Savita Bhabhi Episode 62

One night Savita Bhabhi got off the phone and told her husband Ashok who was having a drink “That was my old boss Mishraji. He will be able to make the party tonight.” Savita Bhabhi was referring to their anniversary party which was the same night.

“I’m so excited to meet all your family and friends” Annie joined in the conversation. Annie and her husband Alex Jones had recently moved near to Ashok and Savita Bhabhi’s house and were their new neighbours. The new neighbour couple Alex and Annie were having a pre party at their place before the big celebration.

All four were casually dressed and Annie and Savita Bhabhi looked hot in their sexy bikinis topped up with only an open shirt! Savita Bhabhi suggested they better start getting dressed at it was getting late for the party while she grabbed Annie’s hand and took from the couch to the bedroom.

Ashok winked at his wife as he commented “Let us know if you ladies need help” to which Savita Bhabhi replied “We can handle ourselves!” with a seductive smile on her face.

After some time all four of them reached the party venue all dressed and the ladies looking hot and sexy. Savita Bhabhi was worried that people might be angry as they were late to which Ashok comforted her saying “Relax! It’s a party!”

People congratulated them as they entered the party hall. Bade Sahab and Shobha Savita Bhabhi’s boss and best friend complimented her saying “Stunning Savita” and “Have not aged a day” respectively. The couple was well received amongst cheering and compliments. The couple thanked all their well-wishers and were glad they all could make it.

Ashok told his wife that he was going to take a drink and asked her if she needed anything to which Savita Bhabhi said that she was fine and wanted to greet the guests first. Ashok went to have a drink where he found Annie having a drink. While Savita Bhabhi mingled in with the crowd and starts meeting her friends.

Ashok offered Annie drink but she told him that she had ordered champagne for the party. Ashok caressed her ass when he appreciated her by saying she was so thoughtful.

“Did you enjoy the other night Annie” asked Ashok when they were alone at the bar as he fingered her pussy.

Annie told Ashok that she enjoyed it and added “It’s your anniversary Ashok!”

By now Ashok had taken his cock and said to Annie “I have something special for you Annie” while he started rubbing his dick on her pussy.

“Someone might see” replied Annie while Ashok was fondling and squeezing her huge boobs.

“I need to go Savita” she said before going off to find Savita.

Ashok was left horny and with an erection at the bar. He went back to drinking and started drinking heavily while the other were enjoying the party.

In the meantime Savita friends were complimenting her on her beauty and Savita started all the moments she shared in the bed with her friends. The twins who lived across the street and were now dating Savita Bhabhi’s friend Shoba also congratulated and her wished she continued being their neighbour.

Just than it dawned on Savita Bhabhi that she had sex with almost everyone there that night! She had fucked Vedant her sweet young lover, the younger brother of her boss Bade Sahab. She had fucked her work mentor Bade Sabah too as she started remembering her times with them. She had even fucked her newlywed friend’s husband Rupesh.

She went to meet Shobha her best friend and took her to meet Annie her new neighbour.

“Shobha this is my new neighbour” said Savita to Shobha as she introduced Annie and Shobha.

“Savita has told me so much about you” said Annie to Shobha and added that it was a wonderful party.

“Too bad one of the guest of honor is too drunk to enjoy it” said a disappointed Savita to her friends watching her drunk husband sloshed in the bar.

“Oh! Savita that just makes it easier for you to find someone else to console you later” whispered Shobha in her ears as she hinted Savita on fucking other man. Annie also started wondering if Shobha meant something naughty!

“Actually, I had hoped that Ashok and I’ll have a special night after the party” confessed Savita Bhabhi as she left to freshen up.

“We can’t let Savita be sad tonight” said Shobha to Annie. “I have an idea to cheer her up which involves you, me and that cute bartender” she added.

Both Shobha and Annie knew that nothing cheered up Savita Bhabhi like a little casual sex! Shobha told Annie that she and her huge boobs were sufficient enough to persuade the bartender. Shobha and Annie walked to the bar while Annie started flirting with the bartender and asked him what was a good drink to get a girl drunk?

Meanwhile Ashok was sloshed and slept at the bar. The waitress told Alex that he could not sleep there. Alex asked her if she could him find some place for him to sleep it off. The hot waitress and Alex dragged Ashok to a couch in the owner’s office.

“Thank you” said Alex to the hot waitress. “How can I thank you?” he added.

“Well there is a way” said the hot waitress luting over Alex as she came close to him and starts kissing him on his lips.

Meanwhile at the bar Shobha told Hemant the bartender “I need you to do a favour for our friend Savita.

“Sure Madam. I’m here to serve” said Hemant as he kissed Shobha’s hand.

Annie got up from her to go find Alex “Let me go find my husband”.

“Maybe he wants to play too” replied Shobha mischievously.

Alex reached the owner’s office while searching for her husband and told him that she wanted to talk about something with him.

“I want to try sex with other people! But with you!” said Annie to her hubby.

Alex confessed “I do too!” and soon added “But who with?”

The eavesdropping hot waitress joined in the conversation and told them that she could help them out since she was a stranger to them. The hot actress really wanted to fuck Alex. She introduced herself and Payal and starts kissing Alex before moving over to kiss Annie!

Meanwhile at the bar Hemant the bartender made a special drink for Savita Bhabhi and gave it to her.

“This is for you Savita! A special cocktail I invented called a horny housewife” he said to Savita Bhabhi.

Savita took the complete drink in a gulp as Shobha looked surprised. And started kissing Hemant saying “I don’t need a drink to get horny”

“This is my gift to you on your birthday Savita! Hemant.” Said Shobha as Hemant started kissing and caressing Savita’s hot body

“Oh Shobha. Just the perfect gift…” moaned Savita Bhabhi erotically as Shobha kissed her nape of the neck from behind while Hemant kissed her pussy.

Will Savita Bhabhi fuck with the bartender Hemant? Or will they be joined by Shobha and it is going to be a threesome action? What about Alex, Annie and Payal the hot waitress? Will thr whole group join in together for an orgy!

Find out all about it in the Savita Bhabhi Episode 62: The Anniversary Party

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