Savita Bhabhi Episode 61

Location: Ashok’s rented beach house.

Savita and Ashok invites their new American neighbour to accompany them to their new beach house.

Ashok is busy packing some luggage into the back of his car. Standing next to him is savita, waves to the Annie and Alex across the street, saying, “Looks like perfect weather for the beach!

“I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend!”–“Thanks so much for inviting us, Savita.”- says an over excited Annie.

Alex goes at the back of the car to help Ashok with loading the bags in the deck.

But Ashok returns the formality, “Hand me your bags, Alex. I’ve got packing this car down to a science.”

Meanwhile Savita and Annie moves at the front of the car. They come close to each other and stand in a light embrace. Annie’s hands were resting on Savita’s shoulders whereas Savita was holding Annie’s waist.

Annie says, “I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend!”–“Thanks so much for inviting us, Savita.”

As ashok packs the bags in the car he notices wine glasses and this surprises him a bit.

“What??…Is there glass in here?”- Ashok fumbles with his question.

Standing behind Ashok, Alex rubs his palms together as he smiles, “It’s our contribution to the hospitality.”–“All the ingredients for my favourite summer cocktail back home…”

They all get inside the car and ashok starts the engine. The Indian couple were seating in front and the American was seating at the back.

Alex continues enthusiastically- “It’s called Sex on the Beach!”

As the words come out of Alex’s mouth, Annie gets embarrassed but Savita lightens up. She exclaims-“Sounds delicious.”

The car moves on for 2 hours with the four of them chit chatting about them and the world.Ashok was now driving down the street of a sleepy little beach resort town, studded with shops for tourists.

Something catches savita’s eyes and she could not wait for the next second to tell her ady friend. “Annie, did you see that cute little boutique we just passed?”

Looking at Ashok savita says- “I want to look inside, Ashok!”

“Now?!” Complains Ashok.

“Please baby” pleads Savita to her husband.

Ashok agrees. The two men decides to grab a glass of beer each and leave the ladies to shop in peace.

“I am glad they left, let’s find a dress for My and Ashok’s anniversary next weekend”Savita lays down her desire. The two ladies enters the boutique.

Savita eagerly flips through sexy dresses on a rack with left hand; with right hand she is holding up a revealing dress (middle one). She says, “Something extra sexy. Maybe this?”

Annie looks horrified with the dress Savita just pick up. The bold cuttings of the dress was sure to show off way too much. She was concerned how could savita wear such a revealing dress in public at her anniversary.

“I’m going to try these on.”–“Coming with me to the fitting room, Annie?.” asks savita.

Annie after a brief moment of confusion says, “umm…sure why not”

Inside the changing room, savita pulls out her dress that she was wearing at one go. She was not wearing anything underneath, so at that moment she was there completely naked in front of Annie. Savita was totally unaware that she had scared the hell out of her timid friend by this act of hers. Actually, savita was so eager to try the dress that she could not wait. And being naked never made savita conscious.

Annie puts her hands on her mouth in sheer disbelief.

Savi, not looking at Annie says, “Would you hand me the black one first?”

Now she turned towards Annie, who in total shame quickly turned her head away toward the dress on the hanger she is reaching for.

Savita realizes how shy her friend is. She likes it.

The mature Savita tries to bring things under control. She assures Annie by saying “Nothing you haven’t seen before, is it, Annie?” reminding her the times she had seen Savita naked while they made out.

Annie trying to play cool. She says, “True.”–“It’s just…you’re not wearing any underwear!”

Savita adjusts the dress on her hourglass body. She looks at Annie on the mirroe and winks at her. She explains- “As soon as we get to the beach, I’m jumping straight into my bikini anyway”

Savita has finally put on the extra revealing dress on her. Her breasts were poping out and it was tightly wrapping her butt. She was looking smoking hot.

“How do I look?”- savita asks her friend for review.

Annie’s mouth opens up in amazement at seeing this extremely sexy lady.

“You look so hot, Savita!”—she compliments savita

“I wish I was confident enough to wear that.”- Annie trails off.

“Annie, your figure is gorgeous!”— savita starts peeling off the dress

“Why don’t you look for something while I try on these others?” suggests a naked savita.

Annie cheers up. She says, “Why not!”–“Thanks, Savita.”

Annie goes out of the changing room and starts flipping through the dresses on the rack.

Annie thinks, “But I don’t know where to even start…”

A bespectacled sales girls comes forward to help Annie. She was in tight fitted formal shirt and an extremely short yet formal skirt. Her name was Mehak.

The Mehek says, “Looking for something in particular?”

Annie is holding on to a frilly dress she, says self-consciously, “Something sexy for my husband?”

The Mehek pulls out the dress Annie was holding. All the while she was eating up Annie with her eyes.

Mehek says, ”This will look sexy on you.”

Annie takes the dress from the girl, feeling complimented. She says, “Thanks…”–“Maybe I’ll try it on…”

Annie walks back toward the fitting rooms holding the dress, Mehek follows her with another dress, looking at Annie’s ass she says-“Try this one, it falls perfectly on a good ass”, handing Annie another butt wrapping dress.

Annie hangs the dress she brought on a hook in the fitting room. But she’s surprised to find Mehek entering the fitting room doors behind her!

Mehek, with the other dress in her hands, says, “Here, I’ll help you.”–“I might buy that myself if you don’t like it.”

Annie loses her voice for a moment but later thinks that she is just being professional and she too is a girl.

Mehek starts undressing the bashful Annie until she is in her underwear. Annie looks vulnerable.

Mehek, happy with the progress she made gets bolder.

She says, “Those, too!”pointing at her bra and panties.

“You wouldn’t wear anything under a dress this sexy.”

Annie mutters, “Ummm… You’re right…”

Mehek unhooks her bra and in seconds also gets her panties down. She pushes Annie’s breasts and with a lustful glance on her boobs exclaims-

“I wish I had tits like yours. Wow!”

Annie, stunned by the sales girl’s acts thinks, “Is this saleswoman flirting, or just trying to make a sale!?”

Finally, the tow girls help Annie put on the dress.

Annie shyly asks, “Does it look OK?”

“I think I know how to close this deal…” conjectures Mehek.

All of a sudden Mehek turns Annie around and plants a soft kiss on her juicy lips.

Annie freaks out for a second as she thinks what the hell was happening. But soon she gets to her senses.

How will Annie react to this? Will she get angry at so much of lesbianism around or will she return the favor in equal manner to Mehek? What will happen when savita will find out that Annie was making out with an unknown sales girl behind the curtains? Will there be any hullabaloo if Alex or Ashok Walks down the shop at this moment? Will Mehek accompany the couples to their beach adventure? How would the men react when they will see their wives and friend’s wife prancing on the beach in dental floss like swimsuits? Will there be beach sex? On a public beach? Will there be wife swapping or an orgy?

All we can be sure of is that it will involve a lot of hot, steamy ,and kinky sex. You wouldn’t want to miss this sexy issue with Savita, where she and her friend may have the most amazing sex, outside four walls and just beneath the blue sky. Giving it back to the nature!!

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