Sex in Mysore

Hello My name is hemanth and I am studying in mahajanas mysore at a very prestigious coll in mysore. I am in my Second Year. I would like to share my first story with everyone.

I have a class mate. Her name is nayana. She is as a model awesome figure, very fair, long silky hair. Simply a sex bomb. I always fantasized about her. One day she smiled. Me and we both become a good partners. We started chatting and slowly we became friends. We were having a difficult time with one particular topic. She said that I come over to her place.. I reached there at given time. I knocked on the door. She opened the door. She had this huge smile on her face. She was wearing a tight jeans and low cut top. My god she looked absolutely gorgeous.. She went in the kitchen to get some water.

I switched on the TV. To my shock, there was an X-rated movie going on. Seeing the scene, I got an erection. I did not realise that she was watching me. I blushed a little when I saw her staring at me. She sat down next to me and kept staring at me. I could make out the lust in her eyes.

And suddenly she kissed me. This encouraged me a lot. I kissed her. Ooh!! Her warm, soft lips. They felt heavenly. Then our tounges met. They were dancing. Ooh!! The feeling is out of this world.

Then she said : ” Join me in the Bed Room.” I followed her. There we started kissing again. I slowly removed her top. She was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were beautiful. I started sucking her right breast, squeezing the left one. I sucked like I was thirsty for years.

She was moaning OOO!! Ahum!! Continue. Then I put my hand in her skirt. She was not wearing any underwear either. I started moving my fingers around there. She just lost control then. She was breathing heavily, she was sweating and the smell of that sex perspiration was driving me mad. She slowly got up and removed my pants and underwear.

She looked at my tool and said ” My, My!! You certainly are a big boy.”

Then she took my 7 inch cock in her mouth. She started sucking it. Oh! Now guys blow job is an amazing thing. It feels heavenly. I was screaming with pleasure. I told her that I was about to cum but the chick kept going. I unloaded my gun in her mouth and she swallowed it. Told me that I taste great. I could make out in her eyes that she can not wait now. I removed her skirt. I laid her on the bed, spread her legs, and thurst my tool in her. She screamed:”Oh! You’ll rip me apart.” Then I started pumping her.

She moaned and moaned. ” Ah, Yes, Harder. Come on. Give it to me.”

I just started pumping harder and harder and harder. I felt her thick juice flowing on my tool. I did not stop. I kept pumping. I was about to Cum and I told her that. She said I could cum inside her as she is in her safe period. I came in her. OH! That was great. I kissed her again. By this time we both were exhausted. We fell a sleep. We woke up after few hours. I kissed her again. I asked her ” There wasn’t any PG, was there?” She said “No”. I told her that she is quite up front for a girl.

This is my attempt in publishing .Anyone wishing to contact me can contact me at love_h[email protected]

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