Seduced Mature landlady.

I have been making rounds of this website for a long time, and i like the stories posted here ,today even i thought to share a story of mine.

I am 25 year old guy , fair and slim.

Who doesn't love sex? Rare …I love having sex specially to a mature partner than me. I have a great sex life . I would like to share a incident that happened recently so the memories are quite fresh to narrate well.

Will share; my older sexual encounters later when i get time. OK let me go to the story now

I have been staying n Bangalore for the past 8 years basically. I recently moved to a individual 2bhk house . The first floor was occupied by the house owners and the ground floor was rented to me .

I came with a lot of hope of finding someone with whom i can share my dick, and it happened there were two females in the house, one the land lady about 35-38 years old fair abs a bit chubby. I am bad at guessing the sizes but she was well endowed approx may be 36 or may be bigger.But her ass and the thighs were something i loved the most. It was so well balanced with her body. Rare view one can easily see the division of her buts.oopsss by dick would just go to salute mode when i used to see her.The second lady was her daughter who was doing her 12th. She was delicate and young( will talk about her in detail later).

Uncle used to work for a garment manufacturing company and her daughter used to go to school. Aunt was generally alone at home. I am a freelancer and work from home most of the time i am also at home. Now my mission was to to hump aunty at any cost.One fine day i just went to her house to inquire about the gas vendor. She called me in and she brought tea and we generally started talking about families, my hometown (i am not from Bangalore) studies and all other general topics but my eyes were glued to her ass and her boobs. Soon we had nothing to talk about and i left.

Days passed and i became quite close to the family all three of them.

I watch porn quite often, one day i was watching porn and there was a knock in my door i fixed everything and opened the door. Aunty was standing at the door.She said she wanted to watch some Hindi movies and wanted to borrow my DVD if i had any new movies. I said sure ill just get it , my mind had a dirty plan as i though this was the best time to start my plan. I put a hardcore xxx dvd in the cover of "jab tak hai jan" imagine …:P and gave it to her, she thanked and left.
I knew the result would be either positive or i would be asked to empty the house, but i was somewhere confident. Aunty never came back i was surprised rather happy too.

She smiled the next day when i saw her , it was a smile with lots of hidden emotions i have no idea what.

Uncle left to work as usual and her daughter too went to school.

After lunch she came again to my house and asked if i had any other Hindi movie i said i do and asked her how the move was that i gave yesterday she smiled and said it was nice . I gigged internally, i had no words, in side the cover of another movie i put a xxx movie and gave it to her and questioned that even i have not not seen this movie can i join and watch along with u . She had no issues , may be she had internally accepted by desire to fuck her , but neither she displayed any actions nor did i but we both knew we were burning in the desire to get in to the sinful act of a young and mature bonding.

We entered her house and then to living room , she asked me to play the movie i obeyed , but had no idea what would happen next. She was wearing a saree that day. The movie started , why would there be a Hindi movie when i had myself put a xxx…the moment i pressed the eject button on the remote , aunty reclaimed: let it play …i know u purposely did this,when u gave me the DVD yesterday i wanted it and i liked it.

I was busted. I was happy but. the room was filled with silence and only the moans from the xxx movie was being herd…her eyes were glued to the tv. I stated aunty ill make a move…She said why do u have to sit with me and watch the movie and she offered me the seat beside her. I was never so nervous than this before. everything was so erotic, aunty , her busty ass, round boobs, the sinful environment my rock hard dick ,what else was required …collecting all my courage i made the move..i slowly put my hand on her thigh and started moving there. She had no response as she was so glued to the porn , may be it was something very new to her.I went straight to the her round tits and started fondling it from outside the blouse , i wanted to lick her dry and munch her nipples. she had started moaning i slowly removed her saree from top and now she was in blouse and i could see her half body till the lower navel. I moved on to unhook the blouse and removed it , she was equally participating , the best part was it was only action neither she uttered a word nor did i .I killed the silence by saying how do u feel , she confessed very nice as you uncle does not do foreplay he straight away climbs humps for a minute and two and he is done.

Now i knew aunty had a good appetite for sex. I gave a smile and said do not worry i will satisfy all your hunger and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded and we starting kissing vigorously our tongue was entangled and saliva being exchanged , the background music was make the session more was a leather couch in the process of kissing her i opened her violet bra , ohhhh myy godd her tits was so amazing , round and fluffy , pure white with a dusky brown nipple. i moved on straight to the tits and started sucking it. she was moaning and her hands automatically moved to my pole hard dick and she had smile in her face. i stood up and started undoing her saree and now she was in petticoat and her panties only ….i could see a glimpse of her white panty. she was rubbing my dick from outside my pant. She opened my pants and my t shirt i was only in my boxer. I started kissing her body commencing from hr neck when i reached her naval she was all moaning and uttering ,,pls fuck me….

I slowly loosed her petticoat thread and in a second it was on the floor leaving her in panty only.

I laid her in the couch and i climbed on top and started sucking her tits. my dick was getting harder and harder.I am while her panty was all wet with the juices i made her release. Now she opened my boxer and head on she took my dick into her mouth which took me by surprise, nevertheless the girl in the movie was doing the same.I had no doubt and why would i complain. She dint do well but that was a start. she picked it up pretty well and soon she was all around gulping my dick till the inner throat of hers.

We had all heated up and she was losing control to getting fucked asap.

I opened her panty and we were both naked in the room, i put a finger in her pussy with few hair on it and she was going crazy.She was cumming too. The right time to pump her, i sharpened my dick :P and slowly hit her lips of the pussy with my dick and a pat pat pat pat sound was coming …i placed my dick on the pussy hole and gave a heavy thrust and with a scream from her my dick was in there , my dick is about 7" and a little bent towards left. Now i started pumping her with all energy i had, but i wanted to go long …..she was extracting her butts and my dick was going inner and inner. i made her doggy and fucked her for 10 minutes….soon i dragged to the wall and inserted my dick from the back and fucked her for 10 more minutes she had come twice during the whole act.

I again made her suck my dick as it was losing hardness…i asked her to come on top of me.. i love this position…and i fucked her with full thrust..her but flap was moving up and down so was her beautiful tits, i was sucking her nipples time to time. i was on the verge of coming i said am about to come she said i can come in
her few minutes the volcano busted and the hot semen went till her inner was warm inside…she took a long breathe.

That was the best fuck with a mature women for me to. We made love twice that day.

Till day we indulge in sex at-least 4 times a week.

You can reach me at [email protected]

Do write to me for any mistakes or suggestions.

Now i want to seduce her daughter….will post story the day i succeed.

What did you think of this story??


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