Sex With Facebook Friend

By : Goodboy.Ranchi

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Hi friends this is Anil again from Orissa with a new story. Thanks for your feedback for my previous stories. Thanks to ISS to publish my story.  Let me introduce myself for the new readers. I am a boy of 28. My height is 5”1 weight 69 kgs with average health, white complexion. I work as a Sales Officer in a MNC. Let us come to the story.

Let’s come to the story. This story is about my facebook friend. She is Sapna from Kolkata. (Name changed) Age 38, with height 5’8 weight 70kg healthy but looks nice, round ass with big boobs 40. We are friends for last one n half years. We have started chatting. We were god friends. I do not have any bad intention about her. She is mother of 2. We were friends only in facebook. We have talked to each other for months.

Once I had some work at Kolkata for 3 days. So I just posted this on my wall that I am going to Kolkata for 3days. Then she responded to that post were I have my work. Finally, I decided that we will meet in her home. Next day morning I got a sms in my mobile that, hi this Sapna. If you are free then call me. I called immediately. We talk over the phone for the first time.

Finally I reached Kolkata. But I had meeting on that day. So in the evening 6 pm she called me. And gave her husband number n said he will pick me up to her home. I called him. He came to me. N we moved towards her home. They were belongs to a middle class family. She is a school teacher & his husband is a businessman. I was nicely greeted. We had tea snacks. Then, we had dinner at 9.30 pm and I had to come back to my hotel.

I had posted this meeting in facebook wall that it was a nice meeting. After that we had talked each other couple of times. After that I had been to Kolkata numbers of times but Time didn’t permit me to meet her. But this April I had to go West Bengal for around 15 days. So it was fixed to meet her. I met her on the 2nd day, it was evening. We had tea and snacks. Then there was a free time. No one else was there for few minutes in that room. We had discussed lots of thing.

You know when a male and female stays alone what comes to the mind. I said what happened. She said nothing. She thought for few moments and smiled. I asked what. She said nothing and said ‘I asked one question and got the answer, I said no. You can ask any thing. Then she said any Intimacy. I asked physical? She said yes. I answered Yes I had physical Intimacy with numbers. Then, she said I knew.

I asked did you have any relation other than your husband. She said no. I said Nice. Means you are satisfied. She said yes. Then some of her family members came there. Then, the normal discussion’s back. I had my dinner and back to my hotel. After that day I had to go some other town for some work. We were regularly in touch for these days. One day I said you have used lipstick on that day. She said that is the only thing what I use.

Then I was silent. She asked what happened. I said leave it nothing. She asked again. I said you will feel bad. She said you can say. I said Kash I could kiss you. She said it happens. Topic ended on that day. Only 1day left for my West Bengal visit. I had to come back to Kolkata. I need to reach Kolkata in the evening and next day to Orissa in the night train. She called me n asked me about my program. I told that I will reach Kolkata by 9 pm.

Go to the hotel. Next day, my work will finish around 2 – 3 pm. After we will meet and I will come back to railway station to catch the train. Then, she said she will confirm her program. Before 1 hr catching train to Kolkata She called me, said Anil you don’t mind you come to my place stay the night here and leave in the morning. Because it will be very difficult to catch the train after meeting her,

The distance from her place to railways station is little far. I said I don’t have any problem. If you don’t have any problems then I will come in the night. After that I thought some time and purchased a packet of condom. The train was running 30 minutes late. I reached her home at around 10.30pm. One thing both the husband and wife are addicted to facebook. So first I had my dinner. While her husband was busy in facebook. After that I have opened my laptop.

I stayed somewhat busy in my work. Then both of them had their dinner. Then her husband slept in his bed room. And Sapna came to the computer for facebook. She normally plays games in facebook late night. I was in the next room to the computer room. Till than her husband was fast asleep. She called me to that room. We were discussing lots of thing while using facebook also. I was thinking how to start. She was looking hot.

Thought she was 10 years older to me.  I started. You have not scolded me that day. She asked which day. I reminded about the kiss without saying kiss. I understand that she wanted to listen again that I wanted to kiss. I said that the wish of kiss of that day. She smiled. I can’t forget that smile. She said so you wanted to fulfill your wish. I said yes. She again smiled. I asked what happened. She said I can’t understand what to say, yes or no. I said say yes

Then I came closer to her and kiss in her lips. Oh what a moment. I can’t express the feelings. But bit uncomfortable in that position. Then she called me to my room in which I had to sleep. In the next room her husband was sleeping. Switch off the light came to the bed. Than kissed her again. I entered my tongue in her mouth. She responded positively. She than told me to suck her boobs. I lift up her nightie. Then I lift up her Bra.

Wow! What a pair of boobs. It was 40 in size which came to know later. I sucked one at the same time pressed the other one. So smooth Boobs. Then she asked me. Can she suck my dick. I was surprised to hear that. Then she took my dick in her mouth. Oh what a feeling. I was in heaven. She asked me do you bring any precautions. I said yes. I fingered in her vagina. She was cleanly shaved. So nice pussy!

She took condom. And put in my dick. I inserted in her vagina. It entered easily. She was wet before. Oh. I can’t express. She was moaning slowly. Her husband was in the next room my dick is getting harder. Just remember that moment. She was saying in too many things in Bengali. I was didn’t understand those. Khub bhalo lagche and many more. Then she was on top of me. Oh. In expressible.

Than we both felt orgasm. We slept for 15 minutes. She again started to suck my dick. We again started one session that night. Really we had a nice time that night. Next day morning I got up nearly 8.30am. I left her home after having breakfast. We are planning for next possible session. Hope you enjoyed my real story. For feedback please mail me at [email protected].

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