Sex With Elderly Female

Hi, this is my 3rd posting in ISS of which 2 earlier posting was in maid servant’s category. All my stories are real and I have been lucky in enjoying sex with different females in different categories and different age group.Today I would like to tell u about my interaction with elderly female of 68yrs old who met me on net from Mumbai. I was looking for good female for marriage and I was quite liberal in my search, any female of any caste from age group of 40 to 60 yrs. I was 38 yrs then and wanted some elderly female for marriage. I posted my profile with picture in one of marriage web site. I was contacting the females, sending those messages and equally receiving the response, both negative and positive. I received mail from female from Mumbai as I too stay in Mumbai, female age 68 yrs widow all kids settled abroad, staying alone in her apartment, who was interested in my profile, gave me her cell no to contact her if her profile seems to be ok for me. After reading profile I thought to give her chance, so called her on cell.

She had sexy voice never felt like I m talking to female of 68yrs. She recollected after me telling her that she had send me mail to contact her. She spoke to in good tone and well mannered way and invited me to her residence to meet. She was catholic female named Sandra staying posh area of Mumbai city, cuffe parade. I asked her many things about her hobbies and liking and dislike. I came to know that she liked whisky with soda and loves to eat non-veg and with her permission I fixed meeting with her at 7pm at her residence. I bought whisky of her choice and went to her residence. On my way to her residence I was thinking about this female and her talks. At sharp 7pm I reached her female and saw a fair looking female of ht. 5 ft with weight of 55kgs, good figure of 36 size boobs wearing a baby pink color top and white color skirt till knee and slipper opening a door for me. I introduced myself as raj and shook hand with me and gave me a kiss on my chick and I did the same. She invited me to sit on neat sofa set with small table in front. I gave her whisky bottle to which she thanks me for taking all trouble. She sat near me and started talking to me all about her past and asked me the same. Then she went to kitchen and bought glass and ice for drink. She had some good chicken cooked which she got from microwave oven for both of us. After cheers we had gulped a sip from individual glass. Then she offered me cig. And I lit that for her and had 2-3 puff of the cig. We both shared same cig.

And we went with our drink and chicken to. Slowly she started liking me and came quite close to me and kept her head on my shoulder and her legs where on sofa set stretched straight. Her back was lying on my chest and now the position was I was helping her with drink from my glass and even cig was in my hand and helping her for puff. My one hand was on her stomach which she was holding tight with her both hands. Same time I got aroused and I use to kiss her chick and neck off and even. She was getting hot too and use to tell me to kiss her lips and I did so. Wowwwwwwww what a response? We had deep kiss folding each other with hands. As we completed our drink, she took my hand and took me to her bed room where she had dim light and on the DVD player with light instrumental music. Mad me sleep on bed and came above me and started kissing me on my lips. I too reached under her skirt and was pressing her bumbs on underwear and in no time both of us were nude. She was above me and some time I was above her. She sucked my cock deep throat and caressed my balls too same time. I told to Come in 69 position so even I could smell and lick her pussy to which she agreed and licked her pussy deep inside and even her bumbs and ass hole aroused me a lot so started fingering her ass hole too. She too started the same by putting her finger in my ass hole while sucking my cock. When we where too hot and my cock red hot I made her sleep and pushed my cock in her pussy and started pumping her hard. Then made her stand in doggy style and fucked her pussy from back. Same time I pushed my thumb in ass hole to penetrate her more for sex. She requested me to fuck her ass hole too and I without any gel or cream pushed my cock slowly in ass hole. She screamed with pleasure and I pumped her in slow motion. Same time she was rubbing her pussy with her hand. I was about to cum and told her about that and she told me to cum in her mouth and I did the same. She cleaned my cock with her tongue and told me get fresh. Both of us went to her bathroom and had good shower and cleaned each other. I slept with her for some time and hen wished her good night and promise to come back. If u readers like this story and any elderly female like to have any connection with me of course confidential relationship can contact me on my email [email protected]

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