Seducing my neighbor Aunty!!!!

Hi all dear friends.I am vicky. I am an 18 year old boy ….I always had love for lust, a shining naked ,sexy, body of a woman . My penis would always get erect on the thought of beautiful women. And one woman had exactly this-a married woman who stayed in the house in front of mine. Her name is Lalitha. She is 46 years old but sooo sexy and hot! She is as fair as a foreigner!She has big boobs and a perfect figure despite of her age! She looked very hot in saree and once I also had a hard on when I saw her in a party in a pink saree. See how hot married women can make situation risky? But Lalitha made my life sexy.. I wanted to grab her tightly and bite her shining back, lick her neck and taste every part of her body…I was waiting to fuck her!.Everyday at around 8:30am she used to come out to pluck flowers and she looked so hot each time I saw her from my window secretly.I once even got a chance to see her milky white breasts when she bent down to pick flowers.My penis would always get hard. My neighbour is also of my own age. Actually we were quite jealous with each other in everything. His height was equal to that of my mother. One thing common to us both was that we used to talk about sex always. But one thing I couldn’t forgive him was the thing he did to my mother.

The incidence is as under .My sister is working and my father works out of station. One Sunday my mother had a fight with my father. On Monday he left for job. My mother knew that I and my friend used to talk of sex. One day I was out since 11:00 clock and I came home at around 2:30 at noon.. I knocked the door but mom did not respond. After 1 minute I went at the backside of my house as the door of the kitchen was usually open when I came home at noon.I took off my shoes and entered in. I was going to call out for mom but soon I heard some voices from upstairs. When I neared the stairs, I saw my mom’s black blouse lying on the top of the stairs!! Suddenly the idea of my mom having sex with someone came into my mind. I slowly went upstairs. The door was slightly shut.

I opened it slowly and to my surprise my mother in her bra and covered partially below and ON HER was my neighbor enemy friend. He was only in his chaddi. I was shocked, really..!! How did he get my mother and since how long had he been with my mother?? She was average looking.. He was licking and biting my mom’s breast even though she had worn a bra. He had wetted her bra very much with saliva. One of her bra strip had fallen off! He then told my mother who was grabbing his buttocks tightly that he wanted to see my mom’s naked breasts..! He said “show me your breast..I want to see your body a woman’s body that your son has never seen.. Give me that advantage darling!!”My mom smiled at him and said “acha? Yeh le….” And took off her other strip also and was topless! My friend was having my married mom, my father’s wife at no cost for his pleasure..and my mom was giving up to him ,selling her flesh to his thirsty mouth as his food at no cost.i never thought my mom will have sex with someone else. Her two boobs were in front of his eyes naked, waiting to be fondled by the saliva and of a teenager’s mouth and his teeth! I couldn’t hold myself and went out.. I was very jealous of him…I was very angry..[:(].

He had got a chance to have sex very early ,but I didn’t.. I thought that this was the best time to go to Lalitha aunty’s house as no one except herself was present in the house. Her younger son was in school in tenth standard and elder in management course in college and also her husband had gone out for one week. I will be also able to make an excuse to mom that I didn’t wanted to disturb her sleep as that was the time for her to sleep. Also I would get to see Lalitha aunty’s beauty a little closer. So I went to her house and rang the bell. Lalitha aunty opened the door. Oooooooh!!! She was looking soo sexy. Wowwww !!!. The visible parts of her body were so fair and sexy.. I couldn’t control myself, and at the same time nervous.. I told her that mom was not opening the door and I didn’t want to disturb her sleep, so could I wait in her house till evening? She smiled at me and told me to come in. I went in and sat on the sofa. She gave me water. I didn’t wanted to loose this chance to advance towards her so I initiated. I asked at what time she slept and she told me at noon and at night at 11:30. I told her she could go to sleep if she wanted to but she said ”

Oh its ok! Even I am getting bored.. Its nice that you came”. I stared at her milky white and shining arms and fleshy neck for some time. She had tied up her hair and so I got to see her shining flawless skin of her neck. We laughed at each others jokes and enjoyed and after sometime I started staring at her while she was washing vessels. I think she noted me. After finishing she sat near me and asked me about my studies. I spoke looking at her boobs and she noticed it. She scratched once near her boob and then on her hands to distract me. I got scared and suddenly looked down. She asked me what I was thinking and staring at? I said nothing. She smiled at me.. She asked me “do you have any girlfriend?”.I said “No”. “How come?You are an all-rounder and you should have one.” I took courage and said laughingly ” I like only one girl and she is Lalitha”. She suddenly gave a glance as if she was observing me with a faint smile on her lips and told me to not to exceed my limit. “I will not but I want to tell you one thing I always wanted to tell aunty.”I said and she asked me what it was?. “You are very beautifull aunty!Everyone likes to talk to you. Can I hug you?” She got the hint and stood up and asked me to stand up angrily. I did and was scared. She hugged me and laughed at me and asked me-“Ok? Bas?” .I asked “ Can I kiss you”? She was shocked but then told me-“Ok.Only on the lips but not anything else.ok?” She smiled! I was happy and moved my face towards her.

I felt her breath. I grabbed her tightly.I could feel her boobs press against my chest and my waist pressing against her. I kissed on her forehead and she closed her eyes. I advanced my left palm on her waist and my right palm over her butt. I wanted to advance. She smiled again and I suddenly lip- locked her holding her tightly she said something but I kept my lips locked in hers and my penis was getting erect. I pushed my tounge into her mouth over her tounge and suddenly moved my hands in between her fleshy butts. She got shocked and got away from me because I think she was conscious about my advancement towards her. Wiped her lips and went to the phone! I got scared. She called my mom and told her that I was waiting.. Then she came up to me and smiled and said “Happy? Don’t tell anyone about this. Promise me. Forget everything.”.” Thanks aunty. You are great. May god fulfill your wishes” And promised her. I asked “aunty are you going to come tonight to the society’s get together?”. She Said “Yes.You?” I said “yes I will. Bye.” She smiled.By this time my friend had reached his home. My mom opened the door,dressed up and her boobs still erect and went away silently. I winked at Lalitha aunty so did she smilingly.That night there was a get-together of our society at 9:30 pm in the garden which was at the other end of our society. I and my mom got ready by 9:00 and I went out with my friends and my mom had told me to call her when everyone had come. At 9:45 I went to call my mom and my friend knew it. He came with me but went into his house and came with my mom but my mom said that she had to go immediately out to meet her friend and told me to go.I went to the garden with my friends. And there I saw Latitha aunty dressed in a sexy blue saree looking so hot. She was wearing a low cut blouse which bared her milky white back which was shining in the moonlight. I told my friend to stand there itself and talk so that that we could get privacy in our talk. This was the only way so that I could get a clear view of Lalitha ‘my hot darling’. Her waist was also so sexy that I wanted to grab her by my hands itself In front of everyone. For one hour I got to stare at her. Then everyone lined up to have dinner. While she moved on towards the line and she looked back and suddenly stopped when she saw me staring at her. To avoid any suspicion I smiled at her and said “Hi” as if I was happy. She smiled back and went forward. My heartbeat rose and I was happy that she smiled at me. After dinner I was going towards my home to see whether my mom had returned or not and to my surprise backdoor was open and my friend was again fucking my mom!!!. I was very angry.

I went out and saw Lalitha aunty coming. My anger subsided. She asked me why I went home? I told her that mom had gone out and had not returned. She told me that I could wait at her house if I wanted and I agreed. I complimented her of her looks. ”Aunty you are shining like an angel. You are so beautiful!”. She thanked me and we entered her house. Her children had gone to watch a film. So we were alone. What a luck man! Was this night made for me and her? She told me that she was going to change upstairs and told me to rest . Soon as she climbed the stairs and was not to be seen I jumped and danced like a mad man and I too followed her. I was eager to see her naked. I wanted to fuck her this night. I will not leave her tonight I told myself. I entered the room where she was undressing and took my shirt off. She had taken off her saree and was about to remove her blouse. I left no time and went forward. She was facing the mirror so she could not see me as I was exactly behind her. But I suddenly hugged her from behind her and she was so shocked that she shouted at me” ae! Tu kya kar raha hai?! Tujhe manners hai kya? Chod mujhe.” But I did not and told her to cool down and said” Aunty be cool. I love you aunty. You have such a sexy body. Your husband is so lucky to have you but he is not here. You might be missing sex a lot. Even I want to have sex with you aunty and I want to satisfy you. I know you like me, then why don’t you let me have you for one night?. “ She was shocked” how can you have me? I am married and you are so young!!” .

“I know aunty but having sex doesn’t need any age difference and what if you are married?”Saying this I started to kiss and lick her neck. She tried to free herself but I was very strong and did not let her and hugged her tightly and started tasting her neck and shoulders from back. I had wrapped my hands around her waist and now started tickling her stomach. Wow her stomach was so smooth and soft!!

Mmmmmmmm. I went on licking her and tickling her and she made noises ” aaaaahhh..what are doing what do you want? Ahh mmmmm ouch” .” I want you aunty “ and kept on licking and biting her neck and then I advanced down towards her bare and sexy back :it was so smooth man ! It was so soft. I enjoyed biting on her back. Slowly she started enyoing it and closed her eyes. I loosed my grip on her and she was wriggling in my arms as I kept on tickling her. My penis starting getting erect slowly,pushing its way upwards through my pant. I removed my pant in the same position and my penis got free space to get erect. I now placed my left hand on her left breast and started squeezing it and I slid my right hand inside her lingerie and felt her warm soft lips of her vagina. It was so soothing! I removed her blouse very fast. My hard dick was pushing against her buttocks.

”aaaahh stop please I can’t do this please. Ssssss aaahouch. Mm. Ok stop I love you honey I love you”she said with her eyes still closed.I observed that she had tears in her eyes! I took my hands off her and she turned to face me and then opened her eyes I got to see her such fair flawless skin of her chest “Have me if you want but be slow and excite me very much honey. Today I am only yours.” She hugged me and my dick pressed hard against her vagina. “Aaahh your cock is so hard honey! Excite me with it. I love you.”. Now she was only in her bra and lingerie. She bent down and took my erect penis in her hand and admired it very much , “wow such a lovely cock! Its so hard.Aha”. “Its 7 inch long only for you my hot aunty”. She smiled at me and said” my husband’s cock is so small! Now onwards I will prefer only your cock my dear.” Saying this she took my cock into her mouth and started licking it. Wow! What a feeling that was! She kept on smiling and licking my cock.”Mmmmmm oummmm. I was in my heaven. Soon after 10 minutes I cummed into her mouth and she was so overwhelmed that she drank it completely. I was surprised that she had such a courage to do such things in front of me. Then she licked her lips clean with her own tongue.

Then she stood up and then I started licking her chest and biting it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Her one hand was in my hair and the other was around my back.I lifted her up and took her towards the bed and laid her there. Oh my God she was so fair! Her thighs were of perfect curves and very fleshy so were her round buttocks. She had such a great waist like that of a heroine. Her knees were shining. Her boobs erect and were very hard as I felt it becoming erect while I was smooching her. I thanked God in my mind that he gave me a chance to have such a mature fair sexy married lady to have sex with.My mind was full of lust and joyful on seeing her naked.I was staring at her beauty from a distance of 1 meter. She opened her eyes and when she saw me she smiled, on seeing me moving my hard erect cock up and down by my penis muscles itself. She gave me a broad smile and asked me,” dekho tumhara lund mere liye kitna taras raha hai.Just as my vagina, darling.. Wont you give your penis its own share?Wont you give it happiness?”Saying this she winked at my penis and gave it a flying kiss..seeing this now I could not control my lust and jumped on her. I sliped my hands through her armpits and caught hold of her by her shoulders. I started licking her lips and gathered my saliva and passed it into her mouth so did she. Along with this I was pressing her large tits with my left hand . I could hear muffled sounds,” mmmm mmmmm oh my mmmmm ahh”. Then I moved on to her neck and then to her boobs and Stopped suddenly to get the closest glance at it. Her left boob was as pink as a strawberry as I was fondling it with. Both her boobs had grown to a very large size till now and was struggling so come out of her bra.. She removed one of the bra strip and was about to remove another but I turned her over to remove the bra from behind her back. Oh my!!!Her back was sooo smooth and fleshy and shining . I bit her once there, and she said” uuiee ma ssss” what a response that was !Then I took off the other strap of her bra with my mouth and took off the whole bra. I placed my right hand on her back and slided it from her neck to her waist while she wriggled in the bed.she sometimes giggled while sometimes held my hand when she could not control it. Then I turned her over again to see her stomach.

I then started pressing both her boobs and was kissing her stomach. She was not able to control , and was screaming ”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooohhhh ,stop it naa.oooouch”and at times she also used to lift her head up but I continued. She was pushing my head towards her vagina.So I took the hint and bit her pussy are covered by her lingerie. I started removing her lingerie and she too lifted her hips up so that I could remove it easily. And wow wow wooooooow !What a sexy part of the body I am getting to see for the first time in my life!!!!!! A naked opening filled with treasures inside it !Wow! Her pussy was soo fair and pink!!! I bent my head and took out my tongue to taste her pussy!! I pushed my tongue inside her clit and started licking it. Lalitha took hold of both ends of her with her hands very tightly. I got to know that she was not being able to control it. I went on and increased my licking and biting speed.. She was just like-“mama aaahhh ooooh oooh oh my god!!! Aaah keep on going honey, eat me” I realized that almost 45 mins had passed and now I could not wait any more.. I got up and showed lalitha my huge cock and placed it near her pussy…

She watched it with open mouth and new that there was no escape as I advanced already to this extent and also because she was herself enjoying it so much. She spread her thigh wide open so that I could insert my cock in her egg factory..When I inserted only one inch of my cock I could not hold it and took it out. Goosebumps took me over . Lalitha was desperate to get herself fucked. She told me initially it would feel like that anfd there was no need to worry. I took courage and started to insert. Soon lalitha pulled me towards her with a great force and we both gave out a loud moan together: ”aaaahhhh”. I waited for that heavenly feel to subside and I got delighted to see lalitha’s face with with her eyes closed and her head lifted upwards. Her cunt was very warm .Then I started thrusting my cock into her pussy.. My penis was feeling each skin cell of her vagina.. Wow what a soothing feeling it was!! Now lalitha placed her both legs on my shoulders and circled it around the back tightly I kept on rocking her. I was gradually increasing the pace as I kept on enjoying my fuck with her. The room was full of sexual noises,”aaaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm more faster honey ahh aaah ,yyyaa you are getting it right baby yaa yaa aaaahhhh”. With each thrust I gave her she gave out a big moan.i was in heaven. Then I stopped and told her that I wanted to fuck her like a dog. I removed my cock from her cockpit and got up she stood on her knees and bent forward. I stood on the ground. I then inserted my cock into her vagina from the back while she was watching me do so. Then again she closed her eyes her when I Began fucking her and this time very vigourously. Most probably it was around three thrusts a second. Lalitha was screaming and moaning at the top of her voice..‘‘Seed me darling fuck me aaaaaaaaaaahhh even more harder. Be my husband a aaaahgh” her mouth was very wide open and sexual sounds were coming very loudly from her mouth. Now lalitha was completely mine and she was like my wife.” Make me pregnant my egg needs your sperm honey”.. I was surprised but at the same time happy for that comment.Now I was waiting to cum and soon after five minutes I felt like urinating but lalitha told me that it was the feeling of cumming and I cumed inside her wet vagina. I could feel my sperms showering her vagina and shooting itself and splashing inside her thirsty vagina. But I still kept on rocking her until I got exhausted. The I started biting lalitha’s buttocks waist some sometime and then we both laid besides each other in the bed. Then lalitha put my hands on my cheeks and smiled at me.. And I returned her with a kiss on her lips.. She then took my penis in her hand and started stroking it.. “Thanks for giving me such pleasure was an out of the world experience for me which even my husband could not give it to me. He is not at all naughty u know? ”..

I replied “aunty….”“ssssshh,stop from now onwards call me lalitha or anything but not aunty ok? Any how you are now my husband darling and winked at me and gave me a flying kiss.”“Ok but I have one surprise for you”“Which surprise?”“Wait first close your eyes”she did so .I ran downstairs and took some ice cubes from the refrigerator and then hurried up.“Can I open my eyes now?”“Not yet darling” and then I tied her eyes with a handkerchief and told her , “you will enjoy this gift of mine”The I took one ice cubes and placed it on her stomach .Lalitha suddenly caught my hand and stopped it.I bent forward and whispered in her year, ‘ thoda aur darling sahan karma padega…tumhare liye hi hai!”On hearing this she rested her hands and let me with what I was doing. I placed the ice cubes on her stomach and started circling it.. She started moaning and sighing and her belly was vibrating up and down rapidly. Then I moved up towards her boobs.. I was concentrating on her rapid breath as her chest was moving up and down and her heartbeats were increasing.Then I took ice in both my hands and advanced towards her chest and then her neck..

Then I started revolving ice on her pussy and she again started moaning and moving her legs up and down. Then I inserted the ice a little bit inside her vagina but she started screaming. I became worried that her screaming may wake up the neighbours so I stopped and instead started icing her silky thighs, legs and knees. The skin of her legs and thighs were so silky and smooth that the water droplets rolled down so effortlessly. Then she laid upside down in the bed and so I could ice her waist and abdomen. While doing this the curves that her body made while wriggling in the bed were worth watching. It was so exciting that that scene came in my mind again and again and my penis remained rock solid till morning..It was around 2:00 in the night when I left Lalitha’s house and the thing I liked the most was Lalitha herself came to bid me goodbye and guess what? That too naked till the gate as the watchman was sleeping!!! Could u imagine? She did this so that I could enjoy her beauty till I reached my door and so that my cock remained erect and it did so!!!!

Wow what a night!!!!How did u like my story?Please feel free to e-mail ur suggestions to me at [email protected] and Married women who want them to be satisfied by me can also contactme.

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