Sex With My Hot Neighbour Aunty – Suja

Hi,I am Rajesh from Chennai and now am married ,31.I have read a lot of stories in ISS and now interested in sharing one my real story that happened to me during my college days.This is about my neighbouring aunty Suja, She is a mallu aunty . About her , her size should be at least 40-34-42 . She was so busty and looked very sexy.SHe was very fair and had a very good boobs structure.Coming to the story , One day there was none at my home since very had gone for the temple which is far away and were not returning that night.So mom asked my neighbour Suja aunty to serve me food for the night. she also was happy for that and agreed ( later I came to know why she was so happy).Her husband had gone to out of station and so only their 2 children were there at home with her. After returning from the college in the evening at 3.30 , I was sleeping in my room . I heard some one knocking at my door. I went and saw it was suja aunty.. she said sorry and asked me if I could do her a favour. I agree and she called me to her house. Her children had gone to the tuition, and so I was their in her house.. she asked me to help her to take a vessel from the loft in the kitchen , I too agreed and got up on the stool to reach for the vessel. I was wearing only a lungi and I forgot to wear my undies when she called me to her house. I stepped up on the stool and was trying to reach for the vessel which was not there.

Later knew that she had created a drama.. She said ” Try inside here and there.. I was trying for a long time but can’t get anything out there. suddenly I realised that I was not wearing anything inside and my lungi was folded to till the knee that I would be visible for aunty looking from down.. I tried to hide myself, and was looking down , but to my surprise I found that aunty was enjoying watching my Penis.. I was surprised and didn’t want to miss this chance.. so I kept on showing my penis to her and pretended like searching .. I can feel that my penis is growing hard by now and was making a tent in my lungi…I don’t want to miss this chance and kept on searching , suddenly I felt something soft on my penis,… I just turned around to see and aunty was laughing and touching my penis.. she was holding it on the tip and slowly rolling her fingers on it,, i got shocked and got down to ask her “what are u doing aunty”.. then she said ” See , I have been eyeing u for a long time and want to get a chance like this ,,. but now time has worked on it.. see if we miss this chance and u will also lose a great opportunity.. I told her that I am not experienced in this…She said that she will teach me everything on this and we moved on to the bedroom..

She asked me to remove her nighty and was posing in bra and panty before me.. I was fully freezed when seeing her boobs and triangle-shaped panty..she asked me to lie down and remove my t-shirt and lungi.. I was fully naked in front of her and lied on her bed..she came to me and asked me to remove her bra and panty also.. I did so, I was shocked to see her fully hairy pussy.. her vagina was fully covered with hair and her nipple in a size of a big shaped grape.. she immediately sat next to me ,hugged me and started kissing me on my lips.. We were tasting each other’s saliva and tasting her tongue like a Gulab jamun,.. we embraced tightly and hugged and were tasting our mouth, tongue and lips ,.. our saliva mixed with each other and was dripping all over our mouth..she inserted her tongue deep into my mouth and was literally fucking my mouth with her tongue…after 15 mins of exchanging and drinking our saliva we parted and she asked me to lie down on my back facing the ceiling. she said that this is 69 position and told me” See rajesh, I come going to suck ur penis and u will be sucking my pussy and licking it.. see don’t hesitate, it will be very tasty ,,. keep doing it ok” . and she was sitting on my face upside down that each of us very having sexual organ on our mouths.She slowly lowered her hairy pussy on to my mouth and lied on my face.. Her pussy was straight on my face and mouth,, i started inserting my tongue inside that and started licking it with full interest.. it was already wet and she started moving to and fro like fucking my tongue with her pussy .. I too was so interested in sucking and licking her pussy walls and the clit. She was so fair and so her pussy walls were so red and her clit was like a small penis ,.. I was totally lost and was sucking and licking her pussy like a horny dog… was totally interested in sucking and licking it deep inside,.. Suddenly I felt something wet and cool on my penis,. it was her mouth which was sucking my penis and she was hungrily sucking my cock with full interest.

I was in peak of sexual feelings and I also didn’t leave her ,, we were literally fucking each other orallyy…This went on for 20 mins and I could feel some kind of white liquid ossing from her pussy I asked her wat was that,, she told me ” drink it ,drink it . come on come on,, and fully spurted on my face , I too was so interested in that taste and drank that fully.. it was so sour and salty with a urine smell.. then she started sucking my penis very hard, and I was unable to control myself that I spruted my liquid on her mouth ,, she didn’t waste any of that ,rather drank all of it .. we both got and were smiling at each other.. We were really tired of sucking each other,. then she told me that uncle is not in home , so come tonight for dinner and once the children are slept we can start enjoying and have our sexy night.. She said that I will put the children to sleep by giving them a sleeping pills that we are not disturbed by any chance.We dressed ,washed our faces and it was almost 6.30 and children are to come at that time , so she asked me to go for now and be there for the night,,, She kissed on my cheeks and lips and said ” I love u dear, lets enjoy tonight.. we have a lot of time “.. I left her home and was waiting for the night to come..I will share with u in my next episode as what happened on that night. .

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