Sex With My Matured Bhabhi After 18 Years

Hi friends, this is Vibhore again with my real incidence. I am thankful to GOD that he has changed my life after 12 yrs of my married life. As I have already told you that I am a 39 yrs old man and was enjoying my sex life with my wife only till June 2011. After that I first got the opportunity to have sex with my assistant Neelam which is now my second wife and two parts have already been posted in ISS now. And from then I became much more bold in enjoying sex with other ladies. And now very recently I enjoyed with my Bhabhi who is my paternal cousin’s wife. Her name is Mona. She is now 45 yrs old but does not look like the same instead she looks like 35 yrs old. She has maintained her looks and body at this age also. Her figure is 40D – 30 – 32. She is fair white in color and very frank in nature. Actually I know her since my childhood when I was studying in 10th class. She was the daughter of one of our teacher and she herself was also teacher in our school only teaching junior sections. I had a long crush on her since I saw her but could not do anything as being so shy in nature.

This is how it all started and we both slept hugging each other and nude and we don’t know when we slept. This is a 100% real story and I have tried to describe each and every part what happened. If you liked it then pls forward your comments on my mail [email protected] Please note that this episode is neither in the knowledge of my wife nor my assistant Neelam. So please excuse them. If any matured unsatisfied lady or girl who is interested in having sex with me can contact me. Pls be assured all the episode will be thoroughly secret and confidential.


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