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Hi readers, this is Atul once again. This time, I have a complete new incident, which I would like to narrate to all my reading fans. Once I was flying to Kerala for some official work given to me by my boss. My flight was early in the morning at 6:40 am. I reached Cochin airport around 7:30 am and then headed towards Hotel Abad, where my booking was made. I checked in to the hotel and went to my room. I refreshed there by taking bath and went to cafe to have coffee. As I already had my breakfast in the flight, I was not hungry.

Once my coffee was over, I called up our local agent in Cochin that I am already in the hotel. He told me that he will be there around 10:30 am and then will take me to his office, which was not that far and in the area named Karuvelipadi. I then went went to my room. It was 8:30 am only and there were 2 hrs more in my hand before my work starts. So I can have a little nap. I woke up suddenly and saw the watch. It was 10:10 am, which means I had a good sleep of around 1 hr 40 min. I then went to wash room and freshen myself and was waiting for our agent.

He came sharp at 10:30 am and knocked the door of my room. I opened the door and greeted him inside. I asked him about his breakfast and he told that he already had it at his home before starting. So then we proceeded towards his office. He brought his car and within 15-20 minutes, we were in his office. He told me that I need to go to the interior part of Kerala called Alleppy.

Since our agent had some appointment that day, he told me that I will be accompanied by one of his senior employee and he will guide me to various places where I have to visit. Our agent (his name was Krishnan) has made arrangements for a car with driver and around 11:30 am, myself and his person Babu left from the office to go to Alleppy.

We reached Alleppy around 1:00 pm. Since it was a lunch time, we then went to hotel to have our food. We had our food and then started working. It was a real hectic day. Since we have to visit at least 10 places, it was not possible to complete the work in 1 day. Mr. Krishnan had already made our staying arrangements for that night.

After we finished visiting 4 places, we were too tired. Since morning, I was travelling only. First from Mumbai to Cochin and thereafter all the interiors of Kerala. I was feeling too tired. Babu realised that I am too tired and after 4th visit, which we finished around 4:00 pm, he told me that we can do the balance visits tomorrow, starting early. I thanked him for that and then we headed towards the place, where our staying arrangements were made.

It was an small bungalow of a Christian person named George. He was not staying there and was a good friend of Mr. Krishnan. There was a lady care taker who used to stay in the out house and would do all the cooking and care taking of the bungalow. Since it was right at the Kerala back waters, in season, the bungalow used to be completely occupied by visitors. Since we visited during off season, myself and Babu were the only people in that bungalow.

It was a bungalow with 3 bedrooms, 2 of them with attached toilets, one big hall and a kitchen. Plus there was a huge open terrace at first floor. We went inside and Shaily, the care taker was waiting for us. She had a talk with Babu and then she opened the door of the bungalow and we went inside. I liked the bungalow and I then took the corner bedroom with western toilets attached. Babu took the another bedroom with Indian toilets. We kept our bags inside our respective rooms and came out in the hall.

Shaily in the meantime had prepared nice coffee for us. I love the Kerala filtered coffee. The aroma of it was spread in the air. Myself and Babu had our coffee and then Babu called Shaily and talked to her something in her native language Malyalam. I didn’t understand anything from it. He has given some money to her. Shaily nodded in Yes and went away from there.

Babu told me that he had told her to bring tiger prawns from the market for night as it is a speciality here. Babu briefed me that Kerala coast is the richest one in the world known for its tiger prawns and huge amount of quantity is exported from there throughout globe. I was happy and thanked Babu for ordering tiger prawns.

We then parted to our rooms and had bath and got freshened up. Once I was ready, again I came to the hall and Babu was already there. He also freshened himself up. He told me that if I wish, we will have a round nearby. I told OK since I was quite fresh by now because of the hot shower. He then spoke to Shaily and we went away for a walk.

While walking, Babu was making me aware of the various specialities of Kerala and how the local people are marketing their products in global market etc. I was also asking him some questions in between to update my knowledge. We walked around 30 minutes and then started returning back. It was 6:00 pm. While returning back, Babu asked me whether I am drinking and I told yes.

We then purchased a bottle of whisky while coming back and also some bites as well. We came home around 6:45 pm and Shaily was preparing the dinner. The aroma of tiger prawns cooking was spreaded in the air. Once we went in, Babu told Shaily to bring some soda from nearby shop and she brought it in 15 minutes. In the meantime, we changed our dresses. I had my bermuda and t-shirt and Babu had his typical lungi with shirt above. We then opened the bottle and Shaily came with soda. We filled up our glasses and started enjoying our drinks.

Whenever I go on tour, I don’t drink more. It may be because you really don’t know when the liquor will get over you and you will tell your office secrets to the people, who should not know it. Therefore, I was going very slowly. I told Babu to be comfortable and he can enjoy his drinks with his speed, since I am a slow drinker.

By the time, my 2 pegs are over, Babu was filling his 5th page. He was a bit high and started telling some shit things which I ignored. Actually, I was encouraging him to drink more so that he will lose his senses. Because the time we entered in bungalow, I had an eye on Shaily. Like a typical Kerala village girl, she was gifted by god a plenty. Her big boobs, rounded big ass and slim waist line. She was not tall, may be around 5’1″ – 5’2″, little blackish with brilliant white teeth and smiling face. She must be around 25-30 years.

By the time we finished our drinks, Babu was completely out. He lost his senses and slept like that only. I tried to wake him up but alcohol has taken the toll of him. I then kept him like that and finished my 3rd peg. I then called Shaily and requested her to help me out in taking Babu to his room. She came to my help and with great difficulty and pains, we managed to put Babu on his bed. While putting on his bed, Babu vomitted in great force and quantity on Shaily’s saree. It was completely spoiled. I told her to go to her house and change it. In the meantime, I will clean him up. She thanked me and went to the out house.

I tied a handkerchief on my nose and then cleaned Babu completely. I removed his shirt and lungi which was full of vomit and then got one towel from his bag and tied around his waist. While I was finishing this, Shaily came back changing her saree. In Kerala, the villege girls don’t ware blouse, so she was in her saree, which was insufficient to hide her treasure on her front. She managed to tell me in Malyalam and Hindi mix that Babu does it every time. Whenever he comes here, he drinks a lot and then do the sin. She also thanked me for helping her and cleaning Babu.

I asked Shaily whether she had her food and she said how can I had food before you eat. Because you are guest here and I am a care taker. I then told her to have a food with me. She was not ready as how to eat with guests. Since Shaily was studied upto 7th Standard in English medium, we started talking in English. I told her that I don’t believe in such useless things and we both are human beings and should behave like a human. There is no superior or inferior and she should come and have her food with me.

By the time, my whiskey effect was completely vanished due to the sin. Shaily brought all the food in the hall with 2 plates. I then poured one peg in my glass and started seeping it slowly and at the same time, we both started eating our food. While eating, I asked Shaily whether she drinks and she blushed and in low voice said yes, sometimes she drinks.

I then asked her to bring another glass and she went in and brought the glass. I filled up a small peg for her and the we both started seeping and eating simultaneously. Shaily finished her peg and I offered another one and she said it will be a last for her. We then completed our food. While eating, she told me that she is getting that respect for the first time from any guest. There are lot of tourists and visitors she came across but nobody had treated her the way I done. Forget about having food together, nobody had even talked to her so nice and polite.

I then asked her about her personal life and she told that she got married at the age of 16. Her husband was working for Mr. George and she was assisting her husband Unni. She told me that Unni was a nice man and she was very happy with him. Unfortunately, after 2 years of marriage, Unni died in an bus accident and since then, she is working full time with Mr. George. She told that her master is a very good man and treated her like her daughter. That’s why she is working with him for last 12 years. At present her age is 28 years.

Listening to this, I felt pity for her and I told her sorry for asking the personal question. She said not to worry and then we discussed some other topics. After food is over, Shaily took all the empty vessels and went to kitchen. Immediately, a big sound of falling vessels and then a scream of Shaily made me run towards the kitchen. She fallen down and all the vessels fallen on her. She had a very bad bruise to her left ankle and could not even stand.

I told her not to worry and put my hand to her back in support to make her stand. She stood up and tried to walk but her ankle was bruised very badly and she even could not walk. I told her that I have an ointment in my bag but she was unable to walk to my room as well. Ultimately, I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. I made her lay on her back and told her to rest there, in the meantime, I will put the fallen utensils in sink and come back and treat her.

She once again thanked me for that and I went to kitchen and kept all the utensils in the sink. Also there was some remains were spilled on the floor which I cleaned up and then went to my room. I opened the bag and took the ointment tube and pain killers. While on tour, I always carry my first-aid box with me. I then took some ointment on my fingers and applied it on her bruised ankle and started rubbing it slowly. She had her right leg folded in the knees was watching me massaging her bruised ankle.

While massaging, I found a blood stain on her saree near her left knee and asked her about that. She told that her knee is also paining. I with her permission, pulled the saree towards her knee and found that there was a small cut on her knee and some blood was coming out of it. I then cleaned her wound with Dettol and put the band aid on it. While putting the band aid, my left shoulder touched her pubic area. She jerked with the sudden touch and immediately I took my hand out and said sorry to her.

She told me that its all right and I have not done it intentionally. Actually, I really didn’t do it intentionally and it happened accidentally. I completed her dressing and then gave her 2 pain killing tablets and she with my help, got slanted and gulped the tablets with water. I told her that she should sleep here only and I will sleep in another empty room since she was not able to walk.

All of a sudden, Shaily started crying and her tears started rolling over her cheeks. I thought that due to the pains, she is crying and told her that she should try to sleep. Once the pain killers will start working, her pains will also be less. But still she continued to cry. I asked her whether she got any problem. She nodded in NO. Her crying was stopped but still tears were falling from her eyes. I told her that she should tell me the problem and if necessary, I can arrange a medical assistance for her. I was thinking that she is crying due to unbearable pains and in the mind, I was also bit scared, as
I was all alone with (fully drunked unconscious Babu) this lady and if anything goes wrong, the fingers would have been pointed out towards me.

Shaily called me and asked me to sit next to her. I went and sat on the bed next to her and again asked her what’s the problem. She took my right hand in her left hand and in a vibrating voice, told me that she cried due to the reason that for the first time, she got such a care and treatment from me and she will never forget me for that. With those words, a big burden from my mind was over. I was thinking in completely different way. She cried out due to uncontrollable emotions and I was thinking it on the medical grounds.

Her hand was still in my hand and I pumped her hand gently and she looked at me and gave me a smile. She told me that I should not sleep in the other room and can sleep besides her. I was shocked to hear that but was happy also as at first, I liked this lady and had a lust for her. But in this condition of her, it was not really a nice idea to seduce her for sex. So I put the main lights off except the night lamp and went across the other side of the bed and pulled a sheet over Shaily. Then I pulled another sheet over me and was trying to sleep.

I went in deep sleep immediately as I was too tired and it was a real hectic day for me. I don’t know, may be because of consumption of more alcohol than my regular quota, I felt thirsty and due to this, I opened my eyes to get a glass of water. When I awake completely, I found that Shaily had turned to my side and put her hand around my chest and her saree pallu was completely off, showing her perfect boobs to me. She was in deep sleep and totally unaware of the situation.

I then pulled her hand over my chest and went to kitchen, opened the fridge and had some water and came back. She was still in her sleep, but my sleep was vanished away. I came back to bed and lay on my back. I once again slowly pulled her right hand and put on my chest. My rookie was also woken up and it was a big tent in my bermuda.

I then turned towards Shaily and put my left hand on her boobs pretending that I am in a sleep. Once my hand touched her boobs, she woke up from her sleep and looked that her hand was on my chest and my hand was on her boobs. She immediately took out her hand out from my chest and was looking at me. But I pretended being in deep sleep and kept my hand as it is on her boobs. To my surprise, she hole my hand and pressed on her boobs lightly. Her breathing has become heavy and I could feel the up & down movement of her boobs was increased. Still I prentended to be in deep sleep.

Suddenly, she saw the tent in my bermuda and gave a smile to herself. Slowly her hand slipped to my tent and she hold my cock over the bermuda and slowly started caressing it. Now I was sure that my touch had made her hidden sex hunger alive, but still pretended to be in sleep. Slowly her caressing of my cock was becoming faster and then she put her hand inside my bermuda and got hold of my dick.

At that point, I opened my eyes and she saw I am awake and tried to take her hand away. But I hold her hand and went near her and put my lips on hers. She shivered and her body jerked with my lip touch. But then she came close to me and started responding to my kiss. I then hugged her tightly and she also hugged me. Her big melons were now crushing on my chest and she was moving them up & down on my chest. I then slowly removed her saree palloo and her treasure was open in front of me.

Slowly I got up and went over her. I hugged her tightly and she also put her both the hands around my neck and we started kissing each other. I then took hold of her boobs and started pressing them and licking it at the same time. She had a dark brown aerolae with light brown nipples. I suck them till my satisfaction. In the meantime, she started moaning.

I then pulled her saree out and she was stark naked. (She told me later that the villege girls don’t ware blouse and panties as well). Her pussy was oozing a lot of juices and she was uplifting her pelvic area to feel to touch of my cock. I also now removed my bermuda and t-shirt and both of us were stark naked. She told me that first time after her husband’s death, she is experiencing the pleasure of sex. It was more than 10 years from now she had her last sex with her husband Unni. At that time, she was mere 18 years old girl.

She requested me to fuck her without wasting any time and fuck her hard to satisfy her. Shaily told me to cum inside her and let her feel that pleasure once again after 10 years of man juices inside her womb. I started kissing her once again and now she was restless and pleading me to fuck her. Looking at her condition, I didn’t wasted any time and put the tip of my cock on her love hole, which was well lubricate with her juices and started shoving it inside. Her pussy was obviously very tight as it was not touched for last 10 years.

Slowly I continued to insert my cock inside her and she was in some sort of pains. But she told me not to stop and continue fucking her. In next 2 minutes my entire cock was inside her pussy and then I started stroking her lightly. She was again pleading me to fuck her hard and fast but then that was not my style. I was increasing my speed slowly and she seems to be enjoying it. Slowly but surely, I started ramming her pussy with more force and her moans started increasing.

suddenly, she arched her body and gave away a loud moan and ejaculated her juices. She had her first orgasm in 10 years. Now I was literally ramming her pussy deep and fast and her entire body was shaking due to my hard strokes. In between, whenever I felt that I am coming near to my ejaculation, I used to reduce the speed to prolong the first fuck for more time. Like that I fucked her for 20-25 minutes and then decided to ram her fast. She was now screaming in joy and estacy and responding to my hard strokes with equal ease.

After fucking her for around 25 minutes, I moaned a loud and started shooting my cum deep inside her pussy. She was feeling my cum deep inside her and was moaning in joy. It was showing on her face that she enjoyed the fuck and once I emptied the balls entirely, she kissed me and again we lip locked. After we broke our kiss, she told me that she is so satisfied for the first time in 10 years.

After the first session, I looked at the watch and it was 3:00 am. That means we had an ample time to enjoy sex. The snoring sound of Babu was coming from his room and it was assuring us that he is in deep sleep. I explored Shaily that night till 7:00 am in the morning for 2 more times. Every time she was responding very nicely.

After our last fuck at 7:00 am, she looked to be completely satisfied and I asked her about it and she told that yes indeed she is satisfied. Again she hugged me tight and both of us kissed passionately.

We then came out of our bed. Her ankle was much better than night and she can now walk. We then started our daily routine. Babu was still sleeping under the alcohol effect. I told her to attend her daily routines in my room only and she blushed and nodded in Yes. After that, we had bath together. Again while bathing, we had a fuck session in doggy style. We then made each other dry completely and Shaily and me came out of wash room together and again hugged each other. She wore her saree in front of me and I also put my bermuda and t-shirt.

She then went on to make breakfast and tea, but before that, she cleaned all the utensils in the sink for previous night. I also went in kitchen and helped her to put those at the right place. She then made omlettes and we had breakfast of bread, omlette and tea. She then went to Babu’s room and was slapping him to wake him up. With great difficulty, he woke up at last.

Shaily told him to be ready as saab is already had his bath and is ready to leave for his work. Listening to this, Babu woke up in a hurry and went to wash room to attend the daily routine. He came in hall after about 45 minutes. In the meantime, Shaily and me had a long kissing session in my room. Babu came to hall and was avoiding my eyes. I told him that its OK. It happens sometimes, but he should not drink that much of liquor. Because if somebody make complaint to Mr. Krishnan, he may have to lose his job as what sin he made yesterday night was totally intolerable.

He was feeling very guilty and said sorry to me and pleaded me not to tell it to Mr. Krishnan. I told him that this time, I am not going to tell it to him but if he repeats the same, then definitely I will make a complaint. He thanked me for not telling it to his master and promised me that he will not consume liquor hence onwards. I was knowing that he will not be able to live without it but then it was none of my business.

Before we left the bungalow, I gave Shaily Rs.1,000/- for a wonderful treatment and more than wonderful treat in the night. She blushed once again and told me that I should come there once again. I told her that I am on official job and really don’t know when I will be back here again. But whenever I will come, I will definitely spend a night with her.

I also told her that during my vacations, I will book the bungalow and will stay there for at least 8 days with her and then will enjoy those days to the fullest. That will be my next story, how I spent 8 days with Shaily.

Dear readers, I hope you will like this story as well and also awaiting your feedback on this story also. Your feedback gives me more energy to share my experiences to all of you.

So, please send me your feedback on [email protected] Any unsatisfied, horny ladies, girls, widows, elder ladies needs my help, just let me know. Needless to say that Complete secrecy and decency will be maintained.

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