Sex With Jasmine

Hello friends, my name is rohit and iam a new reader of this website. I read many of the stories and iam motivated to share my own story with you all.

My story is all about my first sex encounter with my gf Jasmine, she has a very fair body of a perfect shape and fig 34-26-36 is is of 19 yrs. I am wheatish coloured , 5″9 and my build is athletes.

Now let me take you straight to the story of mine. Both our parents are working in iaf and currently we are in punjab, my mum stays at tamilnadu which is my native during the winters as she has some problem with cold. So this story is about mid winter. Since my dad and her dad worked together we had frequent visits to her home and used to have our meals at times at their home.

Jasmine used to visit me for discussing on studies and working on projects. I was greatly attracted to her. We used to chat late night and share our feelings. We where pretty close to each other and we both actually where interested in one another, we where friends since last 5 years. And one nice day I proposed her and it was a yes from her. Now our chats moved from normal to a bit of adult , I used to talk flirty to her about her body , her shape and all. She was a bit of shy type and wasn’t having much knowledge about sex and a male body. One by one during chats we discussed all. We had fantasized having sex with each other through chats but dint have the dare to discuss it live face to face. I used to send her my nude pics . she never sent me pics, and neither did I force her to.

Now it was late winters and extreme so my mum was back to tamilnadu. It was our exam time and she started visiting me . all of a sudden her father was sent of temp duty to Delhi. This has nothing to do with my story, im just sharing what all happened. My dad is a great basketball player so during eve he used to go out and play with his friends and at times used to be as late as 8 or 9 pm.

It was about 4 pm in eve, one day Jaz visited me. As she came in I noticed she was wearing a dam silky and translucent dress. I could see through her panties and bra. She came in quickly and we did our works and where sitting leisure, so I switched on my lappy and she started surfing on net while I went to prepare coffee. We sipped our coffee, suddenly my eyes fell on her curve, I could see deep through so I stealthily started filming all this and kept my cam in front of her without her knowledge. I eventually developed a bump cause my dick was getting up. Suddenly she saw me peeping and she spat some coffee out and it accidentally sprayed on my lowers. She tried to clean it with her hand and eventually her hands were on my dick and a sensation went through my spine. She realized it a took her hand off immediately. nothing more happened that day.

Many a days passed and same incidents like she visiting me when my dads isnt at home and me filming her without her knowledge.

One day she came again and I had a urgent call so I asked her to wait and I went off. She switched on pc lappy and started browsing and she saw my collection of my nude pics which I had clicked to send her. [ remember guys I did keep my camcorder on]. I came after about 15mins and I peeped in through the window, she was looking at my pics and was pressing her boobs.

As soon as she left I started watching her video, I jerked of seeing what all she did. But I did a great great mistake , you know guys I peeped in through the window and jasmine was doing the same too. [she told me this later.]

Her mother had to go out next day to other district so this day jaz came early morning to my home , we had break fast and dad left for duty. We studied for some time and I slept off. I had an erection during sleep and she noticed it , she came very near me and she held it and quickly left. I was awoke by this. Then she said rohit I want to kiss you. I was shocked but excited . we moved forward and kissed . this was our first kiss.

Her lower lip inside my lips and I was sucking her lips and shee to tried. Our saliva was getting mixed we enjoyed and I had a perfect erection now. She suddenly held my dick. “rohit tu mje hamesha chat pe pics bhejta he, aaj mje dekhna he kya such me tera dick itna sexy he ??”. I was shocked, she dint evn give me time to think , she was quick and pulled down my lowers. I asked to close the windows and doors. We bolted the windows and doors. She came near me and started moving her hands on my dick. I was getting great pleasure. As I sai d we used to fantasize sex during chats she did knew what all to do to please me. I slowly increased the speed to jerking and I was almost to cum , she stopped then. I gave me some time to relax, then suddenly she put my dick in her mouth all of a sudden.

I was dam excited at this. She started sucking , though it was her first time she was doing good enough to pressurize me. I then moved my hands over her boobs my hands were inside her top now pressing her boobs. She started sucking harder and harder and I was clinching to her tits with excitement. She even licked my balls , I was so dam excited. It went on for about 15 mins and I was about to cum. I said “bahr nikal nai to tere muh me a jaunga” . she replied “itne dino se mar rahi thi iss mauke ke liye , aaj tu mere muh me hi dal uus ko”. And it was time and I came in her mouth for the first time.

I then pulled her to bed. I slowly removed her top. She was wearing a black bra that day. I removed her and wow “yar tere boobs to doodh jaise safed hein yar … ummm yummy”. And I started sucking them hard , I did that for a lot of time. Slowly moved my face down to her belly , I hled her belly and sucked her all over, she was enjoying a lot. I slowly removed her lowers and her dotted panties wher visible to me. I kissed her over there. She was moaning now. I slowly pulled down her panties too. “ye to bahut khub surat hei jazz , tune ye mjse ab tak kyun chipaya”. I ran my hands over her cleaves. My hands were between her thighs and rubbing on her pussy.[vagina].i inserted on of my finger in and she gave a slight moan to which I responded by inserting another finger, she moaned louder and I started moving my fingers in out.

She started to feel the sensual pleasure. I was doing this as I knew first time is going to hurt her so I was just making her warm up. I kissed her vagina and kept inserting my finger. I then moved my face to her vagina and kissed her and started licking her over there . she was getting now dam wet and my saliva was mixing with her juices , she was moaning “ahhhhhh ummmu uuuuuummmm uuufff ff”. I inserted my tongue inside her . I was moving my tongue round and she was getting dam excited by this.

Then I turned her around and I split her legs apart and I looked at her butt , which was perfectly figured , I went near the hole and I started licking over there too. I licked round her hole and stopped not taking much time. I always dreamed of squirting at her ass. I positioned my self on her and kept my dick between her butts and started moving as people often do by keeping dick between tits. I did that between her butts. I stopped after some time as I dint wanna waste my cum.
She said “aur kitna intazar karwayega . ab bas bhi kar aur mere andar dal apne lun ko. Mei nai aur intazar kar sakti warna tera lun muh me leke tjse sperm fir se muh me hi nikal wa lunga.”.

I said ok and I turned her around . even this was my first time too soo I dint knw about banging a girl and all, I had only watched in porn movies. We decide that I will lie on bed and she will sit on ma dick . we quickly took our positions and I held my dick up and she placed her vagina on top, I asked her to guide it in as I didn’t want to hurt her. She slowly guided it in. it was very tight and I cud barely move my dick. “jaz tu apni gand upar niche kar dekhte he ho pata hei ki nai.”. she then moved her hips up and down and we could get my dick moving inside her. It was tight and we didi it slow , some blood was coming out . we slowly increased the pace. Now her pain was turning to pleasure and she increased her movement and I too started to bang her now . the entire room was now filled with our sounds of “splat splat splat ufff ugga aaahh asplat splat uffff aahhhhh hooooo uufff uuggggg”….

I banged her now, now I lay her on bed and lifted her both legs up and I put my dick inside her from below. She said “”ooohhhhhhhhh chod mje rohit , mje tere bache ki maa banna h”..

I started to bang her hard now . we continued this for almost 30 mins and I was about to burst , I said “jaz mera muth nikalne wala he , janu zzor laga de”. I gave everything in me and I banged rapidly and as I was about to cum I took out my dick and I sprayed my sperm all over jazs body, her tits were covered with my cum.

We both were tired and we slept for some time. I dressed her up and now these incidents are common to us. We whenever got opportunities had sex and still are in relation.

I love you jasmine.This was just a beginning to thieving in my sex life.

What did you think of this story??


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