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Hi Friends this is Pradeep from Chandigarh, well basically I am form Bangalore but due to my job I stay here. I am a happily married man of age 30. I moved to Chandigarh about a year back as Transfer by my company. My wife is based at Bangalore working with a MNC Company. Ok so let me start the story. This story is about me and a Lady called Parminder from Chandigarh. After moving to Chandigarh I took a place at Panchkula and started staying alone. Time passed by as the work load was very heavy but during all this time I used to miss my great sex life with my wife and this started creating frustration in me. I even started searching for some Female escorts/Prostitutes but as you know sex with these people could land you in great trouble in terms of STD/HIV/AIDS.

So I decided not to try any such stunts. So one day as usual I was surfing the net and found some Advertisements of some guys as Gigolos. I tried my luck and posted an Ad on one of these sites. But never got a reply, until one day I got a mail in my mail box from a Lady called Parminder stays in Chandigarh and her husband is working in Australia, she was about 33, ok looking from a very rich family. In the mail she mentioned about showing interest in my proposal. So we exchanged our numbers. We spoke for few days before deciding to meet at a coffee shop at Sector 35. As usual we both were doing this for the first time we were a bit hesitant to take things forward.

But one morning she called me and told me that we should meet for lunch at my place. She came over by 1 Pm and we had good lunch ordered from outside. Post lunch we decided to sit and chat for some time so I played some soft music on my Music System We decided to dance a Bit, I caught her hand and keep one hand on her waist n we started to dance, i was not a good dancer hence i was banging on her often and her boobs touching my chest which was very erotic n my cock starting to its erection in my pant.

Suddenly she come more near to me and hug me, it was a signal to me i just slide my hands from waist to her ass n started to dance while dancing she had kept her head on my chest n me my hand on her ass cheeks. Slowly i started to caressed her ass n hold them for a moment. She too kept her hand on my ass and was started to rub her against me.

The smell of her hairs was making me hot and wild, suddenly I put my hand in her track pants n I found that she was not wearing panty. She was bit shocked but didn’t removed my hand, I started caressing her buttocks which are very soft n sweaty, n then I put my hand more deeper n touch her ass hole she was shocked again n give me her lips to kiss, it was a best moment I was kissing her soft lips n crushing her soft ass n fingering her ass hole.

She became very hot n hold me very tight. I pull out my hand from her track pants and slowly pull my hand in her t shirt from back of the t shirt, n what I realized that she is not wearing bra too. I just caressed her back and pullover her t shirt, she didn’t resist n what a amazing scene was that she was on only track pant and with open boobs, her boobs were amazing, round firm and with pink brown nipples.

I gave her one bigger smooch and started to kiss her neck then slowly come down and kiss her shoulders, n then her hand. Then I gently kiss on her breast n start sucking her nipple, wow…. What an amazing feeling was that I sucked both the nipples for more than 15 minutes, I ISS love them chew them bite them too.

She was heavily moaning. Then suddenly she asked me to come in bedroom. We go to bed room where she slept on bed again I started to suck her boobs n then her flat stomach, n then I kiss her naval. While kissing her naval she was shocked n her abdominal muscles are thundering, slowly I kiss her lower abdominal n started to remove her track pant. She was moaning so much that once I have to.

Tell her to be slow else our voice could go out. Then I slowly removed her track pant. I can’t forget her pussy still, which was brownish pink n clean shaved, when I kiss her pussy she was shivered then I slowly rubbed the upper part of pussy n her sweet juice started to flow from her pussy, the smell of love juice was so good that I started to like that. I started to like it passionately n give her a deep throat liking in her pussy.

When i parted both pussy lips i seen a red pink pussy was dripping with white cum, i hold her both legs n started to like it vigorously, she was so much aroused that she got up n ask me to undress, i said what happy let me suck your pussy till last drop, she said please let me to suck your cock. When i heard this i was in heaven and i remove my clothes and gave my cock in her mouth, she was so aroused she just started sucking it very hard, it gives me pain so i told her to do slowly, then she started to like it.

Slowly but taken my 7 inch cock full in mouth n start sucking hard, she also sucked my penis balls, even i was lust for her pussy so i asked her for 69 position, n in that position we both started to suck each other, she again cummed in my mouth her love juice i was too about to cum so i pulled out my cock from her mouth but she hold it again n said she want to taste it.

And then it was my pleasure i gave my cock again in her mouth n in few minutes i cummed in her mouth fully n she drink that fully. We Had sex 2 times that Day as we both were thirsty for it and post that day we met almost 2ice a week and make up in bed. Till today we have tried many different styles and had success in many and failure in many. Anyone interested in Making up to bed with me or anyone who wants to have Group sex with me a Parminder please write in we can meet up at my Place at Panchkula/Chandigarh Mail me at [email protected] I know that every one of you want to explore the inner desire but are hesitant to do so, but trust me things can be fun and can be kept secret if we both want to. Take care Love Pradeep Singh [email protected]

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