Sex experience with step mother

One of my close friend who is very open and free with me and shares every thing of his life forwards sex stories ,which r very interested and excites me .I end up in masturbation in the end. Inspired by these true sex stories, I am prompted to share my first sex experience with my step mother, who is younger sister of my mom and divorcee. She is 37 and 15 years younger to my father and 12 years elder to me. She looks young at thirty as she has maintained her sexy figure and she is childless so far. But very interested to bear a child from me. She likes to mix up with younger persons and flirts with them. She is very free and frank and maintains a close relation with me. Frankly speaking I am also attracted by her friendly behavior and sexy figure. One day I was traveling with her in the local fast train from Mumbai Central to Borivali during rush hours. We managed to get a place standing with the wall at the entrance. The compartment was fully stuffed and crowded at Dadar. An young and cool dude ,who was standing in front of my mom took full advantage of the situation and started pressing and brushing her boobs as and when there was pressure from the crowd or jerk of the train. He was encouraged further when there was no restriction and objection from my mom.

He turned his face towards her pretending himself as her boy friend and protecting her from the crowd. I was watching and enjoying their game closely. In his course of action he touched her private parts, which I could see and judge from the changing colors of my mom. She was very well enjoying his activities and attracted by his masculine body. Their face and body language was telling their sexual encounter with each other. Finally he got a courage and unzipped his cock which was fully erect and held her hand and placed on his cock. Her hand was holding his cock quite for some time and exchanging smiles. Finally he got down at Malad giving her sexy smile. When we reached home I noticed wet stains on her sari, when I pointed her out she took off her sari and looked as she does not know any thing. Then I took of saree from her hand and tried to smell. It was smelling like semen. She too smelt and confirmed, her face flushed hot and she rushed to bath room to remove semen stain. When she came out I noticed that she has removed her panties and bra. Her thigh joint and part of her pubic hairs were clearly visible from the wide gap of the slit of the petticoat for the string. The bulges of her boos were exhibiting her cleavages to maximum and she was looking very beautiful and sexy. I was badly aroused and seduced to see her in this condition. I asked her if she really enjoyed the company of the macho man in the train.

She said yes, I liked him and enjoyed the game very much. Then I asked her if she is fully satisfied, then she replied, nothing has happened beyond touching and feeling good. She was not ashamed of any thing and when I proposed her my company ,she hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. This prompted me and I took it as a invitation and inserted my hand from the opening of her petticoat and started exploring her pubic region for some time and then inserted my finger in her already wet and lubricated cunt. She moaned with pleasure and took initiative to unbutton my shirt. In response I pulled the string of her petticoat loose. She stopped me and proposed to have a fun with added pleasure and start with drinks. She asked me to bring some thing to eat from the nearby shop. When I returned back, The center table was dressed with two glasses and two bottles of chilled strong beer. She was in a see thru kurta which was sticking with her body due to sweat. Her contours were clearly visible and I was feeling crazy about her nudity. She filled both the glasses and started chatting and sharing our views and experiences and cutting sexy jokes. By the time we finished our first round of drinks we were feeling kinky and build up of pressure.

She got up and went to the Indian toilet to release the pressure. I followed her and found her sitting completely nude and pissing. I took a close look of her cunt while pissing and like the sound of pissing very much. I was badly excited to see her pink and wide open cunt with lot of flesh sticking out. I reacted and sat down in front of her and passed the stream of jet of my piss pointing out on her cunt. She liked it very much and bent back and raised her cunt to receive the stream inside her hole. Thereafter we came back to drawing room where we consumed one more drink and finished the bottles. Besides enjoying fore play. Then We moved to bed room where she made me to lie down and we enjoyed oral sex in 69 position. She was playing and sucking my cock and I was eating the large pieces of mouth filling flesh of her clitoris and labia, Her cunt was wide open and bulging out to burst and ass rising higher and higher slowly until she reached the climax and discharged with strong orgasm with shudders an abundance and dripped the love juice into my mouth. Her cunt was getting spasms of aftermath pleasure and remained on top until she was fully satisfied. Thereafter we relaxed for some time to feel the pleasure and soon regained for the intercourse. She lied down on the edge of the bed with her legs raised and spreaded ,inviting me to enter my cock in her flowering cunt.

I positioned and inserted my cock which was dying to go inside her demanding cunt and filled her cunt with my big cock up to her hilt. I kissed her and locked her hot and creamy lips and she entwined her tongue with mine and exchanged saliva. Then I turned to her boobs and sucked them erect. She became very horny and started demanding fucking and wanted me to make her cum. I started stroking her full length and fucked her hard until we both came with ultimate pleasure and fully exhausted. It was an exciting and wonderful sex I enjoyed with her. This was not the end it was beginning and she started demanding more and more and became horny day by day. When I talked to my friend, he showed his deep interest and he started visiting our house to come closer to her and develop intimacy. I introduced her them and both of them started flirting. I will narrate next part later on. Any one interested in sharing and expressing views and experiences and exchange mail can respond on my e-mail [email protected] or directly [email protected]

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