Sex with Anita

Anita was not my real sister, Anita was our neighbor. She is good in nature and easily makes the good relation with peoples. Anita was introduced to my family by one of the other neighbor. Anita doesn’t have any brother. Our family terms with her get better and better with time and she started considering my mother as her mother and me as a brother. We ha a good friendship and she started tying Rakhi to me. I am attracted toward her from very beginning ….well… now this is the time to tell about her. She is 5ft 2 inches in height, with good figure and very sexy and firm boobs and well shaped buttocks. She looks very sexy in sari, even covered completely her with ‘sari pallu’. She used to visit home almost daily and we use to talk. Good friendship developed between us. We talk, behave and touch each other like good friends do. She never feels wrong seating near me. We often seat very close to each other touching her body with my shoulder and talking on any topics. Well not to early to tell, she is also getting interest in me. One day she come to my house when my mother was working inside, we seat in living room close to each other and staring discussing on some topics. Now I feel myself very confident to touch her while talking. She is wearing the new long necklace, falling just above her very well shaped boobs. I take a chance and hold the necklace touching her boobs to see it and started talking, pulling her necklace and her near me. She was laughing, ‘kya kar rahe hoo’.

Another chance I got when I was alone at home and she visited the home. We sat in living room and started talking on some topics. Suddenly I lied down head over her leg, saying ‘ha ab aaram se sunonoo’. She was ok with that, as she don`t mind this type of things. While talking I pulled her head and tried to kiss her, but she denied, but did not scolded me. I get bold and seat just close to her, and kissed her forcefully. She also took the long kiss. I get bold and hold her breast tightly. Uhhh, kya kar rahe hoo, she shispered.’Karne doo na’, I said firmly and pushing her breast tightly, she was not completely agree with the things going on. But now I was not in position to stop myself, I put my hand just below her breast and try to remove her blouse. She was still not ready. I stopped doing everything and pretended to get angry, she came near me, try to explain me, but don`t want to hurt me. I listen her but still want to go with her excellent body. Finally she moved in my bedroom and sit on my bed, I am happy men in the world, I went in room sit near to her. Now nothing to worry, everything is settled down. I removed her sari, exposing her tight and big boobs in front my eyes, they looks extra ordinary beautiful in the blouse. My heart beats crossed the upper limit. I try to unpin her blouse but struggling, she helped me, saying ‘pahle kabhi kissi ka blouse ni khola kya’, laughing at me. I removed the front part of the blouse and the most beautiful thing in this world, her boobs looks very beautiful in the bra. I can`t hold my cock getting hard like a rock. I put my hand in her bra to hold her boobs and take it out. My god, I am holding the most beautiful thing in my hands. I can`t stop my self and put my mouth on her big boobs, trying to get that completely in my small mouth and started sucking it like a child. I removed her blouse completely and then bra. She lied on the bed, closing her eyes, want me to take the charge of her body. I don’t know what to do, I was get completely loaded as she was very sexy and more than my expectations. I want to take my fluid out. I hold my cock and started shack it with force to take out the fluid on her breast. Fluid spread all over her breast and I lost my energy. She clean her self in bathroom and left for home, promised me to continue with the game.After that day we are open and know that any secret meeting is meeting of enjoyment for us. I got another chance when my completely family was out for a

Day. I called her at my home for game again. She now directly goes to my bedroom without wasting any time. I took her in the bed, remove the unbuttons her blouse slowly , feeling the excitement in my cock of my every action. I can`t wait to see her excellent boobs any more, I just removed the blouse and put my hand in her bra and mouth on her nipple, started sucking her excellent, huge boobs like a hungry man. I removed her sari, blouse and bra completely, making her completely naked. She was looking goddess of sex. She hold by ‘Lund’ tightly and started rubbing it in my pants. Then she did not wait and removed my pant and then underwear completely. My cock was standing erect, pointing toward her, looks like its was demanding that I want to capture her pussy and no one can stop me. I made her completely naked from top to bottom and started licking her pussy (chut). ‘Chut chatne ka alag hi anand hai yaar’. She was making sound uhhhhh, uhh. I increase the frequency and she increased her voice. She got wet and I got the taste of her cum in my mouth. Then I move upward and put my hand on one of the boobs and mouth on another one, started licking, sucking her boobs like any thing.

Then we kissed each other, she always takes long kisses, I have to push her back when I get problem in breathing while kissing. She now started showing her experience, I lied down on bed and she started playing with my cock, licking, playing with balls, sucking. Every time I release the little cum and she sucks that in her mouth and ask me to release more. Then she kissed me from top to bottom every part of my body, I don`t want to let her stop and want to do it for whole life. She lied on me straight; her boobs were touching my chest, her lips were on my lip and my cock was resting in her pussy. ‘Kaisa lag raha hai’ , she asked, I said mat puchoo Anita, bus pyar karoo mujhe. She asked me again, ‘pahle kabhi nahi kiya kya kisi ke saath bhai’ , I said no (can`t say truth). ‘Aur kaam se kaam abhi toa bhai maat kahoo yaar’. She was kissing me every where, sucking my boobs and try to get same enjoyment that I got while sucking her boobs. She was sucking it hard, with her teeth and shacking her body up/down making my cock enjoying her pussy and she was enjoying my cock inside. ‘Baithega toa nahi na jaldi’, she asked me. ‘Pata nahi, nikal toa raha hai, koshish karta hu rokne ki par aapke jitna experience nahi hai’. She was elder than me. Means atleast 10 year experienced in sex. She told me, she never suck her husband ‘Lund’, she doesn`t like to do with him. He always demanded and she always refuses. We were doing sex meeting, talking and enjoying sex also. Suddenly she got wild, can`t hold any more and seat on my cock and started giving heavy jerks to my body. It was paining, but enjoyment was more. I also started throwing her up/down, I am about to release, I told her, she told no problem release, I will manage. I don’t know how, but don`t want to put my mind at that time and I release in her pussy. My body lost the energy. She still wants to continue, and continued giving jerks to my body. She took long time to release (experience u know) and laid down on my chest. She again demanded after 15 mins, but I want more rest, I put my fingers in her pussy and started fucking her with the figure, till she released the cum. (We both are from Indore)

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