saying these words, her left hand was continuously pumping and caressing my cock in between kissing and caressing, I whispered in her ear that don’t worry darling, still 15 minutes are there. I know you want a hard fuck by my cock and let us enjoy.

I will make it sure that you will get a best fuck of your life. I shifted myself down and lifted her saree along with the petticoat while kissing and licking her legs from ankle to thighs. She was all along moaning ahhh sir you are too good keep doing that Ramesh never did like this it aah very nice Sir.

I pulled her pink wet panty down in a go for which she lifted her waist and helped me to remove it fast. I widened her legs and buried my face in her glittering pussy and started to suck, lick and chew it. She was in total ecstasy of erotic joy.

I know that ladies get more pleasure in pussy licking and sucking rather than in direct fucking. I always see that the lady with me in my bed enjoy to the core. She was shivering due to the pleasure she was getting due to my licking and sucking her pussy in and out.

Finally in a minute she shivered violently and came in my mouth with a loud moan aahhhhh sir and I’m coming sir aahh and pressed my head with her both the hands. I forcibly got up to get my breath. Since there was no enough time for foreplay, without wasting any time pushed my throbbing hard cock in her palpating pussy in a stroke.

She was still in the after waves of the climax and my cock entered her slippery pussy. My cock slid tightly in her pussy and started pumping her slowly push by push. She again started moaning ooohhh yess sir your cock is nice and bigger than Ramesh fuck me with your big fat cock fuck me Sir fuck me again and again.

I love your cock and it was great feeling that a married lady came with her husband to invite me to her home for dinner and her husband leaves her with me for safety of her chastity. But instead of keeping her chastity safe I only seduced her to have nice fuck with me and while fucking these thoughts made me more and more horny and I fucked her like a bull.

She was now only moaning aaaahh yes aahhhhh nothing else. Finally after 4-5 minutes of hard pumping I was getting my balls ready to shoot the cum and in the same frenzy I kept on pumping and shot a big load of my sperm which otherwise would have been drained in the toilet, if Ramesh had come alone.

After the final stroke I just laid on her for a minute and got up with a smile to her and asked how the fuck was? She smiled and told that sir, it was really great. I never had such a fuck in my life. I wish you be here only, so that we can have this enjoyment every day.

But I know it is not possible. Sir, it is my request that whenever you visit Mumbai, please let me know. I will visit your hotel and serve you to get me a hard luck like this and held my face and kissed me for minute on my lips. Before her husband came we were just watching TV and chit chatting with a glass of whisky. If you liked the story, I would love to get your sincere remarks on my email.

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