Sex In Office Party In Kolkata

Hi Everyone, I am Rohan & a regular reader of Indian Sex Stories for a long time. I thought even I can share my true story which happened after my STD. I am a 28 year old good looking guy of 5’7″ living in Kolkata working for an s/w company. I am still single. So getting in to the story, this happened while I was waiting for my results of my 12th Exam. To while away time, I joined as a part-time work in a Data Entry concern near my home and this type of job had people of 18-25 age group working there, my first 3 months went on quite smoothly since not many females were attractive there. Meanwhile I got my college seat confirmed & had informed my company that I would be working there for only one more month since I had to join my Eng college. So I thought let me get some what adventurous since anyway I am going to leave this company. Now I would like to introduce the heroine of my story. Her name is Kapitsa, she is average looking girl nice body, but she was unattractive since she was of dark shade. Her elder sister works in the same company and is a good friend of mine. For few personal reasons I opted for a different shift in which Kavitha used to work. I used to work next to her computer and we started to chat as officially. I never had any sexual intensions to her till then. Then suddenly the storm struck one day, we had a competitive conversation for which I placed a bet, that whoever loses has to give the winner what he seeks. At the end of the conversation, I came out as winner and I reserved the winning bet for later. After two days, she herself reminded me about the winning bet. I told her I am ready to ask but not sure whether she would accept. She told me I can ask anything.

I pulled up my courage and opened a note pad in her computer and typed K155 (Kiss). She gave me a stare, in a funny way asked whether I need chocolate or ice cream which I didn’t understand. Later she explained that Chocolate means kiss on cheeks & Ice Cream means Lip-to-Lip kiss. I then told her I want both, for which she smiled & went away for a tea break. After few days I just kept pestering her for the winning bet in a funny way. Then suddenly she told ok I wait in the pantry & asked me to come. It was tea break time in the evening. Everyone went for tea including her & I alone stayed with my computer, after 15 mins, everybody returned to their seats except her. Only then I realized that she wasn’t playing & wanted me to play with her. So I developed my courage & went to the pantry. Let me explain the pantry place, so that you would understand it better, our pantry is a big area which consists of two bathrooms, So I thought if somebody comes in one person can hide in bathroom so that they would not get doubt. I entered the party & closed the door and there she was standing in a corner of the pantry. I just went near her and I asked her whether she was sure about this & she appeared very cool.I took her face in both my hands, just went close to her & whispered this is her last chance if she wanted to opt out. she still remained calm & I got the signal, I told her this is my first experience & hence forgive me if I do it wrong, after saying this I then placed my lips on top of her lips.We remained in that position for about 5 seconds. Our original bet was for one kiss, so she told ok then its over.

I just pleaded please this is my first time, so let me have 3 chances for which she readily accepted. Then I had my full courage & placed a better kiss started swallowing her lips, first her upper lips, then her lower lips, now she started responding back opening her mouth & hence letting me inside her mouth, there I played with her tongue, lips & exchange saliva. Slowly I started hugging her & she started pushing me back saying this was not part of the agreement, But I didn’t even stop for that, I was in my full throttle, by this time 2 kisses were over, Then I told Her that its my last kiss, so I made sure this goes on for longer time, Hence I placed my lips on hers & started playing with her body, then slowly I rubber her back started sliding my hands to her breast, wow only at that time she had such a big breast which I never noticed. This 3rd kiss went for more than 5 mins, then I myself pulled back saying I am done, you can leave if you want, She had a wonderful experience during this time & I knew she wanted this more & hence I played this trick, then later she herself pulled me to her & started kissing. Then I asked her whether I could touch her breasts from inside for which she readily accepted. I slide my hand through her salwar and there were two beautiful melons which couldn’t fit in my hand due to the big size. By this time it was more than 10 mins I came to pantry, I wanted to play safe & hence told that her that we shall leave, while saying this I placed an more confident & sounding & wild kiss on her lips, just biting her lips & enjoyed it. I knew this was the beginning of many to come, We returned to our seats, few days passed by. Now we knew our exact schedule. As planned everybody went for tea break but we 2 alone stayed back, Once everybody returned, we went on breaks, This day she was more prepared, dressed better, more attractive, I went inside, closed the door, without wasting any time, and directly went in to action. I placed few kisses on her lips, and then asked her to lift her salwar, and then I got hold of her sexy breasts in red bra tightly packed. I just freed those melons from the tight prisons of bra. Those melons bounced back to position wow what a sight.

Guys pls note even behind the unattractive girls there lies a beautiful body better than the attractive ones. Lesson learnt here. I went down on my knees, swallowed her left breast & took her right in my hand? Mean time I opened up her pant, it dropped, she was wearing a matching red panty without wasting any time, and I placed a kiss over her panty just pulled it down with my teeth. Wow, Rain forest with the smell of pussy along with sweat. It was sweet. I just made her legs apart, with my fingers pushed the hair to its sideways & placed a kiss on her pussy lips, she moaned in pleasure; I then inserted my tongue & started licking it, after few mins & she had her first orgasm. Now her pussy is fully lubricated for my cock. To introduce the hero, I have an average sized cock of probably 18 cams in full action. I then placed my red head cock in the doors of her pussy, looked at her, she glanced to go ahead, first time my cock is meeting up a pussy @ the age of 18 & I am 25 now and slowlyI throttled in to her pussy, she started moaning in pain, pls note all these are happening in a standing position, Hence it was difficult for me in include strength as her was a virgin pussy being very tight. After 4-5 strokes, I made enough space for showcasing my strength. We settled standing in a comfortable position, she was leaning backwards, I started pumping in to her, she started moaning loudly, but I didn’t mind. This pumping went for about 15 mins I felt I was about to cum, hence I rushed my cock out of the pussy & she kneeled down & entered her mouth with my cock, Had few strokes in her mouth & there I came, fully loading her mouth, first time coming in a girl’s mouth she was satisfied & relieved. She licked every drop of my orgasm leaving no need to clean my cock, the whole space started to smell of our orgasms. Her pussy was still leaking, its more than 25 mins since we came for break, and hence we dressed back in a rush & maintained same silence & went back to our seats Theses encounters continued for rest of the month and after I joined my Eng clg and I lost contact of her. Even after 8 yrs of this incident, I still remember every visual of our experience being the first and one of the best in the adolescent age.

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