Savita Bhabhi – Episode 26 : The Photoshoot

Branch Office, Kirtu Ltd.

“Is Mishraji busy right now? I have to get his signatures on these new policy reports!” asked Pranav while he waited outside Mishraji’s office with Vivek. “No, I think he’s preparing a report for the head office. Savita’s in his office with him right now.” replied Vivek. “I wish I had a secretary like Savita…She’s so sexy!” sighed Pranav. He couldn’t help but fantasize about fucking Savita Patel. She was Mishraji’s new secretary and even though she was married, Pranav never missed a chance of flirting with her. “Yeah, but I hear that she’s a workaholic… She does a lot of overtime alone with Mishraji after everyone else has left the office!”
“I wonder how she handles Mishraji…He’s such a strict boss!”

Meanwhile inside Mishraji’s cabin Savita was working hard to earn her monthly bonus. She was naked except for her thong and her sexy lips were wrapped around Mishraji’s thick cock. Mishraji’s hands were on his secretary’s head and fucking her mouth while she knelt in front of him and fingered her pussy while giving him a blowjob. “Mmmmf…Shoot your cum in my face…” moaned Savita. Mishraji couldn’t hold it in much longer and his cock was soon shooting thick cum into Savita’s open mouth. “Ahh…So much…” mumbled Savita while she swallowed his entire load. Mishraji zipped up his pants and sat down on his chair watching Savita pick up her clothes off the floor. He considered himself lucky at having found such a slutty secretary. She gave excellent blow-jobs and was a much better fuck than Shalini. He was lost in thought when suddenly Savita’s irritated voice interrupted his thoughts. “Ahh…You did it again, Mishraji!”

“What happened, Savita?” asked Mishraji in surprise. “The clasp is broken again! Sir, you’ve got to stop ripping off my bra whenever you fuck me! That’s my third bra this week.”

“Sorry Savita, but I get so horny when I see your body that I can’t help myself.” said Mishraji with a grin on his face. “But now I will have to walk around in the office all day without a bra and all the guys keep staring at me!” Savita enjoyed the attention she got in the office when she was bra-less but she did not want to be labeled the office slut like Shalini. She had other important things to discuss with Mishraji that day so she didn’t press the matter. “Mmm… Mishraji, don’t you think it’s time that I got a promotion for all the extra effort I’m putting into my work!” cooed Savita as she say down on Mishraji’s lap and stroked his face. “Is that so? Well… there is a new opening in HR but I was thinking of giving Shalini the job…”-“Hmmm… I’ve got an idea… I’ll give you the promotion if you can complete one assignment for me!” He took a file out of his drawer and handed it to Savita.

“Now, here’s the file with details of the new company ad shoot. I want you to go there and oversee so that there’s no problem. See that it is finished on time and I might think about that promoting you instead of Shalini!” Soon Savita was on her way to the studio with the thick file in her hand. “Let’s see now…The photographer is the world famous Mr. Nick Jones and he’ll be here for only 2 days before he returns to the U.S.” she read out of his file.

At The Studio.

“Welcome to India, Mr. Jones!” said Savita and shook hands with the photographer. “Ahh no…Please call me Nick. I don’t want a beautiful woman like you to be so formal with me!” Savita noted how Nick’s eyes were fixed on her breasts and knew that Nick could make out that she wasn’t wearing a bra. There wasn’t much time to waste and so she got straight to the point. “Okay then Nick! We’re on a tight schedule so Sheetal here will take you to go meet the models. Call me if you have any problems!”

“Come with me sir, our company has decided to use two new upcoming models for the shoot! They are very eager to meet you.” said Sheetal indicating Mr. Nick to follow her. Nick’s eyes however were focused on Savita’s perfectly shaped ass. “If any of them has a sexy ass like that then I’m eager to meet them too…” 10 minutes later, Savita was working on the shoot’s estimates when Sheetal came into her office with a panicked look on her face. “Thank god you’re here, Savita! Mr. Nick is throwing a big tantrum inside! Do something or we’ll have to cancel the shoot.”


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