Sex With Bharathi Neighbor Aunty

Hi ISS readers and this is 22 old guy name XYZ for privacy from Bangalore doing final year B.E. In reputed college in Bangalore and I’m here to share my first real experience with my neighbour aunty. This real story happened 5 years back between me and my aunt sex goddess.

Firstly my neighbour aunty name Bharathi having sexy large boobs and ass. The main attraction is her boobs and she lives in our house for rent from 10 years having 2 children and I’m shy guy fear to talk to girls and I was not having bad intension about my aunt till the age of 18.

My aunty lived from past several years she used to treat me very kindly whenever our parents were out she used to take care of food and other things and I always used to stare at her cleavage when washing clothes.

One fine day my parents were out for 3 days and I was took care by sexy aunt. I finished my breakfast and was watching TV in her house and she cleaned the house and went to bathroom to take bath as she was to friend’s marriage. I heard the sound of my aunt calling my name so I went near the bathroom.

The bathroom was in such a way that it was not having any door but screen was used to close and she said that she forgot to take the dress and told me to give so I went to cupboard and opened I was frightened to see lots of bra and panty I took some of them and went near bathroom

And called she said to come inside and show the dress and I was happy to hear this and straight away went and I was in seventh heaven because aunty was full nude my dick started to rise while seeing naked boobs and she took some dress and sent me out

And told me iron her silk saree to wear for marriage so I started to iron but I was not doing that correctly then my aunt came by just wearing bra on top and towel tied to her waist and told this is not the way to iron saree and she came behind to teach as she came behind her boobs were crushing my back and boobs

I started to rise that scene was unforgettable to me on that day onwards I used to fantasize my bharathi and I always used to stare her cleavage some time she also used to notice that but not opposed when I was 18 she was around 30

She wanted to attend marriage of their relative as her husband was having lot of work so she asked my parents to take me and my parents accepted to send me and the marriage was in Madikeri and I was very happy that I was going alone with my sexy bharathi.

I masturbated 2times that day and I and my aunt left home and took bus ad we both sat together as started journey she slept but I didn’t and I was staring at her body parts and I also tried to touch breast but I failed because of passengers in evening we reached madikeri and we went to lodge to took room.

We started to get ready to attend reception aunty went to bathroom came out with only towel exposing thighs as I was staring her my dick started to rise she noticed that. She wore the dress and we went to reception and came back in late night.

We were very tiered and slept in morning we attended Muhurtham and came back to room and she started to remove saree in front of me and she was struggling to remove blouse and called me to unhook blouse. I started to unhook button of blouse and removed completely mind erected dick was touching her ass crack.

Me: aunty I love you?

Aunt: this is not right XYY what your age I’m elder to you is.

She told that it’s not possible due to many request she said ok but told not to touch them.


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