Savita Bhabhi Episode 60

Savita and her extended family just returned from their holiday vacation where they experienced many things for the first time.

Location: Savita and Ashok’s House

“I can’t wait for the cousins to see all the gifts we brought back for them! Give me a hand, Ashok?” Ayush says unpacking their lagguage.

“Sure, why not? I wouldn’t mind a trip to the city.” Ashoklends his helping hand.

“But don’t you want some breakfast first?” asks Savita, standing at the doorway. She was dressed simply in a camisole and cotton shorts. Her attire was short but thankfully not revealing. But one could vividly see how sexy savita’s legs were. That part of her anatomy often gets under appreciated due to her other more beautiful assets. Her long. Hairless legs were all naked up to mid-thigh..

Ashok does not approve the idea of having breakfast at home. He says”If we want to beat traffic, we should grab a bite in town.”

Ayush laughs, “Are you kidding? We come bearing gifts! We’ll have to turn food away!”

Soon Ayush and Ashok loaded all the gifts packed in cartons inside a minivan and drove it away.

By the time the two men left, Pooja woke up and strolled towards the kitchen. She was wearing a pink silky robe.

“This jet lag is screwing up my biological clock. Where is everybody?” she questions Savita.

“Our husbands are out bragging about our holiday to family and friends. Everyone else is still asleep.”—Mocks Savita.

“Are you hungry?”

Pooja yawns as she says, “I will take a quick shower first.”

As pooja stretches out her arms, arching her body Savita finds her very sexy. She thisks whether all the hot action and also the forbidden pleasure she had enjoyed during the vacation has taken a toll on her..

Savita Momentarily zones out and visualizes the scene where she and her sweet sister I law were nailed by there father-in-law. That was taboo, atleast for Pooja.

Pooja enters the bathroom. She quickly slips off her robe and gets completely naked before stepping inside the bathtub.

The sexual adventure has had an effect on Pooja.

She think “I still can’t believe what happened with Sasurji.”–“How can Savita keep her cool after that?”
In the meantime Savita had prepared breakfast and heads towards Samar’s room. He was asleep.

‘Samar? Are you awake?’ She calls out from the door.

On the bed, Samar lying on his back in bed. His mouth was open and he’s snoring.

The room was messy. With a smart phone and ear buds strewn about the nightstand, along with his clothes thrown about the room. An open suitcase on the floor. The room was dimly lit, but good visibility–sunlight streaking in through window blinds.

In the doorway, Savita has her hand on the knob of the door she has just opened, cradling the tray with her other arm. Looking at Samar’s face, she thinks, “Still knocked out, eh? I’ll just leave this.”

Samar in his sleep was having a massive boner. Any other girl seeing a man like this would have had a shock, but Savita knew all about men and thought it completely normal. At least it’s possible to know when a guy is horny by noticing his penis? There is however no one that can tell whether a woman is horny just by seeing her. At least not when she is dressed.

She thinks, “Somebody’s having an awfully nice dream this morning!”

“I’d better go.”–“The poor kid would be terribly embarrassed if he awoke now and I was still in here.” She ponders.

Savita decided to place the breakfast tray on the side table. She moves the phone that was lying there and places the tray.

She take the phone to keep it somewhere else but it accidentally got unlocked, there was no security code or maze.

The bone might not have surprised Savita but what she sees in the phone gives her a shock. There were photos of Pooja, his brother’s wife. These were not just random photos. They were taken without Pooja’s knowledge that ws quite certain from seeing them.

There was pooja naked, taking a bath and her brother in law has clicked her photos then, completely naked.

she thinks, “Oh my, Samar’s been taking nude photos of…” she was a t a loss of words…”…His brother’s wife?!!”

savita keeps sliding the screen and there were multiple such photos that samar had clicked. Some were when Pooja was bathing, some when she was masturbating, some even when she was making love to Ayush.

How stupid of Pooja not to lock the bathroom door!!


Sasurji was lying on his bed in his room and thinking of all the fun time he had during the holiday. He thinks,

“ What a holiday, I never thought I’d get to fuck both my bahus”

He gets up from the bed and heads towards the bathroom for a leak.

This was the same bathroom Pooja had entered minutes earlier, but sasurji was oblivious of this fact. Pooja had the bad habit of not locking the door. She did the same mistake today. But today her mind was fully occupied of all the ‘ sins ’ she had committed during the vacation.

Pooja had been avoiding Sasurji after what they did. Though she fucked her Sasur and enjoyed it too, she was still not a total slut savita is. Her guilty consciousness was killing her and that was why She was avoiding her father-in-law.

Sassurji enters the bathroom and starts peeing. Pooja was on the opposite side inside the bathtub. Sasurji did not notice her but she did and was petrified. She quickly tried covered her breasts with her hands, but her boobs were too big to be covered with her slim hands.

Sasurji after peeing turns back and sees Pooja, her bahu in the bathtub. Completely nude. His eyes pop out and he forgets tying the knot of his pyjama.

He continues staring at her daughter-in-law’s nude body for long. Pooja was so shocked that words did not come out of her mouth. She too sat like a stone, letting her Sasur relish her nudity.

Finally, Sasurji broke the ice, “Oh! PoojaBahu, Sorry I didn’t notice you”

Poojaws stunned to see how casual her sasur was.

“Sasurji, don’t You Knock?”

In One room Samar’s act has been caught by Savita and in the bathroom a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law are in a awkward situation. How will Savita confront Samar? How will Samar convince Savita? What would the lecherous sasurji do seeing his wife naked again? Will pooja set aside her hesitation and let him pound her tight cunt or will she refuse his Sasur? What will happen if Samar gets to know that his sister-in-law is not the ‘sati-savitri’ he thinks but has fucked her own sasur?

All we can be sure of is that it will involve a lot of hot, steamy sex, but none of this would be wrong, after all its only within the family. You wouldn’t want to miss this sexy issue with Savita, where the different members of the family show their love for each other.

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