Savita Bhabhi – Episode 25 : The Uncle’s Visit

Savita and Ashok were having dinner at home. Ashok was telling Savita about his new promotion at the office when suddenly he was interrupted by a phone call. Ashok took the call and was surprised to receive a call from his favorite uncle, Kunal. “Hello this is Ashok Patel. Who’s this? Oh Uncleji! How are you?… Yes… Yes… No it’s fine! We’ll be happy to have you here.” Ashok put back the receiver and told Savita that Kunal uncle would be visiting them tomorrow and she would have to go to the airport to pick him. Savita smiled naughtily when she heard the news but acted as if she was not too excited about this visit. But later that night when Ashok was fast asleep beside her she could not help but think of the last time Kunal uncle had visited them. She traced her fingers along her hard nipples and her pussy was getting wet as she thought about how much she had loved Kunal Uncleji’s last visit! 3 Years Ago, A week after Savita’s first Affair… “Over here, Uncle!” shouted Ashok as soon as he spotted Kunal uncle with his luggage at the airport. Savita stood beside him wearing a sari and a ghoonghat over her head.

As soon as Kunal uncle walked up to them. Ashok welcomed his uncle with much enthusiasm. “Welcome uncle! It’s been so long since I last saw you. You’re still as fit as ever.”

“It’s good to see you too, my boy. Sorry that I couldn’t attend your wedding!”-“Oh this must be your lovely wife!” All three then returned back home where Savita had prepared a special dinner for their new guest.

The Next Afternoon…

“Whew! That was an excellent meal bahu. I’m stuffed!” said Uncle after he finished lunch. Ashok was at work and Savita and Kunal were alone at home. “Now that lunch is done, what do you plan to do for the rest of the afternoon?” asked Savita. “I’m still a bit tired from yesterday’s flight! Maybe I’ll take a nap!”
“All right. I’ll make sure not to disturb you!” Soon Savita was busy with her household chores while Uncleji slept in the guest bedroom. “I haven’t cleaned this room properly in ages.” thought Savita as she began vacuuming her bedroom. “What’s that sound? Looks like something is stuck in the machine.” As Savita inspected to see what was under the bed. She was surprised to find some old underwear there. “Oh my! These belong to Rohit. He must not have found them that night!” she thought in surprise and thinking that she was lucky that Ashok didn’t find these before her.

However as she remembered about her affair, her hands unconsciously began to caress her body and she began to think about the way Rohit had fucked her that night. “I can’t forget about that night…” thought Savita. Soon she was lying on her bed and taking off her sari while she dreamt about her tryst with Rohit last week. “I was having a real man’s cock after so long…It felt incredible!!!” moaned Savita as she took off her blouse and felt how hard her nipples had become. She slowly moved her fingers over her breasts and massaged them. Her fingers pinched her nipples and she trembled with each touch imagining that Rohit was playing with her breasts as he did last week. Meanwhile, Kunal uncle was now awake in his room, “Mmm… I woke up earlier than expected!”-“I wonder what bahu is up to.” said Uncleji stifling a yawn. As he entered the living room, he became aware of Savita’s voice moaning in the bedroom. “There’s some sounds coming from her bedroom. Maybe she’s in there.” thought Uncleji and walked towards her room. He pushed the door open slightly and peeked inside to see what Savita was doing.

“Oh my god! Savita…” he thought in surprise as his eyes fell upon his lovely bahu, completely naked and fingering her pussy in front of him. “Nnnaahhh…. I miss his cock so much!” moaned Savita as her body trembled with each touch of her fingers. Meanwhile Kunal uncle was standing outside with his 8” cock in his hands and jacking off to the sight of his naked bahu. “She’s fingering herself while thinking of Ashok!”-“He must be very good in bed to have his wife begging for his cock even when he’s not at home!” Soon Savita began to moan even more loudly until she had a wild orgasm, “Ahhhn…Ahhnnn…Yeassss…”-“Fuck me Rohit!!! Fuck me with your big cock!” shouted out Savita as she had her orgasm. Outside Uncleji was also cumming and he quickly cleaned up his cum off the wall with his handkerchief. Soon he was in his room thinking about what Savita was doing in her room. “Who’s Rohit?”-“And why is Savita masturbating while thinking about him!”
Later that Night… Savita was really turned on after her session in the afternoon, and she felt that she could persuade Ashok to give her some pleasure. As they both got into bed, she began caressing her husband’s cock through his pants. “Honey, I’m so horny tonight!”-“Please make love to me!”

“Savita! There’s an elder in the house. Can’t you wait until he is gone?” said Ashok irritably pushing her hand away and turned over to the other side of the bed. “Hmph, there’s always something stopping you! Don’t you want your wife to be happy?” sulked Savita and went to sleep. Neither Ashok nor Savita were aware of Kunal uncle peeking through a crack in the door. “Looks like all’s not perfect in this marriage!” thought uncle to himself as he walked away with a smile on his face.

Next Morning…

Ashok and Kunal uncle were sitting on the table and each was holding a small sandwich in his hand. Ashok smiled awkwardly and tried to apologize on behalf of Savita. “Sorry about the breakfast uncle! Savita is …err… a little sick today and I’m not a very good cook!”

“Ha ha, don’t worry Ashok! I’ve had worse meals. Now you better hurry for your office or you’ll be late!”

Ashok took his leave and waved his uncle goodbye and walked out the door. “I think that Savita did not get up today because she was still mad at him from last night!” thought Uncleji as he finished his tea. Suddenly his face lit up in a smile and he got up and walked towards Savita’s bedroom. “Mmm…Maybe I should go pay my beautiful bahu a visit?” He tiptoed to their room and pushed open the door trying to make as little noise as possible. “Wow!!! This is one heck of a sight!” he whispered to himself in surprise when he laid eyes on his bahu. Savita was wearing a tight top and pajamas. However the strap of her top was loose and her navel and a little of her breasts were clearly visible as the shirt had ridden a little over her body during the night.

Seeing her exposed like this was too much for Uncleji. He whipped out his cock from his pants and he moved his hands towards her top and cautiously moved her arm strap lower so that he could pull down her top to reveal her breasts.

What is Kunal Uncle’s plan? Will he be content with just jacking off to Savita’s body or will he confront her with his knowledge of her affair? And how will Savita respond to her father-in-law’s advances? Find out the answer to these questions and more in the special 40 page 25th Issue of Savita Bhabhi at!!!

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Savita Bhabhi – Episode 25 : The Uncle’s Visit

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