Sex with neighbor

It’s me Saurav from Nepal. It’s been long since I last posted. Here’s this story that describes how I experienced a sex-drive with my neighbor. Across from us lived a widow named Bindu and her nineteen year old daughter. The daughter, Rupa, was a tall skinny girl with pale skin and freckles on her cheeks. She liked to wear halter tops and short skirts which showed off her round bottom. One Friday as I was reading a newspaper while traveling the bus, I looked up from my newspaper and noticed that Rupa was sitting cross-legged across the way. She had on a yellow halter top with pink roses and a green, pleated skirt. I pretended to be looking at my newspaper, but instead gazed intently at her long legs, shiny with glimmers of perspiration. The sight aroused feelings of lust. I thought about rubbing my hands up and down her tight, muscular calves. She was watching the route the bus was taking and twisting her brown hair with her finger. Just when I thought I was not going to be able to handle the lust that was overwhelming me, Rupa stood up holding the metal pole. The bus was nearing the stop that she meant to get off. I heard a screeching sound as the bus driver slammed on the brakes and turned to one side. The momentum sent her towards me and Rupa landed on my lap. As she was falling, I dropped the paper, catches her right hip and the left side of her round bottom. My left hand was caught between my lap and her peach shaped butt. Through the cotton of her panties, I could feel the heat and sweat of her panty-covered ass.

“Thanks for catching me,” she said squeezing the muscles of my upper arm with her left hand. The bus driver got up and exits the bus and then climbed back on the bus. “I’m sorry,” shouted the bus driver “We ran over a nail in the road, and the spare tire is also flat. I’ve called for another bus which should get here in half an hour.”

Several passengers in the bus let out a collective groan. I looked out the bus and saw a gas station which told me where I was.

“We are only six or seven blocks from Home”. why don’t I walk you home.

She stood up. “Thanks,” she smiled again.

“Well, here I am,” she turned to me at the gate of her picket fence.

Rupa walked up the steps of her house and I started to walk home. “Hey!” I heard her call out. I turned around. She walked down the steps and stopped in front of the gate.

“My mom is out of town and I was going to cook some Chinese vegetables. You’re welcome to join me,” Rupa smiled. Rupa and I walked into her house and she turned on the television. After dinner, we played some checkers. I won the first game and let Rupa win the next one. During our third game, I thought it was time get more familiar with Rupa.

“Rupa, do you have a boyfriend,” I asked.

“No, we broke up last year” Rupa answered. “How about you?”

“I’m not involved with anyone now.” I moved my chair closer to Rupa.

I put my finger to my lip and leaned towards Rupa. Rupa closed her eyes and our lips met. I smelled the cherry flavor of her lip balm. Their first kiss was brief but the second was long and wet, I stuck my tongue between her rosy lips and held her head to mine. After the kiss, Rupa looked at me as if in a daze. I stood up and lead her to the living room couch. Rupa sat on the couch and I pushed her so she lay down. I kneeled by the couch yanked off her sneakers. While I did this I looked under her skirt and saw her white panties covering her pussy mound. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. Next, I pushed my head up under her skirt and began licking Rupa’s white panties with long strokes of my tongue. Pushing in I made a crease with the panties at the cleft of her pussy. Rupa started to let off moans as her arms jerked around looking for something to hold onto.

I lifted Rupa’s firm ass and pulled her panties down to her knees. I inserted my index finger into her pussy. She gasped and grabbed onto the edge of the couch. I could feel how tight she was with my fingers. I enjoyed giving her pleasure pushing me finger in and out. At the same time, I licked the edges of her vaginal lips. Her pussy juice began to flow and I removed my finger. With two fingers I spread the lips of her pussy and licked at the opening thrusting my tongue in and out of her tight pussy. Her moans were getting louder and I knew she was on the verge of cumming. Rupa’s moans got louder and higher pitched as I pleasured her with wild licks from my hungry tongue. “Oh God,” she cried. She squeezed her thighs on my head crushing my ears with her leg muscles. More juice flowed from her tight pussy as she started cumming into my mouth. I then reached over to pull off Rupa’s halter top. Rupa was wearing a pink strapless bra under her yellow top. Rupa opened her eyes and looked up at me with a question on her face.

“Take off your bra, dear,” I spoke to her sweetly. Without hesitating, Rupa removed the pink bra, revealing two perky teen tits. Rupa’s breasts were small and pointy, curving up at me. I reached forward and cupped them with my hands. With one hand, I pulled her nipples and with the other, I reached under her skirt. This time I stuck my finger in deeper than before and encountered some resistance.

“I’ve never,” Rupa spoke, looking up at me with worry in her face.

“Relax,” I replied, “I’ll be gentle.” I took off my shirt and unbuckled my belt and stepped out of my boxers and slacks. I leaned forward and took one of her tits in my mouth licking on the nipple. With one hand I fingered Rupa’s pussy. Rupa started to moan again as I moved my mouth assaulting both breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples. I enjoyed the feel of her tight pussy pulling on my finger as she neared her second orgasm.

Before Rupa could cum, I removed my finger and kneeled between her legs. I leaned forward and held my cock with one hand and her hip with the other. I pressed my cock at the entrance of her pussy, coating its head with her juices. Instead of pushing in, I rubbed the length of my cock up between her pussy lips, rubbing on her clit. Rupa cried out as she felt my dick pushing up and down on her clit. Next, I pressed my cock into the tight folds of her pussy. I pushed in and out of her pussy, enjoying the tightness. I was bringing her again to the verge of an orgasm. I waited for the right moment, then pushed forward just as she started to shake with her second orgasm. My thrust broke her hymen and she cried out in pain and pleasure as I took her virginity. Rupa’s pussy was pulling on my cock like a glove, trying to milk me with each thrust. I kept pushing into Rupa faster and faster enjoying her sweet pussy. The pleasure was incredible sending waves as Rupa’s pussy gripped and squeezed my cock. At the last second, I pulled my cock out of Rupa’s wet pussy and shot a stream of cum onto her belly. The second stream landed on her breast and her chin. I took a facial tissue from the coffee table and wiped the cum of her pale skin. That was it. If any lady of age group 18-38 wants to have sex or just wants to talk about it then you can reach me at [email protected] or [email protected] I will try to answer you as fast as I can and if we have no further problems then we can even hook up and do what’s needed.

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