Sex with my friends wife

Hello I am a gold guy from Hyderabad just 26 years old, working for films. Please ready my real experience which I am posting. If any mistakes in typing excuse me. If any females or couples of any age are interested to have an affair with me please feel free to mail me at [email protected] with u r total details. 1000% secrecy maintained. I am decent and honest. My name is gold guy I am 26 handsome, 5-9/70 kg handsome, wheatish. Let me narrate an interesting incident in my life. I am extremely fun loving people who believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Hi Friends this is my 6TH post, I’m 26 yr old, 5’9″ tall from Hyderabad. I want to share this experiences with one of my friends wife, who was elder to me by 2 years. Somehow we got attracted, came together & started having sex without my friend knowing it(he is 6 years older to me) I really did not want to cheat my friend but jawani me kadam behak gaye. We use to stay in same building. Our flats were opposite to each other. This incidence started on an early summer morning 6.00am. I woke up early that day & started my study (i’ve a habit of studying in the morning). After one hour of study I heard door opening sound from my friend’s flat. Apparently my friend is going out for some work in morning. I took this opportunity & sneaked in his flat, door was open, I knew door was open, (she use to keep it open to avoid latch sound). I saw inside, she was lying on the couch. I carefully closed the door with minimum latch noise (couldn’t avoid that) & started kissing her on lips(I could smell/taste that she just brushed her teeth). & exploring her body which was well known to my hands. Let me tell you she is very attractive lady with a dusky complexion & amazing picture perfect smile. She started to squeeze my butts, she always liked that, she told me, i’ve to hurry up, this is not good time, her husband can be back any time, but I was rock hard by then.

I started biting her nipples over the cloths & my one hand was over her pussy. She made herself comfortable & sat on the couch, I was sitting beside her with my thighs touching hers & she is in my right arm, trying to kiss her again. Man its difficult I’m right handed. She started squeezing my hard cock slowly, by this time I was working on her neck, kissing on neck always brought out animal in her & I always loved it. She untied knots of my pajamas(I always wear pajamas at home)She must have felt my cock hot, as I felt her cold touch down there. I started lifting her night gown for entering into the gates of heaven, but she said her husband can be back anytime so we’ll do it in the afternoon(I come back from work at 3.00pm & I don’t like to force a woman for sex). Now she started stroking my cock. I’ve masturbated too many times earlier, but feel of her hand was so different. I sat back relaxed on the couch with one arm over her shoulder, her head was on my chest, her left arm was around my waist & with right hand she was working on my thick man. I asked her if she can kiss me there, she stopped suddenly & gave me a stare with naughty smile, she leaned down & started kissing & licking with her tongue, when she licked my balls it sent a sweet shiver down my spine. She took dick head in her mouth, I could feel her warm mouth that felt so good, oh!! What is this making me feel in heaven, she started biting slowly on my cock. Slowly she slid in her throat, up & down, she took entire cock in mouth, with her finger at the bottom of shaft removed temporarily, she was working this very good.

Slowly stroking too, I was about to cum. She told me I can cum on her body (she did not liked in mouth – I was ok with that). I’ve removed top portion of her nighty earlier while kissing & could see her boobs(she had smallish, but firm boobs)I stood up& turned towards her, she again took my cock in her mouth & started stroking it hard, I told her that I’m cumming, she removed it from her mouth & stroked it hard, without stopping & I shot my cum over her neck & boobs. First 2 were jet shots, even though she pointed my dick towards her boobs, my cum reached to her neck. She was still stroking non stop. I loved it, I emptied last drop of my sperm tank & asked her to stop. I was totally satisfied with this experience of blowing. Soon we cleaned & had a little chat & I went to my flat back before my friend came. I was very happy & fresh that day. It was an awesome experience. After that she blew me many time, we fucked a lot but i’ll write that some other time. Readers please send me u r feed back to my mail id [email protected] Females or couples of any age interested to have an affair with me please feel free to mail me at [email protected] Waiting for genuine females and couples reply.

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