Sex With My Matured Bhabhi After 18 Years

Hi friends, this is Vibhore again with my real incidence. I am thankful to GOD that he has changed my life after 12 yrs of my married life. As I have already told you that I am a 39 yrs old man and was enjoying my sex life with my wife only till June 2011. After that I first got the opportunity to have sex with my assistant Neelam which is now my second wife and two parts have already been posted in ISS now. And from then I became much more bold in enjoying sex with other ladies. And now very recently I enjoyed with my Bhabhi who is my paternal cousin’s wife. Her name is Mona. She is now 45 yrs old but does not look like the same instead she looks like 35 yrs old. She has maintained her looks and body at this age also. Her figure is 40D – 30 – 32. She is fair white in color and very frank in nature. Actually I know her since my childhood when I was studying in 10th class. She was the daughter of one of our teacher and she herself was also teacher in our school only teaching junior sections. I had a long crush on her since I saw her but could not do anything as being so shy in nature.

It started when I started taking tuition with our teacher (Bhabhi’s Mom). Let’s call her Mam X. At time I was in 10th std. slowly and slowly we become close to each other and even our families become much closer. As days passed we use to spend most of the time in their home and use to freak out and play lot. I and her brother became very close friends as he was also of the same age group. Suddenly my friendship with Bhabhi became much more closer and we started going and coming to school together on my scooter. At that time she used to hold me tight and her big melons use to crush my back. But I could not do anything.

Days went on and we became more and more close and use to share all our personal problems and sort it out. Then one my Uncle was at our home and was discussing with my family for marriage proposal for his son. I immediately said I had one girl in my mind if everybody agrees. Everyone eyed me so strangely as I have asked something very strange and unique. Then I told them about the Mona to them and my mother supported on that and asked my uncle to once see her as she is very cute and simple and even their family is very simple. My uncle just nodded and said ki bahbhi jab aap log unko itna aachi tarah se jaante ho to main kya karunga bus ladka ladki ek dusre ko pasand kar len to mujhe koi problem nahi hai. Waise bhi aap log to beech main ho hi. Then my mother assured him that she will talk to Mam X and will come back. Next day my mother talked to Mam X and she readly agreed as our family was well known to them and we were in between. It was at that time Mona asked me what’s going on. I said tumhare liye ladka laya hun jo tumhe aache se rakhega aur mere paas hamesha ke liye hi reh jaogi. She just slapped me and said Paagal kahinka.

After this episode things went fine and the marriage was fixed. This made Mona to come more closer towards me and she use to like me and ask me what my bro whom she is marrying likes and dislikes and I use to guide her. I was in between and use to arrange for their meetings and use to wait outside.

After their meetings Mona started kissing me on my cheeks and say I love you. I use to ignore as I knew we are very good friends. Days passed and they both got married. Now the game starts. After marriage it was their first night and we had arranged it in a posh hotel and booked a room and decorated it for the night. It was decided that my Bro will go first and I will bring Mona from beauty parlor and leave her to the hotel room. It was November and it was very chilly. As soon as she was ready in the parlor she called me to pick her up. As there was no car available I thought to get her on the scooter as it was nearby. I reached the parlor and took her and we sped towards the hotel as it was a little far away. It was so chilly that she was hugging me so tightly and she put her hand in the pocket of my jacket.

We were talking and I asked her so what’s the plan for tonight, u must be enjoying. I also said ki aaj se aap meri nahi rahi, aaj main raat ko bahut rounga aapki vidayi ki wajah se. All of a sudden a speed breaker came I pressed the brakes in full force and due to that her hands which were in my jacket pocket slipped further and reached my cock which was hard already due to her hugging and perfume. She got hold of my cock and kissed me on cheeks. I was scared what had happened but did not utter a word as she was also not saying anything. She said ki main sari jindagi teri hun aur teri hi rahungi chahe koi bhi aajaye. And again kissed me on my cheek and her impression of lipstick came on my cheeks. We reached hotel and went to the room and when I was about to leave my bro asked what is that on your cheeks. I said shit I forgot to wipe the lipstick. Mona immediately said ki ye ro raha tha to main iko pyaar kiya hai and my bro thanked me and wiped the lipstick and said aise jayega to koi kya sochega. I left and came to home and got busy in work. Next day my bro and Mona now my bhabhi left to honeymoon. I don’t know but I was crying in my inner heart but consoled myself and got busy in my studies and other work.

Days, months & years passed we use to chat on phones and meet and we are the closest friends. Then I went out for my higher studies and came back after 6 yrs and got a job and then I got married and now it’s been 12 years I got married but till now I was not able to say Mona that how much I loved her even being too younger to her. Time passed by and even my bro was transferred to new city and we almost lost contacts. But Mona use to send sms and phoned me several times and we were usually talking once a week sharing all our personal problems. She use to come once every year to meet her parents and us. When she came to know about my wife’s illness she was little concerned over it and then started calling me twice or thrice a week. We had again started coming together and I use to share with her about my depression due to non availability of sex. She used to console me and always said it will be fine one day. It was at the time of new year when she was having some holidays she planned to come down to meet us and see my wife. She planned for two day visit.

I informed Neelam that I will be busy for next two days as I am receiving some guests at home. She was alright with it.

Mona’s flight was to reach Delhi at around 10 pm in the night on 29th December 2011 and I was to pick her up from airport. I don’t know why I asked my driver to leave as I will myself drive. I was waiting outside the airport and it was 10.15 she ranged me up and said that she has landed but still in plane. I waited and after 15 mins she came out. She was looking as gorgeous as ever in pink saree with little makeup and same figure, what I had been admiring all through my years.

We hugged and gave slight kisses on each others cheeks and settled in the car and moved towards the house. In about an hour’s drive we chatted on whole lot of things and appraised her for keeping herself young even at this age. She said you are still same naughty as you had always been. We reached our house and she met my wife and chatted and I asked my maid to serve our dinner in the wife’s room only as we can chat further. In the mean while I asked Mona Bhabhi to fresh up then we will have dinner. She went to her room which was adjacent to my room and in 15 min she came back after freshen up in a blue nighty. In the mean while I had prepared my drinks and was sipping the drink. We chatted and had our dinner and it was almost 12 when I wished my wife good night and made her lie and sleep. After that we departed and were going for sleep in our respective rooms. As I was just entering my room Mona called me and said Vibhore if you are not feeling sleepy then can we chat for some time. I said why not come to my room. She came in my room and we sat on the sofa and started chatting on different issues.

I don’t know what happened I just took her hands in mine and said I love you. She calmly said I too love you dear. I said no I want to tell to you some secret which I had kept in my heart since last 18 yrs. She asked what’s that, which I still don’t know as we use to share each and every bit of our life. I said there is something much more which you don’t know. She anxiously asked pls tell me I am eager to know that also. I then started out and said that I had a big crush on her since

I first saw her and slowly and gradually it had increased. I said that still I remember her kisses on my cheeks and even the hand which engulfed my cock when we were going to hotel on her first night. She was shocked to hear but said that she knew it and she also loved me very much but had never thought in that way. She said that as I am not able to get sex so it may be the reason for me to think like that. I said no its not the reason and it the fact that I am telling you today. Then she again kissed me on my forehead and said ki main tere liye hamesha aisi hi rahungi and I really love you. I hugged her tightly and I don’t know why tears started flowing from my eyes.

She saw and said arey tu ro kyon raha hai main kahin jaa thodi hi rahi hun. Pls aise mat ro warna main bhi ro padungi. And she wiped tears from my eyes and kissed me on my cheeks continuously and whispered in my ears aaj main teri hun jo chahta hai pura kar le. I really love you and now you can do whatever you want. I was surprised and amazed also as I was getting my dream girl. I kissed her back and now on her lips. She responded and her lips were so soft. She said again ki main sirf aur sirf tere liye hi aayi hun aur main in do dino main tujhe bahut sara pyaar dekar jaungi. Main bhi tujhe bahut pasandkarti thi aur agar tu meri age ka hota to shayad main tere siwa aur kisi se shadi nahi karti.

These words gave me life and we hugged each other. I found that she was not wearing any bra inside her nighty and her soft boobs were crushing my chest and her nipples were getting hard under my chest. She was smelling like rose and she took my face in her hands and said ki aaj ke baad tu apne ko kabhi akela mat samjhna. And she kissed my lips. I responded and slid my tongue in her mouth which she de lightly took and started sucking. We were smooching and kissing and sucking each other’s tongue, lips and face. I was kissing her face which was now red and she was kissing my face in response. I put my hand on her big melons and felt that they were so soft and I was unable to hold one boob in one hand as they were so big. She moaned slightly ooooohhhhh and said bahut dino ke baad aaj maja ayega. I asked ki why? She said your bro is now busy in his job and has lost interest in her and rarely fucks her and she needs some good sex now. I said I am for your service and you can satisfy yourself.

We once again hugged and started smooching and I started touching her boobs and squeezing them over her nighty. My cock started growing and started touching her belly. She understood and touched my cock over my shorts. Then she said ki bed pe chale. I stood and we came to bed. I put my lips on her lips and started sucking them and squeezing her boobs over her gown. She also took her hand towards my cock and started rubbing over my shorts. We were madly kissing and sucking and I pulled her gown a little up and inserted my hand under it and felt her nice smooth legs and thighs. I inserted my hands further and found that she was not wearing her panties also and her pussy was nicely cleaned and shaved. As soon as m hand touched her shaven pussy she sighed ooooooohhhhhhh. I asked u cleaned for today for which she nodded her head in affirmation. I pulled her gown further and was able to get her pussy more and found that she was oozing juices. I inserted one finger inside and started fingering. She was moaning and I was busy in sucking her lips. Then she inserted her hand inside my short and got hold of my cock which was almost on its peek size grown. She parted from my lips and said bahut bada ho gaya hai. I said yes, then she said ki ab in kapdo ki jarurat nahi hai. And we got rid of our clothes.

I was shocked and my eyes popped oyut seeing her lovely nude body shining as she is still 18. Each and every bit of her body was well shaped and her boobs were her biggest assets. They were really so big that I was not able to keep my eyes out of them. I immediately grabbed her boobs and kissed them and heard uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhhhh from her mouth. I kissed each inch of her boob and then saw that her nipples were grown big in size may be they were an inch or couple of inch out due to erection. I put one nipple between my lips and just licked her with my tongue. Her hands came on my head and she started caressing my hairs and putting pressure on my head towards her boobs. I squeezed her other boob and started sucking her other boobs vigorously. I was enclircling her nipples one by one which was making her more hot then I put one finger in her love hole and saw it was full of her juices. I made her lie on the bed and took charge of her boobs from my mouth and started finger fucking her. She was moaning loudly oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmaaa.

She said ki maarga kya aaj tu mujhe itna mat tadpa. I was not listening to her and was busy in sucking her boobs one by one and finger fucking her. Now my three fingers were inside her love hole and she was jerking on each stroke. After few minutes she shouted a loud moan and exploded her juices on my hand which I licked it and felt a tingling sensation on my tongue. She was now little relaxed. She said that she had never felt such a huge orgasm till now without even entering cock in her pussy. then she pulled me up and hugged me and kissed my lips. We laid for some while but my hand were squeezing and playing with her boobs. She asked to me aur kya karna hai, I said abhi to shuru hua hai aage aage dekho. She smiled naughtily and hugged me and said kar le jo karna hai. We again started smooching and I licked her neck and every inch of her face and went down towards her cleavage and licked the whole area and moved towards her navel. Her navel was so amazing that it was a lovely deep hole. I kissed it and then put my tongue in it and started licking. She started again with her soft moans and said ki pata nahi kya kya kar raha hai jo main aaj tak mehsus nahi kiya and again started moaning. I said u just enjoy what I am doing. She said OK. I was licking her navel and with one hand squeezing her boobs. The best part in my sex which I like the most is squeezing and sucking the boobs. If I get a chance I can play, suck and lick a woman’s boobs for the whole night.

After some time of licking her navel I moved towards her pussy which was clean and nicely shaved. I first gently kissed her pussy lips and then licked them with my tongue. Her pussy was flowing juices which were salty. I licked each and every drop and then parted the lips and inserted my tongue inside for which she shivered and gave a loud moan. I started my job of tongue fucking and she was moaning and moaning. I was on top of her and my cock was just above her face. She immediately took my cock and put it in her mouth and started sucking now we were enjoying our oral sexual desires. We were licking and sucking each other’s love parts like it was our first time. My tongue moved in each and every part and corner of her love hole and she was moaning and sucking my cock like a lollypop. Then she shivered and I could feel her vagina walls contracting and in a second she exploded her stream of juices in my mouth and collapsed and took out my cock from her mouth. I also stopped for a while and licked each and every drop of her juices and lie besides her. She said aaj tak itna maja nahi aya even though I am married since last 16 yrs and doing sex regularly. Tune ye sab kahan se seekha. Teri wife to bahut enjoy karti hogi tere sath. I said now its your turn to get satisfied. She saod yaar itni der main do baar jhad chuki hun ab aur kitni baar karega. I said but I have still to come. When I saw the clock it was over 1 am in the night that means we had been enjoying since last one hour and I was still rock hard.

I started fondling her boobs and again and licked her nipples which were still erect. She said ki ab aur kuch nahi bus tu jaldi se mujhe chod de baki kal karenge bahut thal gayi hun. Then I came in between her legs and rubbed my hard cock on the pussy and clit. She again moaned and guided her hand towards my cock and helped it to enter. Her pussy was so lubricated that n one go whole cock went in and as soon as it went deeper it touched her womb and she shouted wwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwww. Kya mast hai tera meri to nikal gayi. I started pumping my cock slowly first and sucked her lips and threw my tongue inside her mouth.

She engulfed my tongue with her and we started fighting with our tongues and I was pumping her wildly. She said ki kitni jaan hai tere lund main jo itna mast chodta hai. I didn’t replied and instead started sucking her soft big boobs one by one. She was swinging her head left right and moaning oooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm yes fuck me dear phad de isko aaj bahut dino se pyaasi hai. I slowly stood on my knees and started pumping my cock wildly and crushing her boobs and squeezing her nipples. She was shouting yes yes yes fuck fuck hard vibhore fuck me dear hard. And in next go she exploded again oozing loud streams of juices over my cock. I could feel the hot lava over my cock. I remained in that position for 2 min and pulled out my cock. It was leaking with her hot lava. I asked her to come in doggy style. She came on all her fours and when I saw her butts I was so glad. They were milky white and shinning. I kissed both her butts and licked her ass hole which was smelling very tangy. She said kya isko bhi khayega. I said I would love to. She laughed and said aaj main kuch nahi kahungi jo karna hai kar le apni aur meri iccha puri kar. I rubbed my cock on her ass hole and in one go pushed it hard inside. To my amazement it was not so hard. It gave clear indication that it had been fucked before also and she was not shouting so much.

I asked have been fucked in your ass also. She said ki your bro used to fuck her ass also but now a days he don’t even fuck her pussy. I pushed hard inside her ass and rubbed her pussy also. She was again moving her ass fast. I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and started fucking it at the same time. She was really enjoying and we went on fucking each other. After few mins I felt that I am going to cum. I pulled my cock from her ass and in one go inserted in her pussy which was already dripping with her juices. I bent a little and started pumping her and grabbed her both boobs and started squeezing them. She was moving her ass in rhythm and we were fucking. Then I said I am Cumming, she said come darling I am also at the verge and after 5 – 7 shots we both came. It was the best part. We were totally exhausted.

Then we lay in each other’s arm hugging over the bed. I asked her what made you think to have sex with me. She said that she really loved me since we first met and gradually her liking became more strong towards me. I was very happy. Then she said that she was ready to have sex with me even before marriage but did not have courage to do and even I did not initiated towards her move of kissing my cheeks several times and even hugging her when we use to go to school on the scooter. On the first night of her marriage she even disclosed that she grabbed my cock intentionally to check the size. And when she was having sex with her husband on the first night she imagined me against her husband. I was astonished to hear such things from her. She also said that when I called her up few months back stating about the illness of my wife and depressing due to non availability of sex with her, that moment she decided to come to me and have sex with me as she was also deprived of sex.

This is how it all started and we both slept hugging each other and nude and we don’t know when we slept. This is a 100% real story and I have tried to describe each and every part what happened. If you liked it then pls forward your comments on my mail [email protected] Please note that this episode is neither in the knowledge of my wife nor my assistant Neelam. So please excuse them. If any matured unsatisfied lady or girl who is interested in having sex with me can contact me. Pls be assured all the episode will be thoroughly secret and confidential.

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