Savita Bhabhi – Episode 27 : The Birthday Bash

Savita’s Apartment, 5 o’clock

Shobha was hanging out at Savita’s house one afternoon while Ashok was at work. Mishraji had just given Savita a month’s paid leave before she rejoined the office after her recent promotion. Savita had thanked him with a hot and steamy fuck in the office. Savita was just telling Shobha about her promotion.

“So after I fucked Nick and returned to the office Mishraji was so happy at having the shoot finished on time that he promoted me immediately.” said Savita.

“Wow bhabhi! You got to fuck a foreigner and also got a promotion in return. Giggle… I’ll definitely get a job in your office after I graduate.” replied Shobha.

“Ha ha. Mishraji will be delighted to have a hot girl like you in the company.”

“Oh I almost forgot bhabhi, Tarun and Varun’s b’day is next week and I was thinking that we should get them a present. Do you have any ideas?”

“Hmmm… Ashok Is going to be out of town next week, so we can throw them a party?”

Shobha was excited by the idea of throwing a party for her two boyfriends. Her thoughts were already racing with ideas for the party.

“Ohh. It’s excellent, I’ll invite their college friends over…”

“No, I was thinking of a party with only the four of us.” interrupted Savita. She had a much better idea for the party in mind.

“Oooh bhabhi… Do you have anything special in mind?”

“Well, I was using their laptop one day and happened to find their porn collection by mistake.”-“They have a lot of stuff involving convent college girls. So I was thinking that we could dress-up and make their fantasies come true.” said Savita with a naughty grin on her face.

Soon Savita and Shobha were choosing slutty school girl costumes on the internet. They finally decided to buy two particularly skimpy outfits.

“Ooh…Get that one! The boys will flip when they see us in those outfits!” pointed Shobha excitedly. Savita paid for the dresses with her credit card.

Soon girls lay on Savita’s bed imagining about the sexy party they would be throwing next week. Both were turned on by the thoughts of the sex they would have that night. Savita looked at the watch on the wall and saw that Ashok wouldn’t be home for another hour.

“Thinking about what we’ll do that night is turning me on Shobha! Ashok won’t be home for another hour so why don’t we have some fun?” said Savita turning towards Shobha.

“Giggle…Of course bhabhi! I thought that you’d never ask?”

Soon Savita was kissing Shobha on the lips while her hands pulled Shobha’s top over her breasts. She was surprised to find the Shobha was not wearing a bra.

“Mmm…Shobha you naughty girl… You’ve been walking around all day with no bra!”

Savita’s hands were all over Shobha’s breasts. Groping her tits, Pushing her nipples in, pinching them, Savita knew all of Shobha’s weak spots and she was intent on making Shobha cum.

“Ahnnn…bhabhiiiii…I’m going crazy!” moaned Shobha as Savita’s face moved down onto her nipples and she started licking and biting Shobha’s nipples like crazy.

Savita’s hand reached for Shobha’s panties and she pulled them down along with her skirt. Shobha was not behind Savita in this regard. She had already pulled down bhabhi’s blouse and was massaging Savita breasts with gusto.

“Savita bhabhi…your fingers are so good!” moaned Shobha as Savita’s fingers dove in and out of her pussy.

“Mmm…You are extra sensitive today Shobha? Look how hard your nipples have become!” muttered Savita while she sucked on Shobha’s milky white breasts.

“and look at how drenched your pussy is!” she said licking off Shobha’s pussy juices from her finger.

Both girls were in ecstasy and they were kissing and moaning loudly in the bedroom.

“Let me please you too bhabhi! I want to taste your sweet pussy…” moaned Shobha in pleasure as Savita bhabhi brought her closer to and orgasm.

“Yesss… I can’t hold back any longer. Lick my pussy Shobha!”

Soon Shobha was on top of bhabhi in the 69 position and each girl was licking the other’s pussy. Their pussies were overflowing with their love juices and each girl was lapping up the other’s pussy juice.


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