Sex in bus

Hi guys n gals this is fabian from goa. This is my second story. My first was sex in office for whihc i got many responses. The story what i am presenting is which i experienced while going to mumbai . When i reached the goa bus station after it was almost dark and thinly crowded. By the time i reached there i had boozed and also i had decided to fuck someone soon after reaching the lodge that’s the reason i had purchased a condom pack 5’s pack.before boarding the bus there were 3 buses waiting to fill the passengers as the crowd was thinly populated. I checked out all the three buses in all the buses all middle aged and old persons were there, but to my luck i saw one couple in one among the three buses. Immediately i chose that bus i kept the bag on the seat back of the couple i.e. back seat as almost was empty and with an intention to talk that beauty, let me tell few details of that beauty she was 6ft very fair good pleasing film heroine personality she appeared to be orthodox, she was wearing blue saree and flowers over her hair. I said will you please take care of my bag i will come within 15 minutes, she replied with a smile but her husband did not care or object for me talking to her. After i came back the bus moved with hardly 8-9 passengers, the lady was staring at me and me too later on her staring turned in to sexy smiles. The bus moved for half an hour and the conductor switched off the lights, i ensured no one can see me thereafter i smelt her hairs which was giving a pleasant smell may be because of her shampoo she had applied then, i shifted my hand at the back of her seat and touched her cheek.

Eyes and ears she did not respond i thought she was asleep thereafter i touched her lips she bit my finger but never opened her eyes or mouth, this gave me little encouragement, by this time her husband was snoring loudly. Taking advantage of the situation, immediately in the gap of two seats i left my hand, the wife had used push back where as her husband was busy sleeping, i just felt the touch on her breast she was wearing a blue saree, behind the pallu my hand was, she did not respond nor resist this gave me some more encouragement even i was nervous i may be caught taking courage again i proceeded for 10-16 minutes then i dared to put my hand inside her blouse and squeezed her balls upon the bra for this too there was no resistance thereafter i lifted my hand and put inside the bra at this time someone hold my hand i was nervous and the hold was so heavy.i could not lift it back before realizing who it was she bit my hand started to kiss and lick my hand after ensuring it was her only i calmed down, she turned back and asked what do you want in a low voice i said you only for that she replied the owner of this is next to me ask him in a smiling face for that i did not respond she gave a broad smile and gave signal when i started my hand work over her breast she awakened her husband holding my hand again i was scared and nervous i tried to release my hand but she did not allow. Since it was dark she said to her husband who was half awakener i am feeling sleepy i will go to the last seat as it is empty for that the husband was so happy and in return he said if you go first i will be more comfortable and can have a good sleep, during this whole conversation my hand was playing with her nipples she stood up i release my hand she came next to me kissed on my forehead and lips and told to come back as i was scared she pulled me to the last seat.when i went along with her she slept over the seat and said come on sleep over her same i followed as it was last seat we were flying whenever the driver drove over the humps and pot holes, for some time i squeezed her balls and nipple she started to hold my rod and said to fuck her hearing this i said my policy is that i have to use condom and i will not be giving lip to lip kiss in order to have safe sex for that she said 3 years back she was married and started to curse her husband saying that he was impotent till today he has not slept nakedly nor fucked atleast once nor even he has hugged and given lip to lip while saying tears poured down. I consoled and said to relax i went near my bag i took the condom came near her removed my pant and under wear when i was about to put the condom she dragged me and said i have to see your dick as the lights were off i took my mobile in the light of my mobile she enjoyed seeing directly after me inserting the condom i lifted her saree and petticoat immediately due only lifted up to her abdomen and unhooked her blouse i told her to unhook the bra too and remove both for which she agreed nom she was half naked i started to put my dick in her pussy and it was too tight she was unable to bear the pain she requested to do slowly but she was virgin i told her to bear the pain she was unable to bear seeing her desire and pain i left her and as i was nakedly till my seat and took the coconut oil pouch went to the back seat i opened the pouch and applied little oil inside her pussy and inserted my dick this time half of my dick was inside her pussy within a minute the blood rushed out over my abdomen her saree and petticoat seeing this i increased my speed and strokes she started to moan loudly immediately i shut her mouth and after few strokes i turned back took the oil from the pouch massaged inside her ass and started dog fuck she enjoyed like any thing and said see my fate my first night is in bus and my husband is a spectator and she started to weep i consoled her. During fucking i was squeezing and massaging her balls (36 size) now she took my face over her balls and massaged she whispered in my ears to bite my both nipples so hardly the pain she gets shall last atleast for one month and she said whenever she gets the pain she has to remember me as per her wishes i bitted her both balls and nipples so hardly.

I myself felt bad and left her. I said there is a stop for coffee pack up immediatel6y and i myself dressed and went to my seat and pretended as though i was slept she too dressed and pretended to sleep at the back seat itself. When the conductor shouted stop for coffee. I and she both pretended as though we were sleeping went to coffee her husband did come nor he was awake he was in deep sleep. We both got down along with others she went near the ladies toilet to clean the blood stains immediately i followed her no one noticed as it was fully dark i took her near a tree where one platform type is built hugged her slept fucked her twice made her to drink my juice and again bit her naval and nipples since it was time i left her she went to clean, the bathroom had a night lamp without any brightness, immediately i entered the bus as no one shall suspect me the driver started the bus and he was about to move i told the driver one lady has to come i saw her going to bathroom, then the conductor counted the passengers and said one passenger has to come the driver blown the horn within 2 minutes she came and occupied her last seat again i waited for the lights to be off immediately i went to the last seat had three blows.

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