I Saw My Mom Having Sex With My Uncle

Hi friends my name is Shriya. & i am from Hyderabad. My family members are my dad, mom & me. I saw my mom having sex with my uncle. And first i will describe about my dad first his name is Prakesh he is govt. Employee in Hyderabad my mom name is rani she is house wife ( in this story names are changed) she is so sexy that time & she is so beautiful lady in our area and she was 28 years old & she was fair skinned with well nose and lips eyes are very attractively and she was graced with long black hair which free state it external down from her butts her wad 36 d -30-38 so all the people of our area look towards my mom with lusty intension towards my mom. Our family friend uncle name is Ravi so was so handsome guy with near about same age and single within a year he also going to marry and so he always come to my house for meet us. Now i describe my story it was summer holidays & that time i was in 5 classes.

I, my mom & dad went to grand mom place in Hyderabad my grand mom stay alone. After we reach her place she need some home need items my dad & grand mom want for shopping to buy some home need items. So me & my mom at home alone my mom tell me to sleep for some time because of i want to play with my grand mom then i sleep & after 10 min doorbell ring my mom open the door. I wake up check how one come at door & i act like sleeping i saw my uncle at door step after that mom seeing me to checking i am slept or not then my mom close the door & turn.

Suddenly my uncle put his hand on my mom face & kisses directly; kiss on lips and my mom saying to uncle your marriage is fixed then why you need me uncle say to my mom i need some sex experience from you. Can you shoe some experience to me? Then my mom say come now don’t waste time enjoy now & then uncle start press moms boobs & ass my mom moans slowly aahhh! Then uncle setting on sofa & uncle hold mom hand & force to sit on his hips & again there both kissing each other like anything my mom pressing his tool over his pant & open zip take out his tool shaking up & down & uncle told her take in your lovely mouth she give blow job to him for 10min & he remove her sari now mom setting on with blouse and petticoat after that uncle saying you are so sexy in this dress & please removed all u r cloths now mom remove petticoat & blouse also & now she is only in bra & panty uncle give kiss all of mom’s body mom moans woohh it’s so hot you looking uncle is saying that. Suddenly mom wake up & hug with Ravi & open his shirt & pant now Ravi only with his underwear now Ravi take it to mom in his arms & went to bedroom then i also wake up & went slowly toward to bedroom door i saw from there then Ravi has remove my mom’s bra & pressing both boobs & taking in his mouth & putting one hand into moms panty & moms hand going in his underwear & shaking his tool. Mom kiss on his lips & shaking his tool & suddenly Ravi wake up & remove his underwear & open moms mouth force & put his big tool in her mouth do sucking his big tool & my mom saying to him your tool thick & big i love this that why i have sex with you & moms saying your tool is bigger than my husband. Then mom sucking his tool for more 10 to 15 minutes in that time uncle discharges his cum on moms face & mouth.

Moms drinks it all in passionately after sometime Ravi remove moms panty and throw it away now my mom nude in front of Ravi & me & Ravi is saying to mom you are looking so hot without cloths i want to see you always like that but my bed luck you’re not my wife saying this uncle one hand press moms both boobs & suck her wet pussy so eagerly moms moans ahhhhhhhhhh god Ravi oooo yes i am waiting from past 2 months when we had sex last time i am mad your big tool please fuck me herder & herder very loudly Ravi doing finger in speed way after that Ravi drink all water from mom’s pussy & after that Ravi press her boobs very roughly. Mom told him please put your tool in my pussy & fuck me like a bitch after listen that word uncle wide open mom’s leg and rub his big tool at moms pussy and fuck her herd mom give a huge sound oohhh god like that fuck me fuck me herder & deeper Ravi press boobs rub moms nipple very hard and kiss her lips. Neck all part of face.

Uncle doing his hips in & out slowly and the gradually he picked up speed and she was screaming she called uncle name and asking him to fuck me hard after 20min uncle say i want to fuck your sexy ass then she turn & face her ass to uncle then his first put his one fingers suddenly my mom shout its paining because she is doing first time in ass. She cry in pain, then uncle apply oil on fingers & doing ass fucking finger after 5 min uncle apply on his tool & enter to mom ass again my mom shout loudly its paining lot to me then uncle doing slow slow after 5 to 10 minutes mom enjoying ass fucking then uncle speed he stroke in & out after 25 min of ass fuck he again turn mom & fuck in her pussy and he was doing pumped for 10min. Mom say i love you so much Ravi.

He took her in lap and fucked her against the wall and she was in heaven when he whole length was going inside her and he was smooching her and sucking her boobs while fucking in & out and Ravi saying it was great feeling and felt amazing did not want to let go off that sexy fucked her after that uncle remove his tool and lay on bed & put into mom’s pussy mom saying loudly fuck me Ravi i need your tool badly fuck me herder after 15 min of fucking uncle saying i am cum then my mom say discharge your sperm in my pussy uncle shout loudly i am cum. Then uncle kiss on mom lips after fucking both are relax then after 15 to 20 minutes of relaxed both fucked again this time mom on top raiding his big tool now there fucked till my dad & my dad mother in law came to home then suddenly both shock for hearing doorbell ring then both wear cloth & kiss each other & mom ask to uncle you got sex experience now the uncle smile & say yes then open the door after that i try to say this whole thing to my dad & grand mom but both are busy with other works.

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