Sex With My Virgin Girlfriend

Hey friends. This is Rags with my first story. I’ve been a regular reader of ISS forum from a long period of time. Now I have finally decided to submit a story of my own. A true story (infact) this happened about a year ago when I was in a relationship with a girl. Lets name her Alisha (security reasons) she is a very hot girl and was my classmate from class 8 and I used to fantisize her since I saw her and noticed her assets.

They were wonderful. To be specific she had awesome boobs and a big round ass. It was quite unusual for a girl of her age but I and as well as my fellow friends used to enjoy watching her. As school days passed away she gained more of my attention and in class 12 I gathered courage of proposing her and to my luck she said yes. Then I went out of the city to do my engineering and we got cut off but yeah we were in a relationship.

Before moving on I smooched her on the airport and that made me masturbate for next four years because she was so sexy. Then I did come back to Jaipur and was now with my gf. Our parents knew about our relationship so I enjoyed her company till late nights. One day I decided it’s the limit so I decided to have sex with her. I called her up at around 9.30 in the night and asked her to meet me asap. She agreed. She came to

My house with her dad and she was looking amazing in the purple top and hotpants. This made my 7 inches cock grows to its full length. She accompanied me to my room and I closed the door when we both got into the room. She asked me,”What are you doing baby? I said Alisha I love you a lot and I want to show my love. She said.”Please Rags, I don’t like all this kind of cheap stuff.

Then I said,”Jaanu please.” She said, we can kiss that’s it, I got disappointed and caught her in my arms and started kissing and smooching her. Then I slide one of my hands inside her top and she pushed me away. Then I apologised and said sorry. She said its ok and we started kissing again. While kissing me again put my hand in her top and this time she didnot resist because she got turned on.

Phew! It was a great feeling having sex after 5 year long relationship. I gathered he rin my arms threw her on my bed removed my t-shirt and jumped on her. She was enjoying every bit of it. She started smooching me very badly and I got hurt but I was also turned on so it didnot matter. I kissed her passionately and then we broke our kiss after 10 minutes. Then she got up removed my shorts and started to suck my cock.

I enjoyed it a lot. I was feeling as if i’m in heaven. I then cum in her mouth and she drank whole of it. It was her first time and she was doing as if it was a regular thing for her. Then she again started sucking my cock like a hungry bitch and my cock replicated by standing up. Now it was my turn I removed her top and bra and started to kiss her boobs and nipples.

It was a real heaven for me. I enjoyed a lot. Then I kissed her navel and moved to her belly button. Then I unbuttoned her hotpants and pulled it down and the underwear followed. It was a clean shaven virgin pussy wet with juices floqing out of it. I kissed her pussy and it tasted awesome. I kissed it and she started moaning. She then pushed my head into her pussy as she wanted me to get deep into it.

It was a virgin pussy so it was difficult for me to put my tongue into it. Then I started fingering her with my index finger and middle finger to which some blood came out of her pussy. She was moaning in pain and asking me to stop. She then slapped me in pain to which I replicated by leaving her. I got angry as it was a very tight slap. I went into the bathroom and starting cleaning myself to which she came and hugged me from the back.

Her nude boobs were awesome and were touching my back. She then herself starts kissing me. Then I immediately took her out of the bathroom and pushed her on the bed. I parted her legs and started licking her again. She got turned on again and begged me to fuck her. I didnot bother about the condom and inserted my dick into her pussy. She screamed in pain. It didnot go inside in one stroke. It went a little in first, about half in second and it was perfectly in at the third stroke.

She was bleeding but I did not bother. I started smooch her while fucking her. I then started punding her hard and fucked her hard for about 20 mins after which i cum in her pussy. She had an orgasm twice while i was fucking her. She and me both enjoyed and had sex once more before she went to her home. Now we have sex often but i’m bored from her pussy and want to fuck new and pussier. For feedback you can mail me at [email protected]

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