Sex In Train While Traveling

Hello readers. I am Sam aged 25 and had been regular visitor of ISS, visiting this site and going through the blog is almost daily. I thought number of times to share my experience but somehow could not do it. May be was not very comfortable sharing my experiences. Today thought of sharing my experience with all the readers.

Incident happened to me in the month of may. I had to travel from Lucknow to Delhi by train. I had a confirmed reservation in AC IInd side lower birth near to gate. It was a full night journey. Train was totally full and there were no extra births. Passengers with waiting list could not get a birth. Everything was normal and nothing unusual was there. The train started for Delhi.

There were few passengers who were in wait list but could not get confirm reservation who were talking to TT for birth but he was helpless. There was a girl with approx age of 25-28 years was also talking to TT for the birth and seemed to be quiet afraid. She explained her problems to TT who after listening to her said he can allow her to be in compartment if any passenger allows her to sit.

The girl seemed to be quite uncomfortable. TT started checking the tickets and I also started preparing to sleep. To my surprise the girl I talked above came to me and requested if I can offer some space to her to sit. Seeing her problem I allowed her to sit on the side of the birth. She thanked me and arranged her luggage below the seat and adjusted herself in one of the corners of he birth towards my legs.

To explain, the girl was average but was attractive. She had good features and was wearing a Salwar Suit. Since she was sitting in the corner I asked her to move back so that I can pull the curtain of the seat. With a hesitation she shifted back and pulled the curtain. I went to sleep. I fell asleep but after around an hour I felt my toe touching something soft and I was awake.

Now I realized that my feet were touching the legs of the girl. I got up and went o toilet. When I returned I saw the girl was sleeping. One thing I noticed was that her duppata had fallen and she was wearing a deep cut Kurta from which I could get a glimpse of her breast. Also she was wearing a tight kurti from which the linings of her bra was visible.

Seeing this I got aroused and tried to sleep but I could not now. My mind had started working. I have seen her sleeping in a head down position on her knees. I knew I can easily spread my legs in a way that it can easily get below her legs. I decided to try it out. I spread my legs to touch her legs and could now feel the warmth of her body.

I slowly stretched further and now m legs were below her legs and was touching her thighs. I waited if there is any movement. Once sure she is still sleeping I started rubbing her thighs slowly with my toe. I started moving my toe towards her pussy. I was getting aroused and my penis was all erect. Now my toed was touching between her thighs where I knew I wanted to reach.

Suddenly I felt a shocked movement from her. This made me afraid but I did not moved pretending to be in sleep. I could feel her getting adjusted in a way that my legs were out but was touching her back. Now I knew she was awake and I decided to again make a move. I started rubbing her back slowly with my toe and too much surprise there was not resistance.

I moved my legs further to touch her boobs from side. I could feel the shivering in her body and was now sure that she is also enjoying. Now I started my moves with confidence and my toe started rubbing her stomach from where I moved upward toward her boob. Now my toe was rubbing her boobs and she had started breathing heavily.

I reached her nipples and rubbed them slowly and could feel her heat. Her boobs were wonderful to touch. I moved my legs down towards her pussy. She resisted letting me reach there but I pressed my toe and rubbed her slowly. After few minutes she could not resist and allowed my toe reach her pussy. I could feel the wetness on her salwar.

I started rubbing her pussy with my toe. She was now breathing heavily. Her juices were now flowing heavily and I my feet was now wet. Now I slowly move my legs back and got up to go to toilet. When I returned I saw her face was blushing and she was awake. I asked her if she wan she can spread herself and make herself comfortable.

She did not said anything and with her opposite to mine spread herself towards the window. Now we were sleeping in a way that her les were towards my head and vice versa. This was a clear signal that she also ready now. I turned towards her and placed my hand on her thighs and started rubbing it. Slowly I moved my hands upwards and inserted my hands inside her kurti.

Moving further I reached her bra and started squeezing her boobs slowly. She also started moaning. I moved my hand inside her bra and started pressing the nipples. Now I felt her hands on my penis. She had slowly started rubbing her. She helped me by opening the hooks of her bra. Now they were free for me to play. I rubbed and squeezed both her boobs.

The were well shaped. Her movements on penis was increasing. I untied the buttons of my jeans. She inserted her hand inside my pant and further inside my underwear. Now my penis was in her hand. she was moving it up and down. I moved my hand down from her bra to untie her salwar and inserted my hand inside it. My hands was on her panty which was all wet.

I started rubbing her pussy over the panty. She had slowly started moaning. I moved her salwar downwards and opened it. Now all naked thighs were pressing hard against my body. She place one of her legs above me and I started sucking her toes. My hand went inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. It was a great joy.

She pulled my jeans and underwear down and giving heavy strokes to my penis. Now I sat and spread her legs to lick her pussy. I placed my mouth straight inside her pussy and started sucking her. I could feel the heat being generated in her. I removed her kurti and bra. She was not in my hands full naked. I removed my t-shirt and was full naked.

I went over her and gave her a warm kiss sucked her nipples and bra. My penis was touching her pussy. She made me sit down and placed my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. She was sucking hard which made me moan slowly. It was difficult to resist I came over her and inserted my penis inside her pussy and started fucking her.

She forced me to fuck harder and bit her lips. The juiced was flowing from her pussy badly which proved that she has reached orgasm. I was also about to come. I took out my penis from her and all my cum came on her stomach. We slept naked in each other arms kissing each other passionately then went to sleep. In the morning we gave a good smile to each other. Train has reached her destination but gave me an unforgettable moment of my life. I regret taking her number you can send u r feed back to below email: [email protected]

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