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By: Dj4uonly

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Dear Friends, This is the real incident happen between me and my mobile friend Kavita I’m from Haridwar. I read many stories some stories are real incident and some stories are fake stories but this is the real incident. Am DJ 28 male from Haridwar. I’m not looking like handsome and all and am looking like a normal height and weight person only and my cock also medium only. I am doing job.This incident happen few months back.

Actually Kavita is my mobile friend whom I get her friendship by dialing wrong number. I came to know that I’m dialing wrong number I immediately cut the call. Within few min am getting call by the same number and ask about who is this. I said that am wrongly called and ask sorry regarding this. Then she inquired about me and my details. After that am also ask about her details she said that her name is Kavita doing her M.C.A first year like that then

I’m getting very happy to get the unknown girl as my friend I have friend’s girls and boys. But the thing is all are consider me as good boy even more I can’t able to speak some personal and that type hot things also. So am also acted like am good boy, because I don’t like to spoil my image also. So I’m so happy about to get her friendship and starting to sending messages. Then after I slowly ask about her personal life she also asks about my personal. Then she asked any bad habits

You have like that then I said am not smoker and drinker I have only one bad habit. Then she asked what that is. I hesitate to say that and changed some other topic but she insisted me to say what that is. Then I said I masturbate some times while seeing BF’s or reading some hot stories. She said what’s wrong in that everyone in this age is like that she said. Then am ask her have you seen any that type movies or read that type of stories like that. She first said no then I forced her to say the truth.

Finally she said that ya I seen that movies with friends in her home in Laptop. And she said while studying her U.G second year itself she read that type of story books. Then I asked her how you get that type of books. She replied that she got that one of her close friend who recently gets marriage. From that onwards we both speak and chat hotly. I’m also said everything from my first masturbate that learned from my close friend at 12th standard to after that what and all the things happen in my life regarding sex.

She too told her personal things regarding sexual. That makes me so hot. While chatting itself I can’t able to control myself and masturbated 2 time this too I said her. She too appreciated and more over she too massaged her lower part. From that day onwards we both started talk like this way and masturbated our self. Then one day we planned to meet but we both are afraid where to meet like that. Finally we decided to meet in net center. Up to that time we don’t know each other and more over we were not met each other.

After that while coming bus I said the destination where we are going to meet. She too said what color of dress she wear and all from that I find her easily. Really am saying friend she is very beautiful girl. She is Wheaties in color good sized boobs. She too find me then said normal hello we went to net cafe which is closed one while walking behind her I noticed that she is having nice butt too. Really she looks very beautiful. I can’t believe that up to this time I spoke with this beautiful girl like that.

That much beauty after entered the net center I can’t able to speak with her. She itself started speaking. She sits very close with me. This is the first time the girl sitting this much close. I can’t able to control myself but be that time as a good boy. While talking herself she asked to open something in websites. At that time i just open Google and start to speak normal things.

While speaking I asked her that are you interested to see what and all watched before whom sitting this system. She said that of course. At that time I opened the recent history that full of porn movies and photos only. We both not at all speak and watch silently. At that time she said its boar so open something interesting like that. Then I asked her why you have any more interesting stuff like this ah like that am asked her. Then she said ya I have in mobile she start to open that and played in one hot movie between one young English couples by seeing that I too feel so hot.

At that time she is back and I am in front of her. By seeing she forwards herself. At that time her boobs start to brush my elbows. Am get very horny that time. So I can’t take my hand back and kept in same position. She itself starts to forward more by act like her interest in watch that movie like that. At that time am also start to touch her nipple through my elbows and start to circle exactly where the nipples is there that to my elbow only. She not resisted that even more she showing interest only.

After that I take my hand and put it her solder. We both watch silently then I can’t able to control myself so I start to touch her nipple with my right hand forefinger and start to circle with shivering. She too gets very hot at that time. Then slowly I pressed hard on her nipple with my forefinger. Then I start to circle with fore finger same time make her nipple hard. Then slowly I pull her nipple in and out like that and start to trickle her full nipple. She is just very low voice moaned. Then I pressed her boobs very slowly. This is the first time I ever touched real boobs.

It’s too sponge like I felt. It’s very nice. Then I slowly start to press her boobs and massaged her boobs. Then I circle her nipples in between my forefinger and thumb. Then she itself slowly forwards her head near to me. Then I first kiss in cheeks then I kiss on her lips. Then I slowly inserted my hand inside her suridar. It’s the first time I am touching the bare boobs with my hand. Its really I felt very sponge and I can’t able to control myself. My cock is stand like iron rode to tear my pant like that its stand.

She too noticed and smiled. Then I massaged both the boobs very nice manner particularly I nipple I make it very hard. Then I slowly suck her left boob nipple over dress and another boob I massaged by my hand. She too takes her hand near to my thighs and starts to massage. Then slowly I take my hand near to her thigh area. Very first she is not allowed me to take further. I requested her to touch that pussy at least once. Then she too agreed for that.

Then I slowly remove the knot of her pant slowly inserted my right hand inside her pussy. That was fully wet. In her pussy area is like thick forest like full of hairs are there. I slowly reach the triangle. She widened her legs, through that I can easily insert my finger further. There I found small button that’s called clit. While touching that she moaned lightly. At that time for stop that I give a lip kiss. In this time I’m one hand massaged her one boob like circle her nipple pull out

Her nipple and press of full boobs and one hand is inside her pant same time kissing. It makes me too hot for both of us she to start to press her left hand on my thighs near to my cock area.Then I slowly insert my middle finger inside her pussy hole. It’s full of very hot for me. It slowly inserted her hole at once my finger gets tightened within no time she cum out. My finger gets fully wet. Then I take my finger out and taste her cum. Thatch really very nice with salty taste.

Then I take my head near to her pussy area. First he hesitates to allow there but after seeing my interest she allowed me further. Then I insert my head inside her suridar and lowered her pant and taste her pussy through my lips. That’s fully wet by her liquid. I taste that all over her pussy. Then again I massaged her pussy area first outer lips then inner lips particularly I massaged her clit area. Because this is the first time I’m getting chance to touch those very sensitive plus my favorite area.

Same time I don’t know again I can get the chance or not. So I enjoyed like anything by massaging her pussy lips and clit. At that time she too enjoyed a lot. Then again I inserted my finger in her pussy hole. This time she too started massaged my cock over dress. I increased the fingering and she too massaged fast with press hard my cock. At that time I can’t able to control due to over pleasure and cum out within 2 minutes of press that too over dress.

She too comes out her liquid at the same time. I can’t able to explain the happiness how I felt that time. But that is the first time I feel the full of pleasure in sex. After that only my conscious come in to picture. After that we both dressed up and went out from net center. This is the real incident. If people like this incident please send me your comments mail to this mail id [email protected]

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