Seema My Love

There are a lot of stories about incest, after reading them one can judge that most of them are not true, but it still give a picture that incest does excite in desi society, even though it’s not very common like western society but it’s there.

My name is Jameel and I am from Multan Pakistan and I belonging to a middle class family. My father was a Clark in a government office and my mother use to sew other people’s cloths to make a living.

I have a sister name Seema who is one year younger than me. We were normal brother and sister and our parents were working hard to raise us and as Seema start growing up she start becoming pretty at the age of 18 she was woke out.

She develops a really sexy body after high school and I start looking for a job but could not find any, as my sister finish her high school my parents start looking a Richta for her to get married couple of people came to see her but everybody was demanding Jaheez.

My parent could not afford it. One day a friend of my father brought a man who was about 50-year-old name Ahmeed for Seema. Ahmeed first wife was passed away had no children’s, owned a garment store in Lahore and he wanted to get married second time. He had no demand for anything.

My parents agree for this Richta and I fought with my parents that this was no match for Seema but they did not listen to me. Seema could not say anything to my parents got married to Ahmeed and went to Lahore.

Six month later as I still could not find a job in Multan Ahmeed asked me to come to Lahore and help him at his store and so I went to Lahore Aahmeed had a three bed room house in Iqbal town.

I saw Seema first time after six months, she was looking more prettier than before she was wearing a white cotton salwar kamiz which was very tight and showing every curve of her sexy body, even though she was happy to see me but I could guess that she was not happy with Ahmeed.

Next day I start going to store with Ahmeed at home my room was next to their room and every night after we all go to our room and I start hearing Seema fighting with Ahmeed.

One week later I woke up in the middle of night to go to kitchen to drink some water, as I pass by Seema’s room there light was on and there was a little space between the cartoons where I could see through in to their room.

Seema was lying on bed totally nude Ahmeed was on top of her sucking her big melon breasts. His one hand was on her shaved pussy; he was finger fucking her.

Seema was mooing loudly an dshe was holding Ahmeed’s semi erect Lund in her hand. After few minutes Ahmeed opened Seema shape legs get on top of her and put his lund in her choot and she cried with pleasure she put her hands on his buttocks and pushed him into her.

Ahmeed start fucking her slowly then after few thrust he start shaking and came in her. She did not want him to stop but Ahmeed just fall on side. Seema was angry she said Ahmeed you always leave me unsatisfied.

I need your lund in my choot pretty bad but after fucking me once you just cannot make it get up. I am really horny now but Ahmeed was gone to sleep already. Seaema just off the light and went to sleep also.

I had forgotten to drink water I came on my bed but could not sleep every time I close my eyes Seema’s beautiful body come in my mind, my hand stroking my lund thinking about her Mumay and her choot.

I just masturbate thinking about her and went to sleep. Now I knew why Seema was fighting with my brother-in-law. She wanted a good hot fuck and wanted all the time from that day my thoughts for Seema start changed tried not think about her but every time.


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