Sex With Priya

Hi to all ISS readers and this is Satish again and my introduction to the new readers. I’m Satish 47 years, with fair skin, 5’11” tall having a strong body other descriptions can be found out personally.

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This story will take a bit long as I have to give little details of my work place and the nature of my work, which led to fucking the wife of my colleague. I work as Chief Vigilance Officer, in a big organization in Goa, to minimize the corruptions in procurement, dealings with sub contractors, etc.

By our commercial officers, especially Project managers who directly procure either in local market or from our Mumbai branch office due to urgency of work. Recently we had many projects simultaneously and much major procurement were done by the Project Managers, which involved big money.

Our MD, who is also the owner of the company, told me to audit/investigate all the major procurements done from last three years. Within a month most of the cases were cleared and three cases were suspicious. These procurements were done by Mumbai office very recently. Rates were almost double the normal rate.

The reason was given that and these items were required in an urgent manner, which otherwise take 30 to 35 days. I went to Mumbai office and scrutinized the records. It was found that the laid down procurement procedure, for urgent procurement, was not followed in the name of urgency.

I noted down the records and started enquiring the officer in-charge, Ramesh, a 42 years old fatty Gujju bhai. He is known to be a corrupt man, but was smart enough to escape from the case, as if he is ignorant. Surprisingly, this time I found many flaws, which otherwise, he used to eliminate by creating documents.

Probably, he might not have expected such an early enquiry. I noticed that he was not in comfort during the enquiry. Most of the time he was asking time to searches the documents in the office. I had arranged everything in such a way that, all of his ways and means to create false documents were blocked in the evening he was totally restless.

He was not able to justify the procurements. Finally in the evening at about 5.00 pm and I locked and sealed the door after all had left and went to my hotel room. It was my daily routine on a tour like this, that to have bath, be naked, have drinks till 11.00 pm and read ISS stories while stroking my erect dick.

Sometimes also chat in the various rooms to flirt with ladies or cukold husbands, to find out any possibility of getting an erotic sessions even though it was very rare to get chance, I got two incidents both with couples from Mumbai, who had come to Goa for a fun filled trip. I will put it up separately.

At about 7.00 pm door bell rang and I thought maybe housekeeping of the hotel and opened the door after wrapping a towel. My cock was little hard, which was evident with a small bulge over the towel. I got a shock when I saw Ramesh and his wife Priya at the doors.

I well come them in and quickly went to bath room and changed to my bermuda and sleeveless T shirt. I did not were underwear as it was in my bag outside. By now my erection was also down and cock was limp. So it was not a problem, but cock movement was evident through the Bermuda due to size of my limp cock.

I tried to cover it up with towel hanging on my shoulder till my waist and came out. Both were standing as there was only one chair. I asked both of them to sit on the bed and I sat on the chair. I noticed Priya clearly now. She was about 34 years and was not having that hot looking face, but was certainly looking very young and juicy below her neck.

She was fair and charming with a juicy figure of 36 30 38 size. She was wearing a cream color saree and a matching short sleeve blouse. Her saree was of chiffon cloth with beautiful pink flowers on it.


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