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Hi to all Indian sex story readers. I’m back to share my hot experience with my neighborhood aunty you all know I’m playboy17 and if any feedback mail me at [email protected] always expects a reply for sure. Let me describe about my sexy red hot neighborhood aunty her name is Chandra she is fair, she is average built to 165 cms her boob size is unusually big not matching to her appearance her age is in near 30s she has 2 children. And she has curly hairs. You guys all know I my dick is proud 7″ our path to sex started in a different manner. I used to come home late to my house I don’t like to switch on my bedroom lights some times I stand near the window and watch the skies. One day I noticed my neighbor aunties window (it is straight to my window.) I noticed that she is coming in switching on the tube light and closed the doors room…I was standing in my room in darkness so she didn’t notice me. She also didn’t close the window soon she removed her dress 1 by 1 my heart began to beat fast I was hiding my face and recording her actions simultaneously.

Now she removed all her dress , I thought she might b changing her dresses, but to my surprise she took a carrot vegetable she lied on the bed and started to insert the carrot in her bushes I was shocked to see her in that position then soon she changed her nightie and went away I was their friend long before but I didn’t really thought of having sex affair with that lady until this incident soon I remember I was ill and tired so I sent off a leave letter for 1 week to my office. But after a day I was feeling better next day I took my mobile and went to her home as expected no other members were there. I started to discuss about the general topics soon she went to take bath and after 10 mins to my surprise she called me to her room I ran inside but she was wearing her petticoat she finds difficulty in hooking her old black bra so she told me to hook it suddenly I captured a pic of her back and hooked her bra. I was in a fix that how to approach this lady. Then I showed my mobile to her I played the video of her changing dress and shagging with a carrot she was shocked and embraced to see that video. Then I laughed at her and asked about her sex relationship with her husband she bluffed and started to deviate the topics. But I was not. I started to stare at her eyes and focused her boobs. She asked me y is I looking at her like this. Now she got courage and told me that her husband nowadays not satisfying her as she fears her husband has some secret affairs with the office ladies. I then pitied her husband and commented that she doesn’t know to enjoy such a beautiful wife. Her eyebrows raised on hearing this… Soon we both laughed at each other…the whole day went off by chatting but we have bound somewhat a strange relationship.

After 2 days in the mid afternoon I noticed that she was shagging I also noticed that this time she didn’t close the doors. Soon I ran to her house silently approached and then suddenly showed my face she was shocked and ashamed to see me. I wasted no time I closed the bedroom door and started to undress myself I gave her no time to think soon I planted a splendor kiss on her mouth she was surprised to c my huge 7 inch cock. I crouched and started to penetrate my mouth inside her vaginal bush soon I discovered her clits and started to roll my tongue she caught hold of the pillows and tore it due to the excitement I did that for nearly 10 mins she started to push my head away… Soon I took my penis and dipped it in her mouth. She took it greedily and started to suck it. It was somewhat like extra pleasure to me. I notice that my whole cock was inside her mouth. It took place for nearly 15 mins then. I told her that I will satisfy you.

I caught hold her and carried her to the bath room I turned on the hot shower I made her to lie and I started to suck her breasts I sucked her breast continuously I slowly bit her nipples she was crying due to excited pain. I sucked her breast for nearly half an hour she pleaded me to stop due to her pain in the both breasts. In the mean time we both were wet. And it was a winter season shower water was damn chill v both started to shiver a little. Soon I started to lick her armpits thighs ears chin eyes etc. Like a mad dog in fever. She became extremely hot and forgot the shiver. Then I told her that it is a party time now. She closed her eyes she didn’t wait long she pulled me to her body she caught my penis and inserted in her hole. My god I was in cloud nine her whole vagina was damn wet and hot due to external and internal cause. It was loose I was able to penetrate my full 7 inch into her with one stroke she shouted hash and started to shout fuck me hard fuck me hard. I then started to increase my speed she cried. Inspire of getting hot showers we started to sweet I also started to bite her armpit areas and plucked her armpit hair with my teeth she closed her eyes tight. I was giving her an extreme blowjob In between she told me that she was not adopted to this much time of fucking sessions then I started to fell that imp going to cum soon..

I took my penis and throbbed it in her mouth she sucked me rapidly v both started to hold each other tightly then I felt an explosion in my penis I unloaded lot of cum in her mouth she began to chuckle and cough. Then I went inside her hole and started to lick her sensitive hole and within seconds she felt an orgasm in order to satisfy her I drank every drop of her love juice. After taking this sex bath v cleaned each other and came to bedroom for another hungry fucking session I also took some aroma lotion and poured it in her white ass. And some more in my sweet penis. I started to insert it in her. Ass she cried in pain and raveled me that she doesn’t had this ass fuck experience I started my pace slowly and went deep inside mean time I cupped her boobs and started to press it hard she felt more pain but tolerated it. Soon I fucked her ass like a mad dog and I also notice that her boob got redden then I had my second orgasm. And she was now tired and v both fell in the bed to my surprise we both fell asleep by holding each other for nearly 3 hrs of tired hardcore sex we woke up only in the evening then I started to dress and mean time her children came from the school. Then we had sex in different style in their house. We had great time for nearly a week. Our affair continues even now. So did u guys liked my experience? If u does please send me a good feedback. I’m patiently waiting for your replies. And I am also ready to satisfy any women of any age if u like to contact me mail me at this address [email protected] Have a safe and great sex. Meet u soon Take care ISS fans.

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