Sex with kerala aunty

Hai to al ISS readers.I am sai from chennai working has software engg in chennai with 8″ lollypop(penis).Any woman or aunties or girls want to have sexy chat with me or even want to fuck me can contact me at [email protected] Here is my sexperience for you. This was happened a year back when i am living in chennai with my family.We had two house within same compound and we rented one for day a couple from kerala came and asked for rent.that is my sex angle meenu with her husband.Her hubby is salesman.she is so sexy and her measurements are 36-28-32 with big bood and dancing buttocks.she is so attractive that on seeing her first time my cock harder and erect.I thanked god for housing such sexy woman in my house.

On the next day she started cleaning her house wearing low neck tops.I occassionally came out to watch her.Iget very much erected to see her dancing boobs when she get down and clean the floor.I go on watching boobs for nearly 10min and I dont bothered whether she is watching me or not.Also i often went to her house to have chat with her especailly when she is doing any work in her house so that i can have close look on her boobs.On seeing her boobs is very much interested to see her in naked and I am waiting for a chance finally a chance knocked my door. My parents went to my relatives marriage and her hubby went to business my parents ask menu to offer food for two days until they return.

On fine afternoon i started preparing for exam and i noticed she is going to have bath so i decided this was the right chance so i saw her bathing through ventilations i get amazed on see such beautiful woman in naked i saw these only in BF.after see her in naked i return to home and started masturbating imagining that i am fucking her.I didnt noticed her entering into my house to offer me food since iwas intrested in mastutbating.On seeing me in masturbating she asked me may i help you.I shocked to hear a woman voice and turned back to see who’s there I didnt beleive my eyes bcoz my sex angel meenu is standing behind me i dont know what to say standing naked infront of her she dont wait for my answer came near to me and started tasting my penis this was the first time a woman touching my penis and i feel flying in air she fucked me for nearly 10 min

She said that your penis are so tasty and again started tasting my penis meanwhile i removed her saree and slowly inserted my hand into her jacket and started massaging her boobs she didnt wear bra so i even touched her nipples she get moaned and stop fucking me.I slowly removed all her dress now we both in naked i started tasting her wet pussy and boobs.I feel that her boobs are so tasty than her pussy then i asked her knell down in the bed then i inserted my rod into her pussy hole started doing all funs.she moaned and said that she likes it and ask me for more and more deeper i did my best after Finished all funs with my penis and her pussy and boobs she said you did very well than her hubby.Now we often have sex mostly oral sex with her whenever we got chance.Dont forget to mail me at [email protected]

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